Emmy Shephard
Emmy Shephard
is the daughter of Isilian, and a prostitute that he met in Lucerne which makes her a member of House Scarlet, although Isilian does not know that Emmy is her daughter and she does not know that he is her father. Emmy has one sibling in the form of Radlet Scarlet who like her is an assasin/rogue but unlike her Radlet stayed in House Scarlet and has formed an internal assasins order within House Scarlet. Emmy became the wife of Edward Shephard, and a member of House Shephard as well as the Order of the Violet Dragon. She and her husband have a young son together.

While on the outside she appears to be extremely calm the main reason that she and her husband are involved so constantly in this type of behavior is the fact that she has a serious violent streak in her. During the Invasion of Westbridge she and her husband after hiding Luke Labeouf away returned to the northern gate and while the Order of the Blue Dragon engaged the defence they went silently throughout the garrison with their Welplings and killed dozens of the soilders there.


Early History

Emmy Pratter was born in Lucerne Proper and was the daughter of a prostitue who was killed by one of her clients. After the murder she was sent to live in the Lucerne proper orphanage and it was the mistreatment she recieved here that would change her into the violent individual she would become.

Eventually she began hanging around with Edward Shephard and his group of friends and together they became involved in theievary and numerous other nefarious types of activities. This behavior continued well into their mid 20's and only slowed when she became pregnant with their first child, who was born a healthy boy.

The Truth Brigade

Main Article : The Truth Brigade

Emmy Shephard1

Emmy Pratt was what Edward had been looking for his entire life, and not even war could stop him from trying to protect her.

"I found a companionship, and a love amongst those bandits in a way that I had never felt in my entire life. It wasn't that I agreed with what we were doing it was as simple as I couldn't not be with them. Even when it might cost me everything in my life I couldn't stay away from them, and I definetly couldn't stay away from her."
-Edward Shephard

During his time at Vorhelm he befriended a group of youths in the nearbye village that made their living by robbing merchants travelling on the roads nearby. Amongst these bandits was Emmy Pratter of whom he became deeply attatched to as they both found a peace in eachother, and their connection grew. As time went on she would persuade him to actually take part in the banditry, and as he did this their final bond was created. The love that the two held for eachother was above anything else either of them felt, and for this reason she was able to finally forget the horrors of her youth, and Edward was able to move past his anger for a time. As this continued Edward would alongside Emmy became a leadership member of the Truth Brigade and with him in a control position there skill and strategy lifted itself immensly. Through his leadership they became notorious enough that he was ordered to put an end to them by the highest ranks of the nearbye village. Since he was in charge of the garrison he made little effort to actually stop them, and this led to a continued question of what he was doing in Vorhelm.

Dolburger Conflict

Main Article : Dolburger Conflict

Jack Shephard2

Jack, and Sawyer Shephard arriving at the region would threaten the existence of the Truth Brigade.

"In the back of my mind I knew that there was the possibility of House Shephard sending in a larger amount of forces, I just didn't think they would send so many. When my cousin Jack arrived at the head of the force I knew I was in serious trouble, and they were going to wipe out everything I had come to love. In that moment I realized what was more important then my birth family."
-Edward Shephard

While Edward Shephard had failed to act on the bandits in Vorhelm his family in Lucerne had been sent letters asking for assistence, and some of them hinted that the young Edward Shephard could be involved in the actually bandits. With this in mind the Lucernians led by House Shephard would mass forces and move towards Vorhelm where they planned to completely wipe out the bandits and bring Edward in for questioning. His cousins Jack, and Sawyer Shephard would be sent alongside a sizeable force of House Shephard to deal with the situation and when they arrived the usually unemotional Edward found himself unable to turn against those he had come to love, and this led to him abandoning his post and joining the bandits in the forest. The conflict would become known as the Dolburger Conflict after the fact that Edward ran away from his cousins while they were searching on the Dolburger river.

Forest Fight

As the Truth Brigade was completely surrounded in their last hold out and their other bandit allies had retreated away, they all knew that the final battle was upon them. The Truth Brigades hid themselves in the trees, and anywhere they possibly could, and when the forces of Jack, and Sawyer arrived it took hours to get inside and they took terrible casualties to the dug in forces of the Truth Brigade. Jack, and Sawyer who in the final battle captured their cousin and his bandit wife Emmy and brought them north where they were placed in the prison of Ostfeld.

Order of the Violet Dragon

Main Article : Order of the Violet Dragon

When the Order of the Violet Dragon  came in to being Emmy and Edward immediatly sought out Ezio in an attempt to join the Order. Seeing their natural abilites at killing almost instantly, Ezio brought them into the order and they have proven themselves as excellent assassins ever since. As the Order of the Violet Dragon has grown the two loose cannons have found themselves growing more and more attatched to the KIngdom of Lucerne.

Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge


Edward Shephard2

Edward Shephard

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Much in the same way as the Harlaquin , and Helaquin conducted their assasinations, Emmy, and Edward Shephard move in much the same way.

Emmy and Edward are especially close, and this close bond along with a happy enviroment growing up has meant that the two are far less violent then many other members of the upper echolon.

The two being known for their peaceful demeanor and outside of their work most might suggest they would never hurt a fly.

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