We stand upon the precipice of change. The world fears the inevitable plummet into the abyss. Watch for that moment...and when it comes, do not hesitate to leap. It is only when you fall that you learn whether you can fly.
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Flemeth is a shapeshifter known as the "Witch of the Wilds" and "Asha'bellanar"—the woman of many years in Croatia. She is widely recognized as an immortal and extremely powerful being as well as the leader of the Kingdom of Korcani but this is just a sliver of the actual truth of her life. Flemeth is also known for being mother to many "daughters", all of whom are witches as she herself is. For unknown reasons she sends out servants from her small Kingdom throughout Europe, and these servants poison women, and these women slowly then become her "Daughters", and slowly change into witches.

Born in the ancient pre Nehekhara lands of Araby she would travel with her family to Europe where she lived peacefully with her family and her original daughter. This peace ended when the first of the corupted Trollocs rampaged into her families lands and killed everything she loved. Following this she was changed into a Titan by Malekor of whom saw in her vengeance something he could use, and thus tasked her with gaining her vengeance, and then serving him. Killing the Trollocs but finding her daughter dead she would be heartbroken, but followed Malekor when he made her start the Korcani Wilds deep in Croatia. She would destablize the young son of Sauron when she pushed him over the edge and would pretend to be killed by Sauron in a murder that solidified that Sauron had fallen to the dark side. Following this she travelled to Atlantis where during the final days of the Atlantian islands reign she would create her first Daughter of which would begin to facilitate the entire purpose of her excistence. Her time with Halenia changed her so much that Malekor was forced to adapt to this new change, and made no large effort to change her.



I am a fly in the ointment. I am a whisper in the shadows. I am also an old, old woman. More than that you need not know.




"There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. The man who is wrong still retains some respect for truth, if only by accepting the responsibility of choice. But the man in the middle is the knave who blanks out the truth in order to pretend that no choice or values exist, who is willing to sit out the course of any battle, willing to cash in on the blood of the innocent or to crawl on his belly to the guilty, who dispenses justice by condemning both the robber and the robbed to jail, who solves conflicts by ordering the thinker and the fool to meet each other halfway. In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromise is the transmitting rubber tube. I am evil not out of some cruel desire but because evil is the only manner in which victory is possible. If I wish to live forever the only way is to be evil."


The name "Flemeth" apparently belonged to a legendary and fearsome personage that walked the Wilds centuries ago. According to legend, the daughters of Flemeth can kill a man by fear alone. These legends spread throughout the tribesman of the part of eastern Croatia that she lived until eventually the only people left in her area are her servants or her "daughters". The other legend she is involved in is that she is the central character of an eponymous legend, which describes her as "terrible in her temper and wild in her beauty." The Legends about Flemeth are based on superstition and myths, and are completely false. In actuality she was born in Arabia and came to live in Croatia after her parents joined a travelling merchant.


See Also : Croatia

"Change is a dangerous animal if left unfed, and unkept."

The True begginings of Flemeth were much in the same way all dark things come into being. Once upon a time she was a human women. Born in ancient arabia long before the days of the Empire of Nehekhara which describes how long ago it was. Her parents were nothing in society but plebs and because of this they became the slaves of a wealthy merchant of whome took the family with him when he travelled westward towards the growing trade routes in Eurpope. So Far before the Empire of Numeron came in Europe in great number, and a few years before the Dwarves and Elves would burn Europe to the ground in the War of Vengeance Flemeth came to reside in the lands of Croatia. Her life here was unaventful as she and her family continued to be the live in servents of the rich merchant of whome had set up his base of operations in the region that would one day become the lands of Estalia. She and her family did come to enjoy the forests that surrounded their masters cottage but the other servents from the area had warned them that there was a reason the merchants cottage was walled in and he had gaurds, and that was because there was a great evil in the forest. She and her family would continue to walk in the forest and she would marry a young man of whome she mothered a young girl with. Her life was as happy as it could be until one day while walking the forest with her family, she and her family were attacked by a force of Trolloc. The Trollocs killed her family, and took her young daughter with them. In this moment while she lay broken on the ground and praying for the gods to save her, she opened her eyes and found something had anwsered her prayers. Unfortunatly for her this wasn't a god who anwsered prayers without wanting something in return.


