House Condon
House Condon
is a large Gothic House located in the town of Cerwyn north of Dreadfort, and inside of the Kingdom of Bolten. House Condon is the vassal of House Cerwyn and stands as the leader of the fleet of Cerwyn of which is basically the largest fleet in Bolten outside of the Hornwood's, and Cassel's fleets and the fleet at Dreadfort.

House Condon uses a shared color scheme throughout their banners and shields and they blazon their arms with an eagle's head between crossed tridents, red on white.

House Condon was one of the many houses in Bolten that lost significant numbers during the executions in the Dreadfort and following this they would pull all the elements of their fleet that was present in the Dreadfort, and an added sign of their destain for the Boltens was when they sank a boat heading southward along the coast of Cerwynn that was headed for the Dreadfort and was filled with weapons for the Dreadfort and the Boltens. Thus there was great shock when House Condon joined their lord liege in House Cerwyn when they travelled southward to help Hayford, but when Hayford fell and the forces of House Cerwyn did nothing but turn sides after the battle everyone knew what had happened. House Condon following their liege joining the Kingdom of Lucerne they would remain at Hayford with the defences and would be instrumental in the increasing of the defences of the castle. Following this they would return to Cerwyn after it was revealed to the Lucernian forces that the Iron Islands had switched sides and was preparing to launch massive attacks against all loyal to Lucerne including everyone knew would be Cerwyn.


Early History

Fall of Northern Bolten

Noteable Members

Family Members

Other Noteables

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