Dagus Tharassiam
Dagus Tharassian
is the Lord of the Dwarven Hold of Karak Azul , and he also the leader of the High Dwarven clan of the Iron Dwarves. His loyalty is unquestioning to Karak Azul, but there have been questions in his life about his commitment to Karak Ankor , and many wonder openely if he would still remain in Karak Ankor if Karak Azul wasn't so close to Karaz-A-Karak.

Dagus Tharassian is incredibly old, and he was alive during the time of the Dwarves exodus south into Europe, and he is said to be one of a handful who were alive to actually meet the Dwarf Gods. This ancient age means that he was born during the exodus and during this time he was the son of the leader of the Iron Dwarves of whom he loved deeply. His father would die during the time that the Dwarven Gods were killed, and because of this he became distant from the gods that he believed had caused the death of his father. During the War of Vengeance he grudgingly led the forces of Karak Azul against the Elves but he was constantly taking part in safe fights that left very little chance of heavy casualties.


Early History


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Death of the Dwarf Gods

War of Vengeance

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War of Tears

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Family Members


Kurden Bronzebeard

Kurdren Bronzebeard

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Dagus Tharassian and Kurden Bronzebeard are two Dwarven Lords of Karak Ankor who have a very troubled history.

Their troubles began when the outer mines of Ekrund were attacked by massive numbers of goblins, and when this happened Kurden Bronzebeard called out for assistence and all the Holds of the Dwarves anwsered his call except for Dagus Tharassian. This began a series of back and forth jabs between the two Lords which eventually led to Kurdens son Logan Bronzebeard to duel and kill Dagus's son Morin Tharassian.

Since this duel the two have had no contact except for insults back and forth, but the bad blood simmers at the surface.