"He was so beautiful in that moment i ignored the feeling of dread that washed over me as he approached. I ignored everything that was wrong with the situation and just allowed his charming voice to compell me into agreeing."

The creature gently picked her up and told her that if she would do something for him, then he would give her the power to hunt down the Trolloc that had destroyed so much of her life. In her emotional state, and the fact that she was being asked by a very menipulative Chaos God she readily agreed, and with the pact sealed, the creature tapped her on the shoulder, and in that moment it was like she was something different. She no longer felt human in the way she had before, she felt almost godlike. She looked up from her hands which she had been staring at for a time and tried to find the angel that had saved her but he was long gone. She pulled herself up and as she stood calculating things it was as if she could hear the voices of the Trolloc from miles away. She could hear them, smell them, and everything in her mind drove towards knowing where they were. As she concentrated harder she could begin to make out their images in her mind as she was seemingly able to see the land by just imagining the area. It was in that moment that she understood how powerful and she knew she couldn't waste anymore time so she bolted from the spot and towards the voices of the Trolloc. With the power to deal her revenge thanks to her silent benafactor Malekor she set out into the forest after the Trollocs that had stolen her daughter. It didn't take long for her to find where they had been, but each time it was as if they would flee with the knowledge of what direction she was coming from, and she got the distinct feeling they were leading her somewhere. As she tracked them for days she continued to believe in her heart that she would find her daughter safe and sound, and it was this belief that drove her forward.


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"Parents always tell their children of dark forces in the forests that will steal you away if you do not eat your vegeatables, or care for your eldars. But those are supposed to be mythical. Monsters were never really alive in your mind until the first time you are forced to deal with one."

After a day of travelling she found the first of the many Trolloc infestations and she was quick to use her Magi to litterly burn the forests around them once she was sure her daughter wasn't in their homes. She continued to use her powers to track down and destroy every last Trolloc she could find, but It was another two weeks before she finnally reached the home of the Trollocs, and found her young daughter. Her daughter had been killed by the Trollocs and was now strewn about the ground. Flemeth looked on horiffied as her daughters body had been ripped apart and parts of her eaten in some discusting and sick ritual.

Flemeth Gif

Flemeth had become fanatical in her belief she could save her daughter, so when she failed it was destructive for her mind leading to Malekor having an easier time at finishing the job.

"Her death was never something I thought would happen."

As she wept while holding the remains of her daughter the creature from before came behind her and reminded her that he had followed through on his promise and now it was her turn. She was in a state of emotionall destruction and because of this she demanded to know why the creature hadn't saved her daughter, and who the hell he was. After laughing at her the creature finally introduced himself as a god, and said for her to call him Malekor. Flemeth once again asked him why she had forsaken her when she had done what had been asked of her, and this time Malekor did not laugh but instead picked her up and upon touching her transported her into the Fade inside the vast city of Olympas. Leading her through the streets of the mighty city he would describe to her the failings of the Titans and how he alongside his brothers and sisters planned to end their domination of the world.

"My dead daughter you must understand that there were once just one of us. We were all creators, and we were all one unified family. That changed long ago, and now I see the truth. You see I was blinded before by their lies, and their coruption. They harm the world through their order. My brother showed me the truth you see. The truth is that the chaos titans are attempting to follow a path that is wrong, and if you and I do not resist them then the entire world will fall. I see in your eyes that you only wish to know in what manner all of this will lead you to getting your daughter, and if you stay by my side and never sway from that devotion trust me when I say that one day I will give you your daughter back. I cannot right now because the chaos Titans are holding her in the place of the dead, and we cannot enter there. So now my daughter I need you to make something for me. I would but I can feel them beggining to watch my interventions on the world. You were my last secret, and you my daughter will be their undoing."

