Bill Lovie
Bill Lovie Cover
House Lovie
POV Role Major Role
Vital statistics
Born 5077
Title Official Titles
  • King of Orleans

Former Titles

  • King of the Kingdom of Lucerne
  • Prince of House Lovie
Nickname The Mad Dragon
Race Vandal Germanic
Status Dead
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father James Lovie
Mother † Margeary Lovie
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse Lisa Tyrell
Children True Born

Base Born

Bill Lovie is the son of Margeary, and James Lovie making him a member, and the long time Patriarch of House Lovie through his father, and a member of House Ordos through his mother. Bill Lovie has two siblings in the form of Catherine, and James Lovie of whome his sister Catherine has taken on the role of being the mother to Alice, and William his two children and done many of the tasks that Kathy should have done, while his brother James died on the battlefields of the Battle of Lyons. Bill Lovie came to marry Kathy Tyrell with whome he became the father of Sean, Alice and William Lovie III. of which he came to truly hate Sean, and Alice while at the same time feeling a devotion to William in a way that bordered on fanatasism. Alongside his marriage to Kathy Tyrell he also engaged in a long term affair with Esme Portmane in which he fathered three children in the form of Natalie, Diane, and Jamie Portmane of which he had no relationship with whatsoever but did tell William about their excistence which reconsiled them into House Lovie.

Bill Lovie was a level one Magi at the time of his birth mainly through his bloodline of Dragonborn ancestors, but this level one Magi would increase dramatically following his use of Mycstism which increased him to a level three Magi but his control was very low without the book almost non-excistent,

Bill Lovie was born the first child of his father James Lovie and at the time of his birth he was the first in the line of succession to both House Lovie and the monarchy of the Kingdom of Lucerne making him an extremely powerful person at the time of his birth. Bill Lovie grew up during the peaceful, and positive reign of Jame Lovie, and during this time he was close and loving with his siblings and his parents. As a young boy he would lose his father, and mother in short sucession which led to his quick appointment to becoming the King of Lucerne. Shortly after becoming King of Lucerne he was forced to deal with the War in France. The once gentle and kind man disapeared though following this, as he lost himself following the disasterous Battle of Lyons, and then to compound the death of that battle he was forced to head back towards Lucerne while spending time with a dark man of whom would eventually give him the idea to search the House Lovie library for a book called Mycstism. When he returned to Lucerne he spent weeks in the Library of House Lovie which he came to love because it was the only place he could get some peace and quiet but during this time of reading he discovered the book entitled Mystism of which completely darkened his mind. Bill Lovie would become the instigator of a truly henious series of events of which the first was an event known as The Plague which he instigated after he believed that his enemies were plotting against him and led to the deaths of thousands throughout the Kingdom of Lucerne in his drive to kill his persieved enemies. Following this he pushed the Orcs of Marseilles into attacking the city of Tree Hill of which he purposely left nearly completely undefended and then also assisted the Orcs in entering the valley leading to the diasterous First Battle of Tree Hill. Following his inability to stop William Lovie III. he would come to understand that the end of his reign was at hand and despite oppurtunities to resist he was unwilling to attack William and thus allowed William to depose him but in the final moments of their confrontation he fled Lucerne for Orleans. After fleeing lucerne he has returned to Lucerne many times to interact with many people, and for this reason their are defences being placed around Lucerne to restrict the ability to do this. Bill Lovie would once again enter the world of lucerne when Hermione Granger would enter the city of Olreans in her attempt to gain the Deathly Hollows. During this time an increasingly insane version of Bill Lovie is revealed to the story as he comes to believe through the menipulation of Hermione Granger that she is actually Alice Lovie and because of this he increasingly gives her more and more power and influence. Bill Lovie would finally reach his end as his final attempt to be killed would be reached when forces under the command of his relative in Sophia Lovie infiltrated Orleans and instigated a rebellion in the city leading to a dramatic confrontation between himself and Sophia and his death at her hands.



Bill Lovie during his youth was a man whose personality inspired loyalty and friendship from nearly everyone he met, and while he did have conflicts these were mainly due to his prevailing loyalty which he felt for basically anyone that he was close too. Following his corruption at the Battle of Lyons his slip into madness and depression would change him nearly completely from this person he once was leaving him basically unrecognizable to those who had known him growing up.


