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Princess of Berne

Alias The Blonde Listener
Race Vandal German
Status Alive
Allegiance House Arryn Small Icon House Arryn
Father House Arryn Small Icon † Benjamin Heard
Mother House Arryn Small Icon † Amber Heard
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse None
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Ambrena Heard is the daughter of Amber, and Benjamin Heard making her a member of House Heard through her mother, and a member of House Heard through her father. Ambrena Heard has two siblings in the form of her twin sister Amber Heard II. of whom was a very popular young girl who became involved with William Lovie III and mothered one of his children before dying in the Battle of Berne, and her brother Mike Heard has become basically a full member of House Arryn. Following the death of Amber her twin sister she became the gaurdian of Thomas Lovie of whom she has cared for as a mother alongside Bella Swan since the day his mother died. Ambrena Heard has one child in the form of Benjamin Heard of whom is the son of William Lovie III. and his birth would become a major source of secrets as it signaled yet another affair for King William Lovie III.

Ambrena Heard was born the twin sister of Amber Heard II., and was the daughter of Amber, and Benjamin Heard. Ambrena and her best friend Amber would become distant towards eachother after Amber grew tired of the coniving behavior that was hown by Ambrena, and this led to Amber eventually leaving Forks for the road north to Lucerne. Ambrena would become further isolated amongst her family when she was caught twice attempting to leave Forks on carages bound for Lucerne, and despite the understanding of why she was leaving she was continuesly punished for this. Eventually she became involved in the more aristocratic elements of the female nobility of the town, and this was when she grew close to Allison Arryn of whom told her and taught her everything she would ever need to get what she wanted. Her sister returned from Lucerne pregnant with the heir to House Lovie, and for this reason she was kept especially secret by her family of whom greatly feared that they would be destroyed by Bill Lovie for fleeing with the heir to House Lovie. Leaving with her family for Berne she became Allison`s right hand during her rise in power in Berne, and this led her into some especially dark behavior. When Allison was shockingly murdered Ambrena had to be restrained by a gaurd of House Arryn in order to stop her from trying to atleast help her fallen cousin. Following this she deserted the True Sons of Lucerne and hid herself within the House Krinner estates alongside much of the other aristocrats in the city. During this she would take part in the siege of the House Krinner estates called the Battle of Krinner, and would be driven to despair and nearly commited suicide until her cousin Hanna pulled her back from the ledge she was going to jump from. Surviving the True Sons of Lucerne she would join her nephew in living in Lucerne alongside House Lovie, and during this time she became the gaurdian of Thomas Lovie, and grew to greatly love the young boy that held so many of the features of her beloved sister. Ambrena would remain the gaurdian of Thomas Lovie despite the growing mistrust of many at court for her Allison Arryn type behavior of which this reached its zenith with Cersei Lannister starting a plot to kill her which only ended when fears of the proximity of Thomas Lovie alerted members of the Order of the Violet Dragon of whom intervened and put a stop to it. Following the attempt on her life she became somewhat reclusive and stayed near Thomas at nearly all times to the point that she became known as the shadow for both her close following, and the fact that she grew to appear in nearly constant despair. Shortly before the death of Bella Swan Ambrena Heard sleeps with William of whom is overcome with emotions following his confrontation with Alice and following this her obsession for William returns to the levels it was before their confrontation.


Early History

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Ambrena Heard was born the twin sister of Amber Heard II., and was the daughter of Amber, and Benjamin Heard. Her family was still realing from the destruction it had suffered during the Plague, and this meant that no longer were they their own House instead they were a part of House Arryn.


Episode with William


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Death of Joey Faraday

Wedding of Hanna Arryn

Death of Byron Arryn

Aria Arryn Large1
I got the letter before my father did and the moment I did I knew everything was going to change. He was surviving simply off the lie he told himself about my brother, and if he learned the truth with his own eyes it would finish him.
Aria Arryn

The city of Berne was tense as Aria, and Hanna Arryn had become the most powerful leaders of House Arryn overpassing their father Byron of whom was hated by the nobles for his cowardess during the Battle of Berne. While this was happening Aria was somewhat rebuilding her relationship with her father and came to discover that her father still believed her brother Byron was going to come home, and it was for this reason that he was improving his image. It was weeks after discovering this that Aria Arryn would get a letter from William Lovie III. detailing to her that the Order of the Violet Dragon had narrowed down the location of Bill Lovie and that most her brother Byron had in fact been there, and he wished to know what Aria wished them to do with his body. Aria would for that moment remember the brother she knew so many years ago, and want to bury him in Forks where the family had grown up, and where she remembered him with fondness. First going to her sisters Hanna, and Spencer the group would speak kindly of their brother and the way in which they wanted to remember him, but at this point Aria would reveal what she knew about their father and his dependance on the memory of their brother, and they all realized he wouldn't survive the news. 

