Arthas Menathil
Arthas Menathil Large
Arthas Menathil as he is remembered by his family
Arthas Menathil Lich
Arthas as the Lich King
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Title The Lich King
Alias First of the Fallen
Race Numenorian
Status Alive
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Spouse Jaina Menathil
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Arthas Menathil is the son of Tenamil, and Lianne Menathil making him a member of House Menathil. Arthas has two siblings in the form of Calia, and Talia Menathil of which Calia is a very important and beloved figure in the city of Lorderon, and Talia Menathil is married into the core of Lucerne and thus has become drifted from her once close relationship with Lorderon and now lives in the Port of Stormwind. Since the annexation of Lorderon by the Kingdom of Lucerne he has become the Lord of Lorderon which is a very important figure in Lucerne.

Arthas was born a boy with a lot of potential to be a great prince for the Kingdom of Lorderon, and was born during an extremely peaceful and growth based time for Lorderon as a whole. All of this potential wouldn't make him vain or arrogant either and he became extremely popular amongs the population of Lorderon and many waited patiently for his coming to power. When he was fourteen though he was cursed by Kel'Thuzad with a curse that had the end goal of making him begin to suffer voices in his mind that were dark, and violent in their point of view. Arthas would be bethroded to Jaina Proudmoore of whom travelled from Kul Tiras and met the young prince and the two would come to be very close. When they both turned sixteen they were married in a grand marriage in the capital of Lorderon attended by many of the most powerful in Europe all coming to see the union of the heir of Lorderon. As time went by though he became afflicted by the curse set on him by Kel'Thuzad and afriad of the consequences he kept it a secret, until unfortunatly it was too late for the curse to be stopped. After the darkness overwhelmed him on several occasions Uther Lightbringer was brought south from the Lorderon allies of Arnor and would train with Arthas becoming a sort of father figure to the young man, but also discovering the darkness that lay in his soul. After Uther told his parents of the evil Uther would leave Lorderon and return to Arnor where he planned to find a way to heal young Arthas, but before he could Arthas fled Lorderon and went north to Arnor where he would attempt to meet with Uther. Unable to meet with Uther Arthas resisted his darkness believing this was the reason that Uther wouldn't see him, and this led to many years of unimaginable pain for the young prince who was forced to use every ounce of strength he had to resist th torturas whispers in his mind. Believing he could no longer hold on anymore he would secretly murder his parents by poison thus making himself King of Lorderon, and in his first action he would allow the Kingdom of Lucerne under the leadership of Lucerne to take control of Lorderon. All of the travel shattered his control and he retreated into the chasms of the capital for many months completely hidden from the public and his beloved Jaina Proudmoore. In his own self made prison the ruling of Lorderon fell to his wife, and his family and he remained in his self made prison for nearly a year until Kel'Thuzad was able to infiltrate the tomb and did vile Magi on the young prince basically shattering all that remained of his humanity outside of a small sliver which no matter what Kel'Thuzad did he could not remove. Now calling himself the Lich King he came out of his prison and took control of the leadership of Lorderon, and during this time he outwardly made those around him believe he was the great prince again, but Jaina didn't believe him and neither did Medivh of the Kirin Tor. Arthas during this time created his own chaotic army beneath him of whom he used for his eventual goals of travelling to the north where the voices in his mind told him he would find a sword of immense power and thus the ability to conquer the world. When Arnor was attacked by The Empire he saw his chance to leave without a fight, and would leave a sizeable amount of his forces in Lorderon knowing he could raise whatever he wanted in the graveyards of Arnor, and he left mere days before Edward Cullen had discovered the full extent of his treachery. Travelling north into Arnor he would kill all those within his army and they were reborn as the first members of the Scourge and as they moved they raised the dead wherever they found them before finally arriving in southern Arnor. Attempting to find Uther Lightbringer he would instead find Marcel Lovie and he would lead his army in a massacre of the emperian and Lucernian forces present along with killing many important characters in the story. Travelling northward he would destroy multiple empire armies and raise them into his massive horde before he finally arrived in Denmark. Arriving in Denmark he threaned the elector count into allowing him to cross the mighty Copenhaggen bridge and into Swedan where he would enter with his hundreds of thousands strong army in his final search for the sword his demon told him of.