Walking Olympas she was told that Malekor needed her to craft an item that she would deliver to the Woses on the exact moment that she was told. He told her that he would not be contacting her for many years and that she should wait patiently for the moment that she did, because when she was told she needed to move with all haste.

Korcani Wilds

Main Article : Korcani Wilds

Korcani Wilds

Malekor would spend many years with Flemeth as he transported her back and forth between the forests she loved so much, and his fortress in the Fade. During this time Malekor made her aware of what he needed for her, and also slowly told her that she was one of his children and that her parents were just people who had taken her in after her birth. All of this information was what she was given, and she was made to understand that she would need to grow her influence however she thought it best to do that, and then just like he had appeared he told her he would be watching and then after two years of nearly constant contact she would be left alone to deal with her task. Flemeth would spend some time wandering the forest trying to figure out how to do what she was supposed to do, and eventually she decided to make her old masters cottage and the village around it the center of her coming Kingdom. She would go their and kill the entire leadership of the village and make herself the Queen, while she burned her masters cottage to the ground with him inside of it. She would spend years travelling abroad bringing more people into her forests which she came to call the Korcani Wilds, and these immigrants would come to form the population that would be eventually her people in the Wilds. During this time she would construct several structures and places using her Magi abilites to summon creatures of burden to her of which one was Sundermount, and another was the Tower of Flemeth of which would become her new home. In Sundermount she brought all the people she had brought into the forest and she bid them to live there under her watchful eye, while in the Tower of Flemeth she would fashion the means for the true continuation of her line.


"Malekor promised me I would have my daughter back and a part of me never really believed him. I tried to make her happy as best I could, but she was a mishapen skeleton. I understood why he told me I had to wait. I caused her pain in my selfishness, and that would be the last time I ever did something trying to get around the brilliance, and perfection of my father."

Since the death of her daughter she had been obsessed with getting her back, and she at first spent years attempting to ressurect the now skeleton remains of her daughter, and after years of trying she was finally able to resurect her daughters spirit into the skeleton. Her daughter named Lilia was her prized posession and she loved her completely to the point that the two spent all of their time together, but eventually her daughter became constantly depressed about being a skeleton and wished to die. She begged Flemeth for months to kill her and eventually Flemeth would relent and allow her daughter to move on from the purgatory she had forced her into. Flemeth would take the skeleton of her daughter and place it deep within the Tower of Flemeth in an area that noone would ever be allowed to go to, and then she would make plans to replace her daughter with a daughter that could never hurt in the same way as Lilia had been. She at first attempted to find a girl amongst her people in Sundermount but noone was quite right for her true daughter, and she moved further in her search eventually going to Atlantis for a time where she discovered Gandalf the White.


"Gandalf was an interesting character. Such faith carries with it an aura that I could see from miles around as it eminated from his very essence. It was childplay to menipulate a man and a culture that barely even understood what those words meant."

Flemeth and Gandalf the White would fall in love quite quickly after her arrival in Atlantis mainly due to the fact that as an Elur he knew little of coruption or evil and so saw past these parts of her and only noticed the positive parts of her. After some time together Halenia was born to the pair and she was everything that Flemeth had ever wanted in a daughter, and she became so happy that she spent years living as an Elur in Atlantis as she got caught up in living a normal life with her daughter and lover. It was during this time that Gandalf the white was uplifted to the role of Elur, and during this time, she was targetted as well for eventually joining the Elur.

Halenia Action

Halenia loved her mother and thus couldn't have forseen the damage her mother was responsible for.

"For all the happiness I knew it was all going to end the moment I heard him."

