Fall of Paris

The Council Of Lyon was a meeting of the major Human Nations of Western and Central Europe in Kingdom of Bretonian city of Paris. The reason the meeting is called the council of Lyons is that it's main topic of discussion was how to deal with the situation in Lyons and the overruning of France by the forces of the Orcs. The meeting would go especially well, and would lead to a massive combined human and Dwarf force that would head towards the Lyons area, and take part in the Battle of Lyons.

The Council of Lyons was planned and started being prepared following the Fall of Viche where the King of Bretonia was killed and it was signaled by a letter by raven being sent to basically every Kingdom, nation, city state, and enclave in the surrounding region. The Kingdom of Lucerne, and The Empire were very supportive of the meeting as both were neighbors of France and thus would be directly effected, and thus the two of these forces would bring alongside them all of their natural allies.


The War in France was in it's twilight days, and the Orcs were making the Bretonian armies look like children. Every attempt to meet the Orc armies on the field was being met by massacres. This was also being forshadowed by the fact that although the Orcs were winning quite easily, they were taking huge casualities in almost every engagement they took part in. This fact meant that the Bretonians and their allies believed that they could tip the scale to their side if they could destroy the main Orc army.

The leadership of the Bretonians was being consolidated and was finally able to adequatly handle the ongoing violence spreading out. This increase in control meant they were able to look at the situation and react more effectively, and one of the first things that


The Meeting


Kingdom of Bretonia

The Empire

Roman Empire

Kingdom of Alcase

Kingdom of Lorraine

Kingdom of Lucerne

See Also : Kingdom of Lucerne

The Kingdom of Lucerne


See Also : Gondor

Gondor was in a dogfight with Mordor over survival so the could only afford to send a force of 15000 of which very few were battle hardened or elite.


See Also : Arnor

Arnor saw great importance in this war for the future of everyone, and thus they sent a large force to the battle. They were represented at the meeting by the king of Arnor in Jonas Hemsworth.


See Also : Kizlev

Kizlev obviously couldn't spare very many soilders and thus sent a token force which accompanied the Empire's forces and acted in consort with them. At the actual meeting they were represented by Pavlo Patronovich

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