Frank Trachtenberg
Frank Trachtenburg
is the son of Daellin, and Sasha Trachtenburg making him a member of and the current Grand Lord of House Trachtenburg. Katia Lovie would come to marry Frank Trachtenburg of whom had been named after her father and this had led to her eventual marriage to a man that cared for little for her until she became sick after her second imprisonment in Berne and the two are now closer. With Frank Trachtenburg she has two children in the form of Kristen, and Michelle Trachtenburg of whom her daughter Kristen is married to Loras Tyrell of which has risen her influence greatly, while Michelle is the mother of the heir to a large region in the Riverlands and many are plotting the death of her husband so that this passage will happen.

Released after the conflict ended she would eventually marry Frank Trachtenburg of whom would be the definition of a knight and took that role seriously while his time with Katia was basically only spent attempting to create a baby. After his wife was imprisoned by Bill Lovie he was constantly refused attempts to free her and also made to not remarry as officially she was not a prisoner, and thus without a wife to further his line he would father several bastards with a former servent of his wife. After three children she died of sickness and he contimplated suicide until the Journey of William Lovie III. gave him hope for his wife's return. Sickly and weakened by her time in the prison in Berne she returned to Lucerne a shadow of her former self, and for the first time in their lives her husband was loving and caring to her, and despite her improved overal health she was reduced to being moved around in chairs as her legs were not recovering.


Early History

Released after the conflict ended she would eventually marry Frank Trachtenburg of whom would be the definition of a knight and took that role seriously while his time with Katia was basically only spent attempting to create a baby. Sickly and weakened by her time in the prison in Berne she returned to Lucerne a shadow of her former self, and for the first time in their lives her husband was loving and caring to her, and despite her improved overal health she was reduced to being moved around in chairs as her legs were not recovering.

The Seven Knights Rebellion of 5123

Main Article : The Seven Knights Rebellion of 5123

The Seven Knights Rebellion
It was those seven knights that showed me just how imperfect the Kingdom was. I had always understood to a certain degree that there was bad feelings among the people of our kingdom but seeing the support the seven got showed me the reality of this feeling. I had do do something. They were the final straw in showing me that.
Catherine Bell
Things are a foot in the land. Those who moved against Tree Hill are once again stirring. It is time we struck back.
Brandon Floren

The Seven Knights of Aerene would first be formed as an idea by James Nighting of whom as a member of the Circle of Magi wanted to assist his only family above all things and saw opportunity for his family to expand into the lands of Eastern Lucerne and specifically the lands of House Ongrill, and in this way he begin planning the idea of starting a banditry conflict in Eastern Lucerne to extend this plan. James Nighting would conspire with Circle of Magi operatives in the area to find individuals who they knew would work alongside them, and in this way they planned to have the leadership of the Seven Knights believe that they were doing this in order to end coruption and greed in the area, but while the leadership was doing this the Circle of Magi would commit attrocities in the area sparking the coming of the Kingdom of Lucerne and through this they hoped the land would be ravaged leaving it more open for invasion. As the Circle of Magi sent correspondence back to King Bill Lovie it would be Catherine Bell that would intercept one of these letters and discovered that the rebellion would be happening but also to her horror she discovered through reading the writing that Bill was not simply aware but was in fact orchestrating these movements.