On the surface Arthas appears to be the same kind and intelligent man he has become known as, but underneath and to many of the closest to him his change is dramatic. The death of his father clicked something in his brain, and where once he rejected the violent thoughts in his mind, he now is becoming open to listening.

Arthas Menathil was a man of action during his young adulthood where he was seen as - brave, impulsive and straightforward. He was an inspiring leader, leading his men by example as especially seen during his actions during the Valerian Conflict. In conversations with other characters, he appeared witty and easy-going, yet able to hold true to his decisions and make others accept them. On the other hand, Arthas was vindictive and occasionally lost control (as described in the letter below). He never took well to losing and had difficulty admitting his mistakes. He always sought the approval of others (such as his father) and often felt under appreciated. He could not stand the thought of others betraying his trust, going as far as making Jaina promise never to deny him anything.


Early History

Arthas and jaina memories by pika4ever-d31yf5h
The birth of Arthas Menathil was heralded throughout the Kingdom of Lorderon by trumpets and crying women in the streets. Upon his birth all the fears that the Kingdom would end were gone, and people obsessed over how good a King he would be when he grew up. In the end he would sell us to Lucerne and then spark a civil war that nearly destroyed us.
Blain Vandertest

Arthas Menathil was born in Lorderon proper to his loving parents who were the King and Queen of Lorderon. Arthas was born a boy with a lot of potential to be a great prince for the Kingdom of Lorderon. All of this potential wouldn't make him vain or arrogant either and he became extremely popular amongs the population of Lorderon and many waited patiently for his coming to power.The young man would gain nothing but confidence as he grew older. His confidence could at sometimes go a little to far and many spoke of his arrogance, but overall there were very little complaints about the direction that the prince was going. At the age of fifteen he was involved in a series of conflicts against the forces of Valeria of whom the Kingdom of Lorderon was always at odds against. During this time he came to meet House Proudmoore during the fighting and the Lord of this House would introduce him to his baby daughter in the form of Jaina Proudmoore.

She was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen. Her eyes sparkled at me in a way that I could never quite shake. It was in that moment that I fell in love with Jaina, but it would be years before I saw her again, and when I did she was no longer a baby.
Arthas Menathil

It would be years before he saw her again, and during this time he had gained even more renown for his fighting, and leadership skills. Jaina watched silently from the background as the stories about this man increased, and even though she was a babe when he had seen her for the first time she loved him. When she turned fifteen her father finally allowed her to travel to Lorderon, and once there she joined the Kirin Tor, where she believed she could catch his eye through her skill. For two years she trained extremely hard in Magi, and when she finally believed she could impress him she sought him out while he was south of the city defending a village against bandits. In this first meeting since she was a babe, he recognized her immediately, and simply walked up to her and caressed her cheek which she responded to by leaning into him.

Fall of Arthas Menathil

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It was as if one day I was a free man, and then the next I was plagued by a mind that was no longer free. The voices plagued me on a daily basis, but I was smart enough to know what happened if you were to tell anyone that you heard voices and I was arrogant enough at the time to believe I could fight past them.
Arthas Menathil

Underneath this aura of arrogance was a young man who was struggling with voices in his mind, that told him to do some truly evil things. While he always rejected what they said, he found as time went on the voices were harder and harder to ignore. He had unknowingly become cursed by a powerful Kirin Tor Magi named Kael'Thuzad, who was a servant of Sauron and wished to create another bastion of Mordor above the already weakening Gondor. This curse caused him to have an ever increasingly violent and sadistic voice in his mind that made him want to do dark things with his life, instead of the nobility that once filled the people's heart with hope for the future.

Uther Lightbringer

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Uther Lightbringer
Son I want to introduce you to Uther Lightbringer. He comes from Arnor and he will train you in the ways of being a true knight. Listen to him son, for he will be of great influence upon you.
Arthas Menathil

In the hopes of changing this growing personality trait his parents brought in a man with a lot of experience in training young knights. They hired for a full year the assistance of Uther lightbringer. Uther was a paladin from Arnor, and while he wasn't a top level commander of the Silver Knights which are the paladin order in Arnor, he was a notable paladin. With Uther as his trainer, the arrogance that Arthas had appeared to dissipate, and at times just appeared as overconfident. With the complete 360 accomplished Arthas's parents prepared for the release of Uther with a confidence they hadn't known in years. This farewell would be tempered when Uther came to see them first. The public, and for that matter no one outside of the three of them heard the conversation, but Uther told them of his fear for Arthas's sanity.

