House Orsinio
House Orsinio
 are a very large and powerful Burgundian House that is located in and is the ruling House of the Kingdom of Alcase, and are one of the most powerful Burgundian Houses in all of Europe. House Orsinio makes their home in the capital of Strasburg and this has remained their main place of control since the earliest days of their dynasty.

House Orsinio would first enter the history books following the decline of the Alemenni Empire and the dominence of the ruling Frankish Lorraine. This enraged the Burgundians of Alcase and would lead to a war which while not led by House Orsinio they were heavily involved in its success. Following the conflict the other Burgundian leaders were decimated and House Orsinio would be the quickest at gaining power thus beggining the Orsinio Dynasty in the Kingdom of Alcase. House Orsinio has maintained their honor and integrity in a region that has appeared to lose their souls during the past few generations. The loss of the Kingdom of Bretonia was a huge blow to House Orsinio as they were extremely close to House Eisenburg, and without the assistence of the Kingdom of Bretonia, the fate of Alcase is completely up in the air.


Early History

Empire of Numeron

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House Orsinio 2

By (Find Date), the Numenor's had invaded and established Alcase as a center of viticulture. To protect this highly valued industry, the Numenor Empire built fortifications and military camps that evolved into various communities which have been inhabited continuously to the present day. While part of the Numenor Empire, Alsace was part of Germania Superior. During this time the entire region was dominated by the Teutons despite the fact that they were dramatically outnumbered by the Burgundians, and the Frankish. This control was held by the fact that the Numenorians required the loyalty of the Teutons so they had placed them in a number of high ranking positions and this region was once such place. During this time though despite the cold rule of many of the Numenorian Empires it would be under their rule that a massive expansion of Alcase was underway as the Numenorians took advantage of the growing population to make Alcase into a large food breadbasket. Their position of strength and envy only increased when a large amount of minerals were discovered in the central mountains of Alcase.

Downfall of Numeron

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With the fall of the Empire of Numeron the regions Teutons found that there mastery of the region was about to be questioned. During the time of the Numenorians they were able to ofset the huge population differences by the excistence of the massive armies of the Numenorians but as the armies left so to did their wild card. The Teutons were not oblivious to this though, and they found support financially from their cousins in the growing regions of Germany, who were even more imperialistic back then if that seems possible. With this financial backing the Teutons of the region attempted to heavily finance a fight between the two largest groups of the region in the Frankish, and the Burgundians. The Teutons once again attempted to side with the smaller of the two in the Burgundians, and this led to the extreme fighting between the two forces. The Burgundians even though they were smaller were able to use their financial and physical support from the Teutons to slowly push the Frankish westward out of the region, but this momentum would stall when the Teutons believing they had won commited several atrosicities against Burgundians, and this caused the Burgundians to begin to turn against the Teutons. With the Teutons and the Burgundians now fighting amongst themselves the Frankish were able to regroup and organize, which led them to over the course of a generation to push the Burgundians and Teutons completely out of Lorraine. The Burgundians would continue to move west and dominate the regions of France, and Alcase, while the Teutons would simply migrate into the regions of the growing Germany.



The Kingdom of Alcase-Lorraine

"Allemeni should be the kingdom of the day. We should be united on the peninsula but instead the foolish greedy Franks of Lorraine wanted more. Their constant desire for more has ruined the entire penisula."
-Unknown Burgundian Scribe

With the Burgundians forced to leave Lorraine, and much of Weerhousen they came to inhabit the lands of Alcase. Finding already a large population of Burgundians in the area they were quick to expand themselves, and became invested in attempting to form their own kingdom in the region. As the goverment was formed though they were attacked and annexxed by the the kingdom called the Allemeni of whom saw them as a threat and also the king at the time was a great man who wanted to unite the two tribes under the same banner. Under this arrangement power was meant to be shared between the Burgundians of Alcase and the Franks of Lorraine but instead as time went by the Franks took more and more control leading to a near slave like opinion of the Burgundians by the rulers of Allemeni. Eventually the domination shown by the Frankish of Lorraine begin to enrage the Burgundians of Alcase, and the two sides became bitter towards eachother. As the two halves of the kingdom became farther and farther apart all it took was a single action to lead the kingdom to war.


Kingdom of Alcase

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War in France

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Battle of Iron Peaks

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Battle of Iron Peak was a battle fought between a rampaging Orc army and the city of Obernie. The Orcs had already destoryed two towns west of Obernie, and three armies of Alcase were heading towards Obernie to reinforce the city, but before they could arrive the Orcs attacked the city in full force.

The defenders of the city held strong and managed to hold off the orcs for three days, and on the fourth day the first army arrived commanded by the Ranger Leliana Orsinio. Leliana had the smallest of the three armies, and because of this she was forced to use delaying tactics against the Orcs in order to buy more time. A combination of valiant defence of the city, and effective hit and run attacks by Lelian's rangers managed to delay the Orcs for another two days, and on the seventh day the army of Johanson Hawkes arrived.

