The Drakwald is an immense Imperial forest, east of Middenheim, although it is sometimes counted as part of the Great Forest. The region is notorious for being inhospitable, dank and for containing large numbers of Trolloc. The forest itself is the home of the immensely powerful Trolloc commander named Khazrak by the surrounding humans of Middenheim. Khazrak has been a constant thorn in the province, and despite massive clearing efforts he has always managed to keep control of the forest.

Drakwald Forest was first the home of the ancient Woses of whom dominated the forest during the peak of their civilization. As the Eternity War raged the entire forest came under the control of the Trollocs, but during the fighting the last of the Woses would sully a curse on the Trollocs responsible for killing them. This curse made the forest a dark place even for the Trollocs and in this way it became the haven of only the most dark, and evil Trollocs that existed in Europe.


Early History

Ancient Times

This forest was like much of Europe in ancient times in that it was a home of a large number of Trolloc. The Trolloc during this time had not yet suffered their genocide by the Woses, and then subsequent fall to Chaos, and so at this time the forests were a peaceful place.

Woses War

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When the Woses destroyed the Trolloc's society the Trollocs began reaching out for something to save them, and unfortunatly for society they were anwsered by Chaos. Chaos gave them the hate they needed to begin taking back their forests from those who had stolen it from them.


Fall to the Trolloc

The Battle of Middenheim

Trolloc's Eye

Boris's Eye

Present Day

Today the forest stands as it has stood for centuries, with the Empire in control of all the areas surrounding it and controlling numerous villages, and forts inside the forest. But on the inside the forest contains huge numbers of Trolloc and is still led by the one eyed Trolloc Lok'trash.

Points of Interest

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