Hercuso Vashenesh
Hercuso Vashenesh Cover
Cash Consteins
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Story Involvement
Story Role Major Role
Vital statistics
Bloodline Vash Consteins Bloodline
Maker Stefon Vashenesh
Progeny Daughter
Generation Placeholder
Morality Chaotic Evil
Origins Lahmia

Hurcuso Vashenesh is the brother of Vashenesh and a Count in the Vash Constein Bloodline. Born in Lahmia he has followed his lover Queen Neferata to the new vampire kingdom of Weerhousen, due to his overriding obsessive love for her.Hurcuso is the mate of Queen Neferata, and because of this he and his brother have grown to become almost visious enemies, as Hurcuso knows that Vashenesh secretly loved Queen Neferata. In this role he has become involved in a very public feud with Vashenesh that has come to a point now where the two cannot be in the same room without a fight breaking out.

Hercuso as a young man was involved heavily in both a friendship and romance with the soon to be Queen of Lahmia in Neferata, and this relationship as a child would change everything about him. Queen Neferata would become involved with Nagash during her early years as the Queen, and from him she turned many members of the aristocrats into a new creature called a Vampire. Hercuso and his brother were some of the first that were turned due to their loyalty and how loved they were by the Queen. As she lost her way due to the interferance of Nagash she was supported heavily by Hercuso, and his brother Vashensh but this didn't help things and eventually Lahmia fell and the Lahmian elite that surived as Vampires were forced to retreat out of Lahmia and follow their Queen to Europe.


Early History


In Lahmia he spent most of his time in the company of fellow aristocrat Queen Neferata, and his older brother Vashenesh. The three were basically inseperable and it was clear to everyone but the three that Hurcuso loved Queen Neferata, but Queen Neferata loved Vashenesh, and Vashenesh was too stubborn to admit he loved Queen Neferata.

Rise of the Vampire Queen

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Wandering Europe

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The Founding of Weerhousen

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Rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia

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Conflict with Vashenesh

Family Members


Queen Neferata

Queen Neferata

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Hercuso and Queen Neferata were from a very early age attracted to eachother. The two spent many years during their time in Lahmia engaged in a sexual relationship, but during this time the love that Hercuso professed to Neferata was never respricated due to her love for Vashenesh.

When Queen Neferata left Lahmia with her followers she and Hercuso found themselves thrust into a mating relationship after Vashenesh chose to not continue the drama between the three anymore.



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