John Orsinio

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As the armies of Alcase were fighting off the Orcs another problem quickly made itself known. John Orsinio had never forgiven his brother for the death of his family and in blind hate he now believed he was the one right for King of Alcase. In his desire for this position he became utterly fixated on growth. He first went to The Empire who begin providing him with funds, and mercenary troops with which to bolster his froces, but it was a metting with a man named Angelo Ambronogi that changed everything for him. When John met Angelo, he found someone that finally understood how brilliant he was, atleast who made him think this. In truth Angelo spent nearly a year in John's entourage and during this time was able to turn John towards the worship of Chaos.

Civil War in Alcase

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Hermione Arrives in Alcase
I speak...its just I never thought I'd actually find one of them. I just assumed he would have been two steps ahead of me...but you...your proof that I can save him.

Hermione Arrives in Alcase

Hermione Granger Other Large1
I was alone for the first time in my life, and the lonliness was a pain worse then anything I'd felt since the death of my parents. It wasn't the lack of human companionship it was the fact that I couldn't reach out and touch Harry if I wanted to. Everything that was good was just so far away, and it seemed clear to me as I searched the ruins that nothing was going to be easy on this path.
Hermione Granger

Hermione would enter Alcase as the forces of the Kingdom Of Alcase were battling internal chaos forces led by one of the ruling house, but for her part she didn't see how truly dangerous the land was all she saw was the fact that she was separated from everything that she loved including Harry most of all. Upon their arrival at Strasburg they meet with Fleur Delacour of whom takes them to the Academy where they meet with the leadership of the Children of Harnene of whom Hermione tells them what she is after, and they initially state that they don`t know where the item she is looking for is, but she sees that Olympe Maxime is lying and begins getting upset which almost starts a fight but is stopped when the Children Council leaves the room to discuss. Returning from their discussion they reveal to Hermione that they will help her find the necklase if she allows two of their number to go with her in order to make sure that nothing hostile happens to the one who has the necklase, and she agrees despite not wanting so many people with her. Departing Strasburg with Fleur Delacour, and now five strong they head westward where she is still not told who has the necklace but is told that she will be introduced to the one who does and that person will decide. While on the road they begin to come across bodies and the signs of battle and at this Fleur Delacour reveals that the holder of the necklace was Leliana Orsinio of whom had left for the west with most of the Strasburg army in order to battle John Orsinio. Realizing she had to act quickly before Leliana Orsinio possibly was killed and lost the ring to the forces of evil that she might not be able to get the ring back from. Hermione, and the group would travel by horse for days, running their horses ragged until they discovered a large battlefield, and the camped army of Alcase. As the group waded through the thousands of bodies she wondered sadly whether she was too late, but when the group was taken in by several Alcase gaurds her hope rose.

Finding the Ring
Seeing her alive told me for the first time that I might actually be able to do this without Harry having to die. If I could just find all the dead grails I could save him. If only...
Hermione Granger

She was immediately taken to a low level commander, and when she was cleared that she wasn't a member of the defeated forces of John Orsinio she asked to be taken to Leliana Orsinio, and the guards told her where she was, and she bolted towards the area. Finding her tent she barged in without any sort of notice, and the gaurds posted at the tent didn't react quick enough and she was inside the tent with Lelliana. Once inside the tent she used Magi to close to entrances, and block herself in with Leliana. Leliana immediatly went for her sword, and as she grabbed for it Hermione saw the ring on her finger, and dropped to her knees in happiness. Leliana at this point was beyond confused but she called out for aid, and she could hear the sounds of swords hitting against the tent but as soon as they hit the cloth the sword was pushed away, and no damage was caused. As the commotion outside got more out of hand and more and more gaurds tried to get in Johanas reached the area after hearing the alert, and attempted to charge his way through the tent to no avail.

Evil Clouds
Leliana Orsinio : What sort of Magi is this?...Do you not speak women?

Hermione Granger : I speak...its just I never thought I'd actually find one of them. I just assumed he would have been two steps ahead of me...but you...your proof that I can save him.

Leliana Orsinio : Save who?

"Hermione Granger : Harry.

The two would proceede to talk and Hermione showed her the book profising the danger of the ring in her company, and after realizing that Hermione meant her no harm she lowered her sword and Hermione released the spell blocking the tent. As the spell went down Johanson barged through the cloth and crashed into the tent before getting up and picking Hermione up by the neck and nearly killing her before Leliana was able to get him to release her. The three would talk, and eventually Hermione would eventually get the ring, and told them thank you for their help, and she was sorry for everything that she had caused to them. As she got on her horse to leave and everyone said goodbye the sound of trumpets went off, and as she peered towards the sound she saw a massive dark cloud on the horizon.

Second Battle of Avricourt
Demons three times the size of a man. Humans with three arms. This was what chaos gave you.

