Lahmian Bloodline
The Blood Court of Lahmia Bloodline
is the personal bloodline of the Vampire Lord Corvusia. They are an all female bloodline, that Corvusia uses as spies, and killers to further the goals of Queen Angelica Neferata of whom Corvusia is fanatically loyal too. The Lahmian Bloodline carries the sigil of ancient Lahmia of which of all the bloodlines they are the one that most closely remembers the ancient Lahmian traditions in their dealings.

Queen Neferata is the leader of the bloodline, but she passes most of the control over to Corvusia of whom leads the Bloodline alongside the queens sister Katia Beckinlate who is more inclined to the day to day issues that come along with ruling over a vampire bloodline. This also gives Katia a role that is equal to a Duke of Weerhousen which is something that Queen Neferata believes she is deserved.

The Lahmian bloodline is called upon along with the Vash Consteins bloodline as the loyalist bloodline for the Kingdom of Weerhousen, and if push comes to shove they are all directly loyal to the queen and noone elce which makes them the true royal soilders for Weerhousen.


Early History

Handmaidens of the Queen


Main Article : Weerhousen

Civil War in Weerhousen

Noteable Members

Name Origin Generation Maker
Corvusia Lahmian Vampire Lord Elixir of Life
Alive Eve Frankish Third Pinley Vane
Pinley Vane Sueve Second Corvusia
Serena Volkhar Lahmian Third Hakkon Volhor
Hakkon Volkhor Lahmian Second Corvusia
Valerica Volkhar Lahmian Third Hakkon Volkhar

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