The Gondorian Istari
 is a small Magi Order within the Kingdom of Gondor which stands as the remnents of the once mighty element of the overall Elur of Numeron. The Gondorian Istari since the Gondor Civil War have been led by five ancient Numenorian Magi who protect the Kingdom of Gondor. The Gondorian Istari were created in ancient Atlantis by the Pantheon before the Pantheon were corupted, and for centuries protected the region of Gondor, but during the Downfall of Numeron, and the Gondor Civil War suffered devestating losses.

The Istari had been led by Sauruman since the days of the Exodus of Atlantis, and this leadership was found to be failing when he betrayed the Istari and went to the side of Sauron. In doing this he corupted Hetricio, and left Radagast a broken and disillusioned Elur. Gandfalf now leads the Istari but his power is severly weakened by the fact that he is basically alone now. Marnia the last remaining non-corupted member of the Istari would become intertwined with the Dol Amroth growing province in the east and would attempt to assist their against the nearly overwhelming forces of Isengard.


Early History

Main Article : The Pantheon

The Pantheon in their creation were designed to want to constantly improve the Empire of Numeron, and in one of their plans for improvement they attempted to create beings a level of power just below them, that could act as commanders, and gaurdians for the Empire.

In this ancient time their were hundreds of these creations that they called the Elur. The Elur built itself into a mighty council of the creations of the Pantheon, and for centuries they continued their assigned tasks with perfection. When The Pantheon fell to the power of the soul of Malekor, the Elur were some of the first to become corrupted. During this time one of the Pantheon sent 30 of the Elur, the only ones that were not corupted, and he sent them to Europe, to escape the coming madness.

Tevion Gronich

Downfall of Numenor

Main Article : Downfall of Numenor

Tevion Gronich was the leader of the Istari during this period of the Downfall, and he was the sixth different leader as Braizen had been continuesly killing and replacing the leaders whenever the mood struck him. Tevion was loyal to his king despite the kings madness but he reached his end when the Spawn of Sauron begin simply killing people for no strategic reason beside genocide. As this genocide continued Tevion Gronich broke from the loyalists side of the war and took over half the Istari with him towards the massive rebel city of Tail Heagen.

Destroying the Spawn

Now in Tail Heagen the Istari begin fashioning a massive spell which upon its completion would destory the spawn of Sauron. So much power was needed for the spell that every single Istari on the rebel side was involved in casting it, which brought on the notice of all the Istari on the dark side as well. With the eyes of the entire Empire now transfixed on Tail Heagen Braizen massed most of his army and marched on the massive city alongside the Spawn of Sauron. As the army marched for Tail Heagen basically the entire world. Every single Magi user. The Titans, and the Chaos Gods. Everyone became involved in either the casting of the spell or the attempt to stop the spell. It is said that so powerful was the Magi being conjured during the spell's incantation that the world itself shook for the entire time. Only one day away from Tail Heagen the spell was on the verge of casting but it just didn't have enough power to get it over the top. In this moment the Dark Numenorian Istari are said to have had many of their number slow their power and allow the spell to cast which caused the massive bolt of power to shoot from the moon all the way to Earth and completely eradicate the Spawn of Sauron along with much of the army of the Dark Numenorians.

Fall of Tail Jana

Exodus and protection of Gondor

Main Article : Atlantis

When The Empire of Numeron was destroyed the Order that once at its peak had 1200 Elur in it, was now reduced to only 30. Each of the 30 devided themselves into smaller councils that would work to defend specific areas of what remained of the old empire.

Of these new groups one was the Istari, and they maintained control over Gondor. At this ancient time there were seven members of the Istari, but by the time of the Gondor Civil war there number was reduced to five.

Failing of Sauruman

Main Article : Gondor Civil War

Present Day

Noteable Members

Name Location Loyalty Role
Gandalf Gondor
Sauruman Kingdom of Orthanac
Radagast Gondor, High Forest
Marnia Gondor
Hetricio Kingdom of Orthanac

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