House Plaup1
House Plaup
is a large House that makes its home and has come to dominate the village of Raerin, and through this extended their presence into the town of Drinlin. House Plaup is a sworn house of House Baratheon, and has been in this position for several generations despite the fact that they make every attempt possible to remain basically auntonomous. Since the rise of Aemon Estermont the members and loyalists of House Plaup have become involved in a bitter and long lasting fued with House Estermont and their loyalists.

House Plaup has a sigil which is an apple with a significant amount of water always flowing along the sides of which represents the fact that they feel they are always drowing and surrounded by enemies. House Plaup has words in the form of "The Enemy waits for you to turn your back. Your Friends do not wait." and this continues along their theme of not trusting anyone around them for fear that they will be damaged by these people. Their house's sigil is very similar to the sigil of House Fossoway, and this is interesting because the two houses have never been near eachother or had relations.


Early History

Moral Decline

Conflict in Drinlin

Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

Eddard Starke was the leader of the Starke forces that were assembled to take part in the Invasion, and he along with House Lannister was tasked with using the ships that had been constructed to land on the two islands that existed in Westbridge. On the day of the invasion Eddard relunctantly led his forces along with House Lannister on to the boats of the Lucerne fleet, and they sailed up the river Rhine to coincide with arrival during the night. On a normal occasion their boats would have been discovered by the Westbridge lighthouses that were located throughout the islands, and this would have led to the fleet of Westbridge ships launching to stop them, but the lighthouses were taken out of commision by the work of the Order of the Violet Dragon and thus Westbridge was blind to the ships movements.

The forty five ships of the fleet which had been designed to carry troops and thus had very large top levels so that the nearly 25,000 troops of the two houses would be able to land effectivly.

Noteable Members

Family Members

Other Noteables

House Vune

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