Your boy is going to be a great man. And in my brief time here I have grown to love him as if he was my own son. But saying this I must make you aware that young Arthas has a very high tendency for violence against though's he perceives as his enemies. Now while he could on a small level control this and only use it with his true enemies. I foresee a darker path. In my heart I fear what it would mean to stay beside him. I fear for my soul. I fear for us all.
Uther Lightbringer

To say the King and Queen were shocked was an understatement. The two quickly asked Uther to leave the Kingdom, of which he did the next day. Arthas was beyond confused why Uther had left before his time was done, and when after months of trying to get the answers from his parents he finally lost his inner control, and ran away from Lorderon and headed north to Arnor to discover the truth for himself.

Going to Arnor

Travelling north
That was the longest trip of my life. The whole time she's smiling at me with pure love in her eyes, and all I can hear in my head is the voice wondering what her face would look like without lips.
Arthas Menathil

Arthas had wanted to travel alone, but Jaina refused to let him go without her, so the two traveled the road and were at this point completely in love with each other. Jaina had fears that Arthas was becoming evil, but this man she was with appeared fully in control, with no hints of the violence he had told her about before Uther.


After a week of travelling on the road northward the pair finally reached the city of Gallheim and were met by a party of Empire solders who happened to be led by a priest of Sigmar . The priest is said to have physically recoiled in fear of the evil he felt in front of him, and the priest quickly forced the pair to move past Gallheim towards their goals.

Arriving in Talheim

Arriving at Talheim should have been a moment of joy for Arthas but the voices in his head were pounding him with violent images, and eventually his mind became so overwhelmed that he passed out and had to be carried for nearly a mile by Jaina. When they finally reached Talheim Arthas would be taken into the palace grounds by Uther who met him with a large number of Paladins and Priests in order to try and help Arthas. Days later with Arthas still not awoken and Jaina was becoming so desperate that she convinced Uther to try and help Arthas and bringing together the Priests, and Paladins they would try and remove the demon from Arthas. Hours of working summoning spells, and chanting prayers they would unknowingly be fighting against the combined forces of Kael'Thuzad who was being assisted by Sauron and thus they were tricked into believing they succeed and Arthas would awaken completely clear in his mind and everyone was overjoyed they had fixed him.

You need to understand how fickle life is. You love this thing, and I believe you want to protect her. Do or say another thing that might threaten my existence and I will eat her while you watch.
Demon within Arthas Menathil

The pair would stay in Talheim for several days before beginning the journey back south to Lorderon where they would stay in Tyke. It was while Jaina slept that Arthas was confronted in his sleep by the curse once again of whom threatened him one last time to never again try to remove him or else he would kill Jaina. Rejecting this threat and preparing to wake her to return to Talheim the demon would take control of his body showing the full extent of his influence and this horrified Arthas of whom agreed to keep everything a secret.

War with Valeria

Main Article : Munchen War

Arthas war with Valeria

With Arthas's return to Lorderon and his convincing his parents and others of his sanity, and renewed faith to the Kingdom, Arthas quickly turned the military of Lorderon towards the coming conflict against the Empire of Valeria. The prince of Valeria in Kevin Zegers had attacked and attempted to rape Natalie Portmane who was a servent of the royal family. This was a large diplomatic problem in that the Valerians had disrespected the borders of Lorder and commited violence on Lorderon soil. With this act the forces of Lorderon alligned with the forces of Arnor west and prepared to invade the Empire of Valeria.

Arthas was placed in charge of the campaign and he marched his forces northwards towards the port of Yune where they used the ferry to cross the Rhine and meet with the Arnor forces.

Diana Lovie3

Diane Portmane

See Also : Diane Portmane

Following his conflict with the forces of Valeria Arthas felt a sence of failure that he had never known before, and his strained relationship with Jaina wouldn't allow him the support that he needed in this time. This support became filled with one of his mother's handmaiden's in the form of Diane Portmane. The two begin engaging in a sexual affair which Arthas came to rely on as a means of getting his stress out.