Bill Lovie was born the first child of his father James Lovie and at the time of his birth he was the first in the line of succession to both House Lovie and the monarchy of the Kingdom of Lucerne making him an extremely powerful person at the time of his birth.

Early History

My youth would end the moment that I was pulled out of classes and told that my father was gone. He and I were very close, and his death would be a tough one to get over.
Bill Lovie

Bill Lovie was born in Lucerne to James Lovie, and Helga Lovie. At a young age Bill Lovie was always popular due to his outgoing personality, and good looks. This popularity lead to him growing a bit arrogant, and this arrogance would become a problem later in his life. But during his youth he came to enjoy the company of his friends, and in these friendships he would enter the Lucernian Academy. At the Lucernian Academy he would become the most popular kid at the academy, of which a lot had to do with the fact that he was the heir to the throne. In the end he and his best friend Draco Highmore were inseperable, and it was under these cercumstances that he would be pulled out of class to be told that his father King James Lovie had passed away. The suddenness of his death was such that the society, and the goverment were unsure of how to move forward. As the goverment was driven with paralysis there was a movement by a few members of the Council of lucerne of whom once again wanted to place an incumbent in charge while they awaited Bill Lovie to get older. As this gained steam it was Tywin Lannister, alongside Maergary Ordos that begin pushing hard for Bill to be immediatly placed in the place of King of Lucerne so that he would not have to deal with another situation like he did when James Lovie spent his entire reign under the influence of the previous regent in Jacob. In this way Tywin Lannister would convinse his fellow Lord in Genn Greymane to join with him in placing Bill on the throne even at his young age, and as a means of appeasement Maergary Ordos was named the regent of the Kingdom of Lucerne.

War in France

Main Article : War in France

Everyone watched the fall of Hispania with little interest at first which as the Orcs took more and more of the land it became an almost fanatical rush to try and come together to save France before the whole continent fell apart.
Bill Lovie

The Orcs breaking out of Hispania caused a massive amount of chaos to spread throughout Europe. At first like many of the members of the Kingdom of Lucerne he looked at it with little importance as he was dealing with a lot of the leadership issues that were going alongside with him taking over from his father.  He was pushed in different directions by his council of which some wanted him to stay completely out of the talk of assistance as they didn't want to waste energy protecting their rival in the Roman Empire. While this happened though it was Draco Highmore that would romanticize the protection of the land from the rampaging forces of the Orcs, and thus it was without anyone realizing it that Bill Lovie was becoming very interested in saving the land from the Orcs. A council was held in the French City of Lyon. As king of one of the mighty kingdoms of Europe he attended the council.

Council of Lyons

Main Article : Council of Lyons

Hope was the main emotion I felt leaving the Council at Lyons. I saw the forces of Europe aligned together to fight the common enemy, and honestly hearing about the forces that would be brought to bear it didn't even pop into my mind that it might not be enough.
Bill Lovie

Bill Lovie traveled to the Bretonian city of Lyons where he met with the leadership of the European human Kingdoms where they would decide the direction they were all going to take. Bill was strongly on the side of the Bretonians and was fully on board with a completely all in mentality on the part of the humans of Europe. The meeting would go especially well, and would lead to a massive combined human and Dwarf force that would head towards the Lyons area, and take part in the Battle of Lyons.

Battle of Lyons

Main Article : Battle of Lyons

I had been to Lyons before the Orcs arrived so I knew what the city looked like in peacetime. Arriving there this time it was almost beyond looking at this time. Unimagineable numbers of Orcs sprawled out like bugs around the city now left this horrifying small circle of space in the middle of the horde.
Bill Lovie

The opening to the battle would begin with the Human armies moving into position around the besieged city. The commanders in charge had placed a strategy of encirclement with the largest army in the Romans facing what was the strongest section of the Orcs, and the second strongest in The Empire facing the east side. With this strategy the element of surprise was the most important aspect, and this was mainly due to the fact that the Orc besieging army had well over a million orcs in it. The human alliance was almost six hundred thousand but no where near big enough to compete without an ambush. There is much speculation as to what happened in the Roman lines, and the fact that very few survived, and those that did do not speak of it doesn't help things. It is believed by most that the Romans believed they could take the army without the Bretonian, Lucernian, and Alcase assistance and because of this they begin bombarding the Orc lines. This attack did heavy damage to the closest Orc forces, but it also alerted the whole sieging force that they were surrounded. With the Orcs now at full alert they ignored the city of Lyons and simply charged the nearest human they could find, which meant that the million plus orcs were now charging as one massive pack, and the entire ambush was a failure.