Second Battle of Avricourt

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Leliana Orsinio Large
I looked at the cloud and tried to feel for some kind of Magi in the area, and what I felt was horrifying. Like a void had appeared in the world the chaos worshippers were a presence in the Fade that I hope I never feel again.
Hermione Granger

Following the destruction of the army of Chaos in the first battle of Avricourt the forces of John Orsinio had retreated, and everyone believed they would flee completely out of Alcase, but instead he regrouped the remaining chaos forces west of Avricourt. The army of Alcase was going to chase them down, but the distraction of Hermione Granger, and the fact that a larger force being led by the King in Fabin Von Orsinio meant that the Alcase forces were in the same position camped. John Orsinio had managed to gather a larger force then in the first battle, but did it at the cost of completely surrendering his original plan of long term raiding, and occupation of the lands of Alcase as he had brought every single soldier he had available to the battle. As Fabin Orsinio reached the area John Orsinio launched his assault on the camp of Leliana, and Johanson hoping to defeat that camped army before turning against the remaining force in Fabin's army. The force of John Orsinio would bring thousands of demons along with it further augmenting its numbers, and as it appeared over the hills near Avricourt the army of Johanas, and Leliana would marshal themselves to fight against the army of Chaos. Hermione seeing a chance to flee eastward would be given the blessing of Leliana to leave them and do what she had to do, and she was nearly going to leave before she realized Harry would not have wanted her to do that, and she turned around and followed Leliana into the right flank.

Chaos has come to our doorsteps men. It is time we showed traitors what happens when they take the easy path. Anyone can choose to betray everything they stand for, and gain some marginal reward, and remember my friends that is the easy way. The hard way is the path we all have chosen. The hard way is standing beside your brothers and sisters and defending the land you grew up. Defending all the values that make our existence worth fighting for.
Johanson Hawkes

Remaining at the camp the camped army would prepare themselves for the charge, and Johanas would command the center of the force, while the left flank was commanded by Isabelle Hurnia, while the right flank was commanded by Leliana and she was joined there by Hermione. Seeing this from their vantage point the royal army of Fabin would make their way towards the valley beneath them but were several hours away, and thus wouldn't be able to affect the initial assault. As the Chaos forces smashed into the army the intial charge broke pieces of the army as the demons horrified them, and the mass charge nearly caused a retreat of the army. As the army wavered Hermione would summon a gigantic yellow bird that flew over the ranks of the army and gave them heart, and this somewhat steadied them.

Demons three times the size of a man. Humans with three arms. This was what chaos gave you.
Johanas Hawkes

As the fighting intensified John Orisinio watched from the ranks as Johanas Hawkes wiped his way through the ranks of the chaos center forces, and then watched the Alcase forces celebrate as Johanas killed a greater demon of Slanaash. Seeing momentum change against him despite his larger force John Orsinio would charge into the left flank where Isabelle Hurnia was fighting a losing fight against a large force, and he would engage her in a duel. Granted gifts by Slanaash John was beyond the fighting ability of Isabelle and he sliced her nearly in half before tossing her head into the Alcase ranks, and causing a near rout of the left flank. As the left flank collapsed John turned his forces from attacking the left flank to moving against the center and Johanas. On the right flank Hermione and Leliana killed their enemy one after another but there was always another, and so Hermione watched as Leliana broke from the front line and cut her way through the chaos ranks making her way towards a Chaos Magi. Fighting the Chaos Magi Hermione led a charge as well breaking the chaos forces attempting to surround Leliana and her force that had broke through, and the right flank begin to be pushed back towards the dueling Leliana and Magi. The Magi and Leliana would duel for many minutes, but the Magi found his spells constantly blocked by Hermione, and as it continued Leliana finally killed the Magi and broke the right flank of Chaos. With the death of the Magi the demons begin to lose form, and after a few minutes the demons of the Chaos Army had shifted out of the real world and back into the fade where they had been summoned from.

Our left flank had broken, while their left flank had done the same. As Lelian pushed to the center and John did the same the final battle would be found in the center.
Hermione Granger

With both left flanks of the two armies being overwhelmed the two victorous flanks moved to the center and engaged the already desperate fighting in the center. John Orsinio seeing Johanas kill one of his few remaining friends, and perhaps the sole remaining person he trusted would charge at Johanas, and as he was overcome by anger and rage his god himself in Slanaash would change him from his human form into a Greater Demon of Slanaash and it was in this form that John Orsinio and Johanas Hawkes would battle. An extremely formidable fighter John was only able to hold off the charge of the now demonic John Orsinio and felt himself pushed back inch by inch. As he was knocked to the ground John would be smashed back from a bolt by Hermione Granger, and Bethany Hawkes of whom were able to keep John down while Johanas, and Leliana charged at him and struck him many times killing the demon and releasing John Orsinio. With John Orsinio dead, and the demons deforming the chaos forces were broken, and despite attempts by the other commanders of the army to hold them they would retreat away from the slaughter that was now ensueing on the chaos forces. By this point the cavalry of Fabin including the king himself had arrived and would charge into the retreating chaos forces wiping out the remaining parts of the army.

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