Er-Antonidas Vaelgrun is the head mage of the Council of Tristfal, and also leads over the city of Dalaran. In this role he was also the main advisor to the current King of Lorderon during their reign, and following this he has become an influencial member of the Order of the Blue Dragon. He is well over 150 years old, and is considered one of the greatest Magi alive in the entire continent of Europe but is also known to have a growing physical weakeness.

Antonidas grew up in extreme poverty but he silently grew his Magi powers and used these powers to uplift himself into the Lorderon Magi order of the Kirin Tor. Once inside the Kirin Tor his growth was meterioc and he was near the top of the order before many had a chance to even accept his rise. Antonidas would become known for during his rise creating the Violet Cidedel, and expanding out the underground catacolbms which have become the center of a huge Magi experiment Antonidas has grown very close to Kirin Tor magi Jaina Menathil, and it is him that she has confided in about her belief in Arthas's fall. As Arthas appears more and more unstable Antonidas has worked tirelessly towards making the Kirin Tor independant from Lorderon, and moving them towards the Kingdom of Lucerne of whom he belives are far more stable then the old regime in Lorderon. During the events at the end of the rise of Lucerne he became embroiled in the conflict to openly make people aware of the madness of arthas menathil, and it was his scepticism that would lead to arthas not being removed from power. Antontidas would despite his support of Arthas be murdered when he refused to join Chaos, and the Magi that assailed him managed to disarm him and murdered him beggining the siege of Kirin Tor.


Early Life

Antonidas was born in the Arnor city of Galheim, but he and his parents left when he was seven to come live in the city of Lorderon.

Here his parents would eke out a rather sucessful life for themselves, and he was silently supported in his Magi efforts by his parents. Unlike many at this time, he was able to practise throughout his youth, and by the time he was of age to be looked at by the Kirin Tor he was rather advanced.

Joining the Kirin Tor

The Kirin Tor put a sign in the center of all major centers in Lorderon, and allow for people to silently and secretly bring their children to the Kirin Tor for training. Antonidas was one such child, and when he was admitted into the Kirin Tor his teachers found that he was far and above the best student anyone had seen in the history of the Kirin Tor.

He skyrocketed up the ranks of the Kirin Tor over the next 20 years and finally at the age of 30 reached the council. For 12 years he remained on the Council. and when the Arch-Magi died he was the first choice of everyone to replace him.

Head of the Kirin Tor

Annexation of Lorderon

Lorderon Civil War

Main Article : Lorderon Civil War


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