is a large city in the Bretonian province of Rohavion, that represents the largest settlement in Rohavion. Rohavion's only real city, the capital of the province holds the Golden Hall of Meduseld. From this hall the two Dukes of Rohavion administer over the affairs of the province. The Duke of the city is Theoden Ednew , while the Duke of the province is Eomer Eadig. With a population of well over 60,000 it is by far the largest city in the region, and because of this its importance is beyond anything in the province.

Edoras was first founded during the ancient days of the coming of the Old Ones, and its founding was one of the original cities of the Empire of Pontus. Under Pontus the city was held by the humans of Pontus throughout the endless parade of wars that spanned their way throughout the period of Pontus. The coming of the Kingdom of Bretonia would lead to the destruction of the forces defending Edoras and because of this the city would fall later to the Kingdom of Bretonia. The Kingdom of Bretonia would dramatically change the outlook of the city, in that it became much more industrialized, and its population boomed due to the influx of immigrants from France.


Early History

The city of edoras was a large city in the empire of Pontus long before it was ever taken over by e kingdom of bretonia. Under pontus the city was a center of religion, and it was here that the Pontus constructed the massive statue of Delin which still stands in edoras to this day.

Founding of the Bretonian Edoras

Edoras was built at the end of the valley of Harrowdale, which lay under the great mountain Starkhorn. The river Snowbourn flowed past the city on its way west towards the Entwash. The only remaining object of Pontus on the mountain was the statue of Delin which no matter how hard they tried the bretonians could not manage to take the statue down. Every tool, or machine that they attempted to use simply broke the moment it attempted to damage the statue, and after this the bretonians



Ethnicity Share of Population
Franks 61%
Anglos 32%
Other 7%


Religion  Share of Population
Christianity 65%
Dragonoph 8%
Other 27%

Houses of Edoras

Points of Interest

Edoras wallpaper 2 2

Golden Hall of Meduseld

Meduseld was a large hall with a straw roof, which made it appear as if it was made out of gold when seen from far off. Its walls were richly decorated with tapestries depicting the history and legends of the Rohirrim, and it served as a house for the King and his kin, a meeting hall for the King and his advisors, and a feast hall.

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