Return to Lucerne

It all just feels so fake, ya know? This idea that good things happen to good people. That there's magic in the world, and that the meek and the righteous will inherit it. Too many good people suffer for that to be true. Too many prayers go unanswered. And every day it just gets worse. Every day we ignore how truly broken this world is, and we tell ourselves it's all going to be okay. But it's not going to be okay. And once you know that, there's no going back. There's no magic in the least today there isn't.
Pablius Reeter

Following the violence and hopelessness that he felt and saw during the War in France, Bill began to lose his grasp on his humanity. The ride back from the battle was perhaps the true nail in the coffin as he was riding with a broken hear-ted Roman soldier by the name of Pablius Reeter. It was on the escape from France when the true moment of Bill Lovie's life would come. This was the moment where the fork in the road for Bill appeared, and fate decided to involve Pablius Reeter. Pablius Reeter was a Roman soldier that survived the battle but watched as three of his children, and his father did not. In this kind of emotional state it wasn't shocking when he was beyond pessimistic. After two weeks of walking with Pablius Reeter Bill and the survivors of the Lucerne army arrived at the edges of the Lucerne Kingdom. When the group arrived in Lucerne, there was sadness, but also happiness that at least some had survived. Bill went to his family, and attempted to find peace again, but he was quite dramatically changed by the things he'd seen as well as the words spoken by Pablius. Each night as Kathy fell deeper into depression, Bill would sneak to the Lovie family library and searched their books for some sort of answer to how to escape his growing madness.


Main Article : Mystism

Libro copia
There was nothing good in that book from a morality sense of the word. But in that book I found the anwsers to every question I'd ever asked, and as I read more and more I came to understand the world in a way that both shocked, and amazed me.
Bill Lovie

It was during one of these searches of the House Lovie library that he found a book that would change his mind for good, and set the Kingdom of Lucerne in a tailspin. He would begin searching in the locked section of the House Lovie library, and discovered Mystism which was a book hidden by William Lovie due to its historical connection with darkness and evil. Not knowing the true depths of the book's evil Bill Lovie became obsessed with the book and for months he would spend every night reading the book over and over again. Each time he read the book his mind became more wrapped up in the things he learned about Magi.

I didn't know Magi before that day. It was as if the power just flowed into me as I read the book. What manner of power flowed into that book to make it possible I'll never know.
Bill Lovie

While before reading the book he had no connection to the Fade and was of level 0 in terms of Magi, following the reading of the book he would begin to have an increasingly powerful connection to the Fade as the book opened his connection simply through the words on the page. He saw less and less hope in victory in the conventional way, and believed that only through his growth in Magi power would the Kingdom ever survive, It was during this time that he founded the Circle of Magi, and went about its expansion into a organization that would be the hand in all of his endeavors.

Being a King


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Pippin and merry04

Pippin during the Battle of Berne

With the failure of Bill Lovie to find a way to get William to love him, he began looking for someone youthful who could fill this role. In this way he had his minions find a talented young boy who he could begin training to be completely loyal to him. The search ended when they discovered Pippin in the small village of Klaerin. Pippen was the perfect canidate for what he wanted, and the only problem was gaining his complete loyalty. In order to due this, Bill went to the village and began forming a relationship with young Pippin, and also befriended his parents. This had the effect of making him appear to be someone that cared about Pippin and his family.

The Plague

Main Article : The Plague

Turning to Madness

Chaos of Youth

The Corruption of Sean Lovie

Main Article : Duel on the Steps

The End of Alice Lovie

The First Battle of Tree Hill

Main Article : The First Battle of Tree Hill

Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

Main Article : Gondor War with Stormwind

BILL Lovie in Orleans


See Also : Orleans

Uknown to the rest of the Lucernian Kingdom, Bill fled Lucerne and is now operating in the ruins of the old Bretonian city of Orleans. It is here where the old King of lucerne continues to gather strength, for the completion of his overall plans for the world.


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Family Members

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