They murdered my family Theodora. I can't let that go. It doesn't matter how much time passes I can still see there faces, and it breaks my heart that the Lorranians are the reason I don't get to see them anymore...I can't let it go.
Alahis Gausian

The Blind Eye Betrayal was a massare that took place in the Grand Dutchy of Willen against the leadership of the Kingdom of Lombard while under the protection of the Guest Right.


The Grand Dutchy of Willen had been negotiating with the new Teutonic leadership of House Beiberwoosen since their control of the Kingdom of Lorraine, but it was only under the new Duke in the form of Luitwen Prantl that the two sides are able to bridge the divide leading to the beginning of the plot. Luitwen wants protection against aggression from the Kingdom of Alcase as well as rights to the mining in the mountains of western Lombard of which Alnod Gundersen is willing to give both leading to Willen agreeing to the plot of Lorraine to murder the leadership of the Kingdom of Lombard and instigate a fight between Lombard, and Lorraine.


The forces of the Grand Dutchy of Willen would send the brother of the Duke to Cologne where he would make promices of an alliance between Lorraine, and Lombard and were willing to be the intermediary of the negotiations and considering that both were Lombards and historical allies this was agreed to. In order to make the Lombards feel even more secure Alnod would have fake letters sent to Cologne and the King of Lombard from King Fabin Von Orsinio saying that he would also be there in order to make sure everything went by smoothly, but in fact Fabin and the Alcasians knew nothing of the negotiations.

The Massacre


Lorraine-Willen Version


Name Cause of Death Loyalty
Valhen Gaussian Stabbed in the neck Kingdom of Lombard
Prellia Gausian Strangled Kingdom of Lombard
Tato Gausian Stabbed in the chest Kingdom of Lombard
Theolinda Gausian Strangled Kingdom of Lombard

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