As Flemeth basked in the happiness that she felt for the first time in generations she was visited once more by her new father in Malekor of whom would finish much of her humanity when he transported her into the Fade once more and showed her false images of her daughter writing in pain due to the menipulations of the Titans. Giving in to Malekor completely after witnessing this she was lost to him, and no longer felt emotionally as she once had. For Halenia this was the time of her life, and she was an especially kind person who was loved by all that met her. When she came of age, she was as planned made into a member of the Elur. This was a place she felt very happy with, and during this time she came to take a husband who was also a Elur, and together they went across Atlantis and did the best they could for the people that they were sworn to protect. But around this time the Empire of Numeron fell into upheaval as the Black Numenorians were rising in the land and evil Elur were being killed in massive witch hunts attempting to save the land.

Fall of Atlantis

"Your fighting against this invisble foe that you can't ever locate."

When the Pantheon fell to evil, nearly half of the Elur joined with them immediatly and after a few years there were barely a few hundred left of the Elur who were still loyal. Halenia watched as her husband lost himself in the Magi of the soul of Malekor. She approached her mother about the issue and her mother warned her that this path would only lead to the death of her husband and that she needed to be painfully aware that was the direction this was going. In her anguish she sought ways to help him, but before she could he became so lost that he attempted to kill her for her non-belief in the Pantheon, and when this happened the two engaged in a battle which lasted for some time. This fight ended when Halenia's mother Flemeth of whome had been watching spung into action and utterly obliterated him for attemting to harm her daughter. With his death Halenia would nearly immediatly relinquish the role of Elur, and despite her mother's attempts to help her she was suffering extreme depression during the weeks that followed. The call went out for all loyalists to leave for the port cities, but with her husband dead she saw no more point to going on, and she decided that she was prepared to die. She headed toward a mountain peak she loved going to with her husband while he was alive and decided to lay there until the world ended and washed away her life. After only a few hours of laying she was approached by her mother of whome told her second daughter that she understood why she didn't want to live and that she would help her move on.

Halenia's Death

"I was supposed to die by jumping off that cliff. It was supposed to be the moment I entered the enlightenment and whatever lay beyond the Vale, but instead she selfishly attempted to keep me close to her. She stole the last true act I could have ever done, and while I know it was partly love that drove it, it was mainly her fear. She fears being alone more then she fears anything else in this entire world."

Flemeth told Halenia that if she jumped from the cliff she would be released into the world anew, and that she loved her with everything inside her. The two would hug and say their goodbye's of which was actually Flemeth sealing the pact of her undeath, and then Halenia would give her one last smile before jumping from the cliff. When she hit the rocks at the bottom everything went dark and she embraced death. But this was not death, and after what seemed like moments for Halenia but was actually nearly three years she awoke inside the Tower of Flemeth with her mother beside her holding her hand. At first she wanted to know what happened and when her mother told her what she had done she stood up and went for a knife to attempt again to kill herself, but she found she couldn't aim the knife at herself in agression. She charged her mother but discovered yet again she couldn't land a death blow on her or her mother.



Sauron as a normal Human

Sauron was once named James Kilray, and was born in the city of Palias in Croatia . In a fact unknown to him for a long time he was the son of Malekor a chaos god who had been thought destroyed during the First War with Chaos . In fact Malekor had survived and had sought out a male heir to himself, and after going through the different races as options he finally settled on the human race. After centuries of failed attempts which led to the death of hundreds of women in these failed attemtps, Sauron was finnally born inside Croatia. In Sauron Malekor imprinted all of his malice, hate, and power and then waited for the day that Sauron would come find him so that he could teach his son the meaning of what he was born for. During this time Malekor made his daughter Flemeth of whome had resulted from another of the birthing attempts to make sure she kept a watchful eye of Sauron, and so silently during his birth and for his early life he would be constantly shadowed by Flemeth the Dark Daughter of Malekor.