The three of us went to him and tried our best to say goodbye. It was a tragic moment as he knew nothing of what we were doing, and yet that conversation would be the last I would ever have with my father. I knew I didn't have the heart to tell him, and for that he died alone.
Aria Arryn

The girls would decide to spend time with their father one last time before they knew he would go off the deep end, and each of them had a different idea of what this would end with. The three would travel with a troop of Arryn troops north of Berne to a large waterfall where they spent the day together, and despite Byron becoming increasingly dillusional as he was kept away from Berne they had a good final time with their father. As they returned to Berne, Hanna would travel with only five men west to Greengarden, while Spencer would travel with a hundred men to Castle Scorpian where she planned to organize the living of the retreating refugees that the Violet Dragons had freed from both Orleans and the surrounding area. Left alone with her father Aria would be prepared to tell him when she grew weak and left it to Maester Coleman of whom she told to give the letter from William to once they had returned to Berne. 

I wasn't there in the end for him. I couldn't have been there at the end for him. As much as I loved him as my father, he was a monster who had failed his people. He deserved to be alone. He deserved to die the same way so many of his people were forced to die.
Aria Arryn

Aria would be in the keep of Berne when Maester Coleman, and Benjamin Krinner would enter followed by many other high nobles of the city. Maester Coleman would tell her what she already knew would be to pass, when he told Aria that Byron had thrown himself from walls of Berne and was dead. There was silence as though noone had loved Byron they cared deeply for Aria and thus gave her time to digest the news of her father's death of which she would sit with her head down for a moment before rising and addressing the assembled lords. Describing how good a situation they were in now she wished for them to support her as she took her claim to William Lovie III. in an attempt to make herself the Arch Dutchess of Berne. Benjaming Krinner would be the first to stand and support her, and following this many of the other lords quickly stood and joined the chorus of cheers and applause for her. Aria Arryn would call for the next oldest male of House Arryn in the form of Paul Arryn, and his brother Derek of which both arrived quickly as they were both in Berne. The three would meet and Paul would indicate that he believed she was the best choice, and Derek agreed, and thus Paul would travel with her to Forks where the funural for her brother and father would be held, and it would be there that they would support her claim to the control of Berne.

Funeral of an Arch Duke

Hanna Arryn Gif Cover1
It was a strange thing to stand around and watch him go beneath the ground. I know he would have been happy knowing his body was so close to his heirs but I just wish it would have been different.
Hanna Arryn

Derek and Spencer Arryn remained in Berne in order to lead the city in the absence of Aria and nearly the entire nobility of the Grand State travelled to Forks in order to meet with the leadership of Lucerne and decide the new Lord of Berne, of which they overwhelmingly wanted to be Aria. Arriving at Forks Hanna and Aria were greated at the front of the caravans and at the entrance of Forks by William Lovie III., Leven Martell, Jasper Hale, Alice Lovie, Bella, and Charlie Swan and William would get off his Griffon and walk to the front where Aria and Hanna got off as well and he would hug Hanna and say his apologies for their loss. The funeral would go as expected with very few attending outside of the Shadow Council, and Bella Swan of whom wanted to support Hanna as she put her father to rest.

Did you come here thinking for even a second that I might reject you? If you did then I suppose I should elect a few more females to my council.
William Lovie III.

Following the ceremony the Shadow Council, and the Arryn sisters would meet in Swan Keep alongside Charlie Swan of whom would meet with Aria over what she wanted to say. Aria would make an impassioned speach detailing why William should name her the Arch Dutchess of Berne, and the others stayed silent and stared at William once Aria was done. William stayed silent for a moment before breaking out laughing causing the rest to laugh until finally William revealed there was never any question as to if she would be named the new ruler. Hanna would travel with her husband back with William and the others to Lucerne where she would plan to stay for several months in better climate and try and help the sickly Harrold Krinner as they attempted to have a child. William having named Aria the Arch Dutchess of Berne would make her the first female leader of a Grand State in the history of Lucerne, and she returned to Berne at the head of the massive force of Berne and finally okay with her position in the political landscape.



Amber Heard

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Ambrena Heard and her sister Amber were very close as young girls, and on the outside Ambrena appeared to be a very kind, and softspoken girl. This personality was in fact a ruse she had created to make herself appear the way she wanted. She was once loved her sister Amber Heard II. with all her heart, but when she fell in love with William Lovie III. a dark side of her came out that allowed her to do terrible things to Amber in the hopes of getting what she wanted. This eventually reached its zenith when she killed her sister, and hid her body so that noone knew she was dead. With her sister gone she has taken her position, and is maintaining her plans for William Lovie III.

File:Basch Final Fantasy XII-2.jpg

William Lovie III.

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