Blood Dragons
Blood Dragons Sigil
Vital statistics
Founder Abhorash
Seat Blood Keep
Morality Lawful Evil
Numbers Small number of Vampires, but large population of human retainers

The Blood Dragons are a bloodline of Vampires that are only interested in increasing their skills in combat. They can be extremely honorable, but are also the most dangerous Vampires in combat. The Blood Dragons are led by Abhorash the ancient Lahmian Vampire that was turned by the first Vampire in Angelica Neferata, and has reluctantly fought the Vampire's wars since the fall of Lahmia. The Blood Dragons are centered out of the massive castle of the Blood Keep where they constantly train amongst themselves, and also invite challengers from outside of whom if they survive the fight are turned into Vampires.

The Blood Dragons grew into their own under the guidence of their leader Abhorash who was perhaps the most powerful, and skilled fighter in the entire world before his death, but with his fall to vampirism he has become unstoppable. Abhorash rules over the Blood Dragons from the Blood Keep, but underneath him stands his council of three others, while beneath them are the battle commanders and training knights.

The Blood Dragons pride themselves on their martial skill and their end quest in life is to do two things. The first is to become the greatest and most unbeatable fighter that they can possibly become. Secondly they long to follow their leader in his succesful defeat of the blood curse through his drinking of the blood of a dragon. A Blood Dragon is a truly horrifying sight on the battlefield and it is lucky for those surrounding the Kingdom of Weerhousen that the Blood Dragons have become comfortable fighting amongst eachother as apposed to running around in the surrounding Kingdoms. The Blood Dragons are the least numerous of any of the Vampire Bloodlines as they only accept the most capable of fighters into their ranks, and as they do not see Vampirism as a reward it is not something that Abhorash has ever pushed to expand on. There small numbers are supplemented by their very large human military forces that they train and equip while also silently protecting many of them from the dangers that might befall them if they were not men fighting for the Blood Dragons. This was secured when Aborash was able to pass a law amongst hte Vampires that made the killing of servents of another Bloodline illegal, and thus he secured his people's protection.


Early History

Defence of Lahmia

The Leader of the Lahmia army was Abhorash, and he worked tirelessly to push back the opposing armies. He slew hundreds in battle, and was unbeatable by anyone who opposed him. This all was for nothing as the people of Lahmia began turning on the corrupt Queen Neferata. At this point the great warrior Abhorash was offered amnosty in return for joining the Tomb Kings, but he declined out of honor to his Queen.

The Founding of Weerhousen

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Rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia

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Noteable Members

Name Generation  Origin Morality
Abhorash Vampire Lord Lahmia Lawful Evil
Sonja Dammak Third Ukraine Chaotic Good
Viktor Dammak Second Ukraine Lawful Evil
Soren Third Gondor Lawful Evil
Torren Eisenburg Third France Neutral Good
Ludgar of Weerhousen Third Weerhousen Lawful Evil
Armel Darche Fourth France Lawful Good

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