Atlantian Pantheon
In the lands of the Atlantians the worship of the seven is dominent. The early members of their race brought this belief to Europe. Its an alien religion. Never forget that son.
Bill Lovie

The Atlantian Pantheon is the unofficial name for the religion of the Atlantian/Numenorian People with the religion becoming one of the most independent of the major religions without central authority, and with each individual kingdom, or Empire running its own worship under its own individual church (ex. Gondor Church of the Holy Seven, Arnor Church of the First Seven...)

The Seven

Members of the Atlantian Pantheon worship the Seven Who Are One, which over time has become a single deity with seven aspects or faces, each representing a different virtue. The less educated, and those Numenorians who remember the actual existence of the Pantheon believe there are seven different gods. Worshipers pray to specific aspects of the Seven for help and guidance depending on their need. This aspects are:

  • Father, or the Father Above, representing judgment. He is depicted as a bearded man who carries scales, and is prayed to for justice.
  • Mother, or the Mother Above, representing motherhood and nurturing. She is prayed to for fertility or compassion, and is depicted as smiling with love, embodying the concept of mercy.
  • Warrior, representing strength in battle. He is prayed to for courage and victory. He carries a sword.
  • Maiden, representing innocence and chastity. She is usually prayed to to protect a maiden's virtue.
  • Smith, representing crafts and labor. He is usually prayed to when work needs to be done, for strength. He carries a hammer.
  • Crone, representing wisdom. She carries a lantern and is prayed to for guidance.
  • Stranger, representing death and the unknown. Worshipers rarely seek favor from the Stranger, but outcasts sometimes associate themselves with this god.


The Atlantian Pantheon or Faith of the Seven is the predominant religion of the regions still dominated by the Atlantian/Numenorians, and is practiced by most of the royal dynasties of the Numenorians, and through this it is heavily integrated into laws and culture. The Faith has a great many moral teachings. It frowns on gambling, preaches against bastardy, and curses things like incest and kinslaying.

One of the central holy texts of the Faith is The Seven-Pointed Star, which is divided into gospel-like sections, such as the Maiden's Book. "The Song of the Seven" is a song of worship for all of the Seven except the Stranger. "Maiden, Mother, and Crone" is a song about the females of the Seven. Another religious text is The Book of Holy Prayer.

The number seven is considered holy to the Faith. It holds that there are seven hells as well as seven faces. The seven wanderers in the sky are considered as sacred, and even grace is taught to have seven aspects. The number seven is used to invest rituals or objects with a holy significance. Adherents of the Faith use seven-pointed stars, crystal prisms, and rainbows as icons of the religion. Rites of worship heavily involve the use of light and crystals to represent the seven-in-one god.

The places of worship of the Seven are called "septs", and every sept houses representational art portraying each of the seven aspects. In rural septs, they may merely be carved masks or simple charcoal drawings on a wall, while in wealthy septs, they may be statues inlaid with precious metals and stones. Worshipers light candles before altars symbolizing each of the seven aspects. Ceremonies are lead by the highest-ranking male member of the clergy, and hymns are often sung. In the naming of a child, seven oils are used to anoint the infant. Weddings are conducted standing between the altars of the Father and the Mother. Rites of worship held in rich areas and during special occasions can feature embellishments such as choirs of seventy-seven septas.

Each of the Seven have a holiday for them specifically, with one such an example is Gondor's Maiden's Day.


Early History

Fall of Atlantis

The Fall of Atlantis
You meddled in the affairs of the mortals. This is the consequence.
Soul of Malekor
Many years ago you begged me to save your people. You offered any manner of gift if I was to save you from the Beasts of the forest. I saved your people from death and for your survival the cost was the purity of another. Your forest shall forever be pure, but in return the purity of another must be sacrificed.
Unknown Spirit of the Wood

