Previous Conflict Eternity War
Emblam Civil War
Emblam Civil War
Location Africanas
Date Placeholder
Result Victory of Rebel Emblam
Emblam Rebels Emblam Loyalists
Rebels Loyalists
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The Emblam Civil War was a civil war fought between the forces loyal to the Titan Doblin against the forces loyal to the Titan Yor within the Empire of Emblam. The Emblam Civil War is seen by most as the begging of the Orcish Invasion of Africanas and due to this it is one of the most influencial epochs in the history of the Earth.


Coruption of Doblin

The Empire of Emblam continued down the road of practising an isolationist style of government including continueing to isolate the Low Orcs, but under the leadership of the Noble Titans Doblin, and Yor the Greenskin Empire of Embar would be a moralistically noble nation. This changed dramatically when the Chaos Titan Harkkon would infiltrate the Emblam capital of Orsimer where he succeded in corupting his brother Doblin of whom he worked alongside to turn the Orcs to the side of Chaos. This continued for some time without the knowledge of Yor of whom was busy negotiating with the neighboring human Kingdom of Mali as Doblin corupted the capital and over the years where Yor was away he succeded in corupting nearly the entire upper echolon of the High Orcs with those few who resisted being killed.


Exile of Yor

After nearly six years at the court of Mali Yor had succeded in arranging an alliance which would allow the Empire of Emblam to ply their trade goods all across the Mali Empire, but as he returned he found the capital and the surrounding lands dramatically changed. Arriving with his own personal forces he found that the capital was barred to him, and he was attacked by arrows, and spears and forced to flee the capital, where he fled to the port of Wrothgaria. In Wrothgaria he attempted to contact his brother and was rewarded quickly when his brother arrived at Wrothgaria and put the city under siege alongside Harrkon.

The War


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