Patch 3-3 icecrown citadel
Icecrown Citadel
is a massive fortress city built in the Peerese mountains of central France that holds the capital and center of the San'Layn Kingdom.

Icecrown Citadel has a very low living population with less then a thousand San'Layn living here, as the majority of San'Layn live in Caurtunia then in the Queens fortress of Icecrown.

Icecrown citadel in its present state begin following the events of the Lothlorian Civil War when the San'Layn were driven out of Athel Loren and forced to travel north. During this travel the San'Layn were driven to mountains of Pyreese by voices in the mind of Queen Lenethel, and when they arrived she used a massive skeleton army to create the massive fortress as it exists today.


Early History

This range of the Pyreese mountains wall largely uninhabited until the coming of a small group called the Palian's arrived in the area. The Palian's were at one point a very large kingdom within Europe but the coming of the Numerons had forced them to move farther and farther East until the remnents of their once might Kingdom were saturated around the Romanian, and Ukraine provinces of Croatia.


The San'Layn seeing the Statue of Milhaevan

Coming of the San'Layn

Following the fall out of the Sunwell Massacre, the followers of Queen Lanathel mobilized and began leaving Athel Loren . When the group left there were only 436 San'Layn, and perhaps 1200 Lothlorian Followers. With no plan at hand the group simply marched northward following the river Manex. Eventually the group reached the outlining hills of the mountains of Pyreese. It was at this point that Queen Lanathel had a vision that the San'Layn should enter the mountains.

"A voice entered my mind. The voice was calming and sweet. It wanted me to know that there was nothing to be afraid of. That if I followed the path of the mountain I would come to find a statue, and at this statue I would build the center of a Kingdom so great the entire world would tremble."

-Queen Lanathel



City Layout



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