or "The Pit of Saron" is city that lies behind the might city of Icecrown Citadel . The city is the largest center of population of San'Layn in the Kingdom, but it is far exclipsed by the endless horde of skeletons that live in the vast fortress of Icecrown Citadel. The pit of Saron is very important because it is the site of the Saron stone which is the San'Layn's anwser to the loss of the Sunwell. Saron is a device which has remarkably similar properties to the power of the Sunwell, and in this the San'Layn have stip mined the area in their constant search for more and more of Saron.

Caurtunia was discovered by the coming San'Layn as they begin to explore the Icecrown Mountains from their home in Icecrown citidel and Caurtunia would be one of the first cities they would found. The city would begin its massive explosion when its miners found the mineral that has become known as Saron. The first Saron to be near this mineral found that their Magi abilities were hightened by their proximity to the stone, and because of this all efforts in the mines went towards locating vast quanities of this mineral.


Early History


Present Day




Saron is the great hope of the San'Layn people to become more powerful then any Magi alive.

Saron is a mineral that was discovered during the early days of the San'Layn expansion into the mountains of Icecrown, and very quickly they realized that the mineral was capable of expanding the power of a Magi that used it.

Noteable People



See Also : Taldarum

Taldarum is the son of Queen Lanathel making him a member of the Princes of the San'Layn.

In his position he is the commander of the San'Layn city of Caurtunia, where he watches over and makes sure that the production is running well on the Saron produced there, but on top of this that the San'Layn are growing steadily in the city. Over his time in Caurtunia he has seen the population of the San'Layn increase nearly 150%, and has gained immense respect from his mother the Queen because of this work.

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