It was during the rise of the Empire of Numeron and the expansion of the Pantheon that an event would occur that no one could foresee. While they grew their power and the Pantheon continued their noble works among the people of Numeron, the people of Numeron were coming close to the arrival of the Woses of whom had been tricked by the Chaos God Melekor. When they arrived at the island they were met by the spirit again, and the spirit asked them to take the seed to the top of the tallest mountain on the island. The spirit said that once this was done, they were to once again secretly leave the island and return to Drueden Forest. The Woses once again agreed, and traveled to the top of the tallest mountain and at its peak they left the device within the mighty Palace of the Pantheon and while it looked differently to everyone it continued to look like a seed to them. With the seed planted they listened one last time to the spirit and when the the spirit told them to leave quickly they without question left the island. The Woses were the unknowing pawns of Malekor and when they arrived on the island they gave the spirit of Malekor to the Pantheon in the form of a giant case of which appeared different to everyone who looked at it, and the Pantheon believing this to be a gift from the Titans and thus began using this device. The devise was a corrupting influence on the Pantheon as that was the purpose of its making by Malekor. The Pantheon became obsessed in a very short amount of years of the use of the soul of Malekor, and the continued use of this device would amplify the Pantheon's bad morality and all but eliminate what made them special for the Empire of Numeron. With the corruption of the Pantheon the situation was made worse when they begin releasing the energies of the soul of Malekor to the people of Atlantis. The use of the soul of Malekor became like a drug for many amongst the Numenor and it spawned a sub section of the society that became obsessed with the use of Magi.

The Warning

New Land by Radojavor
This is going to be our legacy Zeus...Why don't you just finish them and completely side with Chaos. You betray our ideals every single time you force us to play by different rules then they do.

Years went by of this release of the corupting energies before the intervention of the Titan Hermes, Ares, and Artemis would eliminate the coruption in the Pantheon and destroy the Soul of Malekor device. Ares, Hermes, and Artemis attempted to reorganize the Pantheon but were immediatly discovered by Zeus of whom came to the Earth briefly alongside Posiedon and forced the three wayward Titans to return to the Fade. Retreating once more from Atlantis following the condemnation of Zues the departure of the three Titans would leave the now uncorupted Pantheon to their own devices and they came to a swift conclusion based on their directive that they needed to destroy the Island of Atlantis and destroy the coruption they had wrought on the world. First the Pantheon decided to begin to warn all those who remained true to the Numeron way of life that the island was going to be cleansed of the unfaithful, and the Emperor at the time was a loyalist and he was the first one warned of the coming appocalapse. He attempted for days to convinse the Pantheon that there were other ways, but in the end the Pantheon rejected this and told the Emperor that he should leave as quickly as possible.

I didn't know how the Pantheon would destroy the island, and I prayed it would be swift deaths for my brothers and sisters.
Emperor Maxiam Graingrave III.

The Emperor gathered to him all those in his cabinet that he knew to be loyal, and began giving them directives to gather other loyalists, and bring them to the port cities. Those obsessed with Magi were too preoccupied to see what was happening and thus they didn't notice as the loyalists pushed the Magi obsessed Numenor out of the port cities. With the port cities taken over, they loyalists began building massive ships, and they gathered huge resources and numbers to them. The moment a ship was completed it was sent out, and the loyalists were swiftly sheltered to the ports of their European holds. These first holds were at the areas of Gondor , Dol Amroth and Umbar , and for this reason we see the most Atlantean looking architecture in Gondor and Dol Amroth. After months of this the loyalist Emperor left the island on the final ship and watched the island of Atlantis disappear in the horizon. With the only Numenorians who the Pantheon felt deserving of survival now off the island the Pantheon of the Empire of Numeron enacted their vengeance on the remaining Numereons.

Destruction of Atlantis

K scene stage (6)
You see now Ares what you have done. You have interfered where you should not have interfered and now the world pays the price. Look at the people die. Watch the cost of your defiance.

The Pantheon begin summoning a spell which they would use to summon the Kraken, which was a creature they had created using the soul of Malekor. The Titans in this moment became fully involved and begged the Pantheon to change their mind and reject the power of the soul of Malekor. Many of the Pantheon were swayed by this but in the end their greed from the soul was too much and they summoned the Kraken. For two years the Kraken attacked the cities of Atlantis, before finnally destorying the pillars beneath the island that held it afloat. With the island sunk the only area that survived was the mountain of Meneltarma and on the mountains sat the Pantheon, who watched the island they had helped build sink beneath the ocean.

Major Churces

Name Location Power Leader
Gondor Church of the Holy Seven Gondor
Western Arnorian Church of the Holy Seven Republic of Frenlick Branch of Arnor Church of the First Seven
Tarian Church of the True Seven Realm of Renetaria

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