For Diane she saw that her entry into the Menathil court was complete and she understood that she was one step closer to her goal of meeting the other side of her family. With Natalie in Arnor, and James very diligant with his training she has a one track mind towards rejoining the family she feels she was robbed of. As she grew closer to Arthas and they continued their romantic affarir, she became pregnant with his child shortly before the death of his father, and when she told him she menipulated him into accepting this child and he was preparing to leave Jaina when she miscarried the child. With the blackmail she was using now gone she was cast away from Arthas, and she found herself on the outs in the court.

Death of the King

Annexation of Lorderon

Conflict with Bolten

Main Article : Kingdom of Bolten

Arthas Darkness
"It was all gone. Everything that had once been true was a lie. I knew now that the world was wrong. It was only in its destruction that it could be reborn anew. And in that rebirth everything that was wrong would be made right."
-Arthas Menathil

As his mind completely drifted out of its old self he began to dress himself in a suit of armor that he fashioned for himself. The armor was extremely dark, and as he became more and more seen with this new darker armor the people amongst him became very conserned about him. He disregarded these worries and used this Lord powers to create himself a powerbase at the top of the Lorderon leadership. Those with morals, and quams about the way Lorderon was run found they were pushed out of their positions. As of this point the Dragon Orders of Lucerne had not yet been given the commendations to enter Lorderon until two more years had passed so for this reason Arthas was able to create a goverment run by himself and his cronies in little less then a month.

Second Arnor War

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Dead Invasion of Germania

Main Article : Dead Invasion of Germania

Arthas Invades Germania
This monster has crushed all resistance before him. He defeated the Austrians at Nuln. Crushed the wolves of Middenland at their own capital. Broke our army at Castle Nunenstein. Tell me my Emperor. How can we stop him? What do we do?

Following the Battle of Fornost the army of Arthas Menathil would move northward gathering significant reinforcements from the casualties of the Fornost region and then increasingly more as they moved through the war torn regions of Arnor. The rapidly expanding army of Arthas Menathil carves its way through Arnor, and Priam secretly commands the forces of Austria to do there best to avoid conflict with his army and instead begs for assistance from Karl Franz of whom begins rallying forces with the nearby forces of Slovakia, and Ostmark of whom were already rallying troops.

Galindus Vapnisson would despite his own strong desire to not remain be left behind as the regent of Kosice when his father Edgin Vapnisson and elder brother Volham Vapnisson rallied much of there forces to join the army of Slovakia in resisting the invasion of Arthas, and thus would be within the walls of Kosice when a small splinter force of Arthas Menathil put Kosice under siege.

Battle of Nuln

Pushed back at great cost from the inner gatehouse leading to the main city, the forces of Arthas would retreat out of Nuln but he left a splinter force behind with commands to kill and burn as much of the taken portion of the city as possible while the majority of the army retreated northward.

Invading the Lands of Ulric

Following the Battle of Nuln and with the city nearly defenseless the movement of Arthas north would finally cause the forces of Middenland and the Ulric worshipers to make a move to truly enter the conflict. The army of Arthas would move directly through the center of Wissenland forcing the Elector Count there in the form of Alberich Anderssen to raise his armies, but not having enought forces ready that quickly he could not engage the skeletal army of Arthas and instead followed it as it moved through central Wissenland and north into Middenland.

Battle of Middenheim

The combined forces of Middenland, Wissenland, and a small force from the Kingdom of Galia would mass outside of the city of Middenheim for the defence of the Ulric capital of which the Arthas army finally seemed intent on a fight as it moved towards the army. Following the defeat of the force besieging Kosice it would be Galindus that rallied the broken forces of House Vapnisson following the defeat of his father and brother and led them north where they would fight at the Battle of Middenheim where he would be horrified to discover his brother and father had been reanimated and now fought for Arthas and although he was able to end his brother his father would escape the battle with Arthas.

Battle of Nunenstein Castle

Battle of Aldorf

Following the forces of Arthas breaking through the fortress of Nunenstein Castle the army of Bavaria would be marshaled in its entirety and moved itself to Aldorf. While the Bavarians were mobilizing the long awaited reinforcements of Hannover moved into the province arriving west of Aldorf bolstering the defenders, but still paling in comparison to the forces they knew would be arrayed by Arthas Menathil.

Breaking out of Denmark

Defeated for the first time at the Battle of Aldorf the dead army of Arthas would make a move northward towards Denmark with their diminished forces, with this movement unable to be chased by the Hannover, and Bavarian Army due to the casualties they had suffered themselves.


Main Article : Relationships of Arthas Menathil

Family Members

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