Stepping In

As James grew up he began to have terrible dreams nearly every night, and sometimes the dreams would spill into his day causing him to have extremely violent and evil thoughts. After years of repressing this he finnally met with a spirit women of his tribe, and she told him that he was filled with the demon Malekor. At first he thought the women to be nuts, but as time went on and the thoughts got worse and worse he came to want to know more. He went back to the Spirit women and when she was unable to tell him more he broke out into a fit of rage and murdered her. Following the murder he ran from his home and after years of solititude he came to the colony of Numeron in the form of Umbar and he would stay here for a time before leaving on a boat for the Numenorians home of Atlantis. When he arrived on Atlantis he would become a mercenary in the service of Numenor, after finding no other work satisfactory to his silently growing bloodlust.

On the Hunt



See Also : Nagash

Sauron wanted a heir to his throne, and most of all someone who wasn't completely subserviant to his master Malekor. In this way Sauron travelled Europe and attempted to spawn a child with many women, but each time the birth ended with disaster. Hundreds of women were brought from all across Europe by his servents in the hopes that one of them would allow for the creation of his heir but each time the result was a pregnancy that led to nothing more then the women's death. Beyond frustrated he turned to his sister Flemeth in his time of need and headed to her Korcani WIlds. It was only when he visited his old friend Flemeth that he was finally sucesful. The evil that inhabited the body of Flemeth allowed for the evil in Sauron to survive the birth, and in this way Flemeth gave birth to Sauron's son Nagash. With the child's birth something changed in Flemeth as she cared something for this child, but for Sauron this affected him little and he simply told her he was going to take the child now. When he said this she was asstounded and refused to allow him to take the child, and to that he laughed at her before nearly killing her with his awsome Magi powers. With Flemeth broken Sauron took their child and returned to Mordor where he named his heir Nagash, which meant in his ancestor's toung the chosen son.

The End of Morality

Following the destruction of the Vandal Kingdom of Oland the lands of Swedan were basically open to the Invasion of the Andals, but for Jannok her role in the killings was too much and she begin making plans to change the Andals back to their non-Chaos leaning religions. Supported by her two daughters Jannok would believe she had secretly put this plan in place, but shortly before it was to move forward she would be confronted in the Palace grounds of her kingdom by Flemeth and her son, and following a battle between the group it would Flemeth that took Jannok away leaving Dannok in command of the Andals, while Valenia, and Rowena would flee southward.

End of Brooke Scott

Family Members



See Also : Morrigan

Flemeth is a monster. Shes likes to speak to you in certain moments with care, but you can never forget that the next moment she is morally bankrupt and serving a Chaos God.

Morrigan is one of the later Daughters of Flemeth and in her position she would only spend a short few years with Flemeth before she was sent away from Korcani. Her brief time with Flemeth drove into her the relationship between the two, and Flemeth hated her very much for the way she treated her. This hatred only increased when Flemeth`s hold over her led her to being unable to save her brother William Lovie II. and the further increased when she was unable to avenge her family by killing John Lovie.


See Also : Sauron

The dark children of Malekor, they have blighted the world since the first day they drew breathe.

Flemeth and Sauron were born in the same village, when Sauron was a young man in Croatia. During his early life here he met a wise women of which he asked whether or not he was the evil man that his father told him he was. This wise women gave him the wrong anwser and years later he would return and still not get the anwser he wanted but this time he was overcome with rage and slew the wise women. This wise women was Flemeth. Although Sauron believed her dead in fact, she had faked her death in order to make him lose himself. It was her death that finally pushed Sauron over the edge, and made him accept the monster he was.Centuries went by and Flemeth grew her Kingdom, and so did Sauron. Eventually Flemeth approached Sauron and told him that he was a part of something bigger then just himself. Flemeth would become extremely influencial in the life of Sauron after she would mother a child with her wayward brother of whom they named Nagash, and while she had nothing to do with Nagash he was the most important piece in Sauron`s excistence.


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