The Taking of Castle Ongrill

Candice Anthor Cover2
We are here to not harm you. We are here not to steal your food or gold. We are here to show these nobles that there is a different way to rule. Remain calm, and do what we say and I guarentee you that not a single person will be harmed.
Robert Snow
In Castle Ongrill the Seven Knights of Aerene would send Robert Snow of whom as the bastard of the former heir to Castle Ongrill and House Ongrill was extremely bitter over his treatment following the death of his father Robert Ongrill at the Battle of Lyons. Robert Snow's desire to rise within the realm and his loyalty to the crown were manipulated against him by James Nighting of whom begin using the seals of House Clegane, House Morgill, and House Lovie to make Robert Snow believe that the crown wanted him to gather a force and take control of Castle Ongrill, and that once this was done to hold it no matter what happened and then wait for the arrival of more orders. Daryn Ongrill the Lord of House Ongrill and baron of Castle Ongrill would travel to the Riverlands with his wife Tamyra leaving his son Morgan as the acting lord of House Ongrill while he was away and unfortunately while he was away the Seven Knights of Aerene rebellion would be sparked but while this was happening he and his wife were visiting her family in the Riverlands. At the time of the rise of the Seven Knights of Aerene it would be the wedding between Candice Anthor, and Morgon Ongrill that would lead to the Knights having there opening in the town, as having spent nearly three months and significant gold gathering to him nearly two hundred men at arms Robert Snow would begin infiltrating Castle Ongrill using the wedding as shield to his movements. Robert Snow would begin to have a relationship of sorts with Candice Anthor at this time as she was growing quite frustrated with her husband over his lack of physical time with her, and in this way Robert Snow was able to menipulate Candice Anthor into joining the Seven Knights of Aerene and using her only assisted him more.
Candice Anthor Gif
Candice Anthor now effectively having an affair with Robert Snow would become the central figure of the Knights of Aerene in Ongrill as she recruited another fifty plus men while travelling north of Castle Ongrill with Robert Snow, but also at this time Morgon would depart Castle Ongrill as with their wedding only a month away he traveled to a temple nearby where he would pray at for the final month before their wedding. The forces of House Clegane, and House Morgill would arrive at the outskirts of Castle Ongrill, and realizing that he had been betrayed Robert Snow would prepare the castle for a siege, but now realized that the letters he had been receiving all along had been a lie and he was now effectively a traitor to the realm.
The Duel
Candice Anthor Cover3
Whatever happens from this day forward that you will never touch me. You will forever have nothing but bastards if that is what you want. I will never give you a thing.
Candice Anthor

Completely surrounded and having come to the conclusion that he had been betrayed it was Robert Snow alongside the other knight in the form of Candice Anthor that put up a white flag and would engage in negotiations with the besiegers in the form of Hedrik Clegane III. and these negotiations went slowly but were coming to fruition of having Robert Snow surrender the castle and the safety of his men. As the negotiations were reaching a conclusion the arrival of Morgon Ongrill at the walls with his forces having returned from his month long prayer would cause major problems as Morgon Ongrill would at first want to continue the arrangement and have Robert surrender peacefully with no punishment but this changed when Robert refused to give up Candice Anthor during one of their meetings horribly embarresing his brother Morgon. Reacting very badly to this embaressment it was Morgon Ongrill that Robert Snow would engage in a duel against his half brother Morgon Ongrill and to the suprise of everyone Morgon would defeat Robert and the religious fanatic would not wait for any decisions to be sent to him instead executing Robert on the spot causing the destruction of his marriage to Candice who had fallen in love with Robert.

The Floren Movement

Eddara Floren Cover
At the start we were told we were fighting to take these lands from the corupt nobles who controlled them. I honestly believed we were doing good.
Brandon Floren

It would be Eddara Floren that would be within the walls of Brightwater when her brother and uncle took control of the town in the name of the Seven Knights of Aerene and she would be the only person who Brandon would admit to his involvement as the entire time the members of the knights of Aerene would wear masks covering their identity.

The Trachtenburgs

Kristen Trachtenburg Cover
I don't care what the reason. I don't care right or wrong. Just or unjust. She was still my cousin.
William Lovie III.

Sasha Snow would be recruited into the Seven Knights of Aerene following the cruel move by her father to make it publicly known that he would never legitimize his base born children with Myrlielle Storm made her known to be quite hateful towards her treatment from her father, and this would be used against her as a recruitment tool. When the bastard child of her husband Sasha Snow took control of Castle Trachtenburg it would be the child of Katia Lovie that returned to her home and when she did she would discover that Katia was not at Castle Stragnarax as people believed and that Frank Trachtenburg had been lieing to everyone about her imprisonment, and this would lead dramatics upon William's return to Lucerne. Sasha Snow would be killed while defending the gatehouse of Castle Trachtenburg alongside her fellow defenders and her shocking death would become a major point of contention as shortly after this William Lovie III. would arrive ending the conflict for fear of the deaths of his other two baseborn cousins in House Trachtenburg.


Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

Family Members


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