Jaina Proudmoore
Jaina Menathil
is the daughter of Daelin, and Theresa Proudmoore making her a member of House Proudmoore. Jaina has two sibling in the form of Menelia, and Derek Proudmoore of whome Derek is the heir to House Proudmoore, and their island lands of Kul Tiras, while her sister was murdered while on a trading mission in the Iron Islands. Jaina is the wife of Arthas Menathil, of which makes her a member of House Menathil, and towards the end of the Rise of Lucerne she becomes aware that she is pregnant with their first child, and when one of Arthas's cronies learns of this and tells him the fate of Jaina is completely unknown. Once she was truly in love with Arthas and although she still loves him with all of herself, she has seen the silent change in Arthas that has led him to stray morally from what he once was. With Arthas's change she has thrown herself into the Kirin Tor.

Jaina Menathil is a Magi sensitive person of whom is a category level four Magi. Jaina Menathil is extremely powerful in the controlling of the elementals and is one of many Magi that are conjuring in what they control the most.

Jaina Proudmoore was born on the island land of Kul Tiras and was third in line to inherit the lands making her a valuable commodity to many nations. She would become depressed following the death of her sister and her parents would send her to Lorderon where she would meet Arthas Menathil and fall in love with him. They had a fairy tale relationship for years, but unknown to Jaina was that he was suffering continuesly from madness in his mind that he fought day and night to resist. As he lost control she followed him to Arnor where she hoped he would find anwsers but instead of this he found more sadness, and so begin their decline as a couple. While everyone elce bought the sell job he was doing in that he was normal again she saw the truth and as such she stopped spending so much time with him, and begin to devote all of her time to the Kirin Tor where she silently hoped to find a way to make him better.


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Early History

"Magi was once something I did to feel like I was a part of something greater then myselt. Something so large that the problems of this world just didn't seem to matter when I saw into the Fade. Now I am forced to use Magi as an escape from the madness that my life has become."

-Jaina Menathil

Jaina Menathil was born Jaina Proudmoore and is the daughter of Daelin, and Theresa Proudmoore, who are the ancestoral Lords of Kul Tiras a large island land west of Lorderon. Her early life was happy enough, and she grew to love her parents with all her heart, and the only truly sad moment in her young life was the violent death of her young sister Menelia while she was travelling with her parents on a trading mission. Following this murder she became a little more reclusive, and came to enjoy wandering the Palace gardens during the night.

When he depression reached such levels that her father and mother begin to worry they sent her to Lorderon where they hoped she would find more friends her age, and perhaps they would allow her into the Kirin Tor. Once in Lorderon she came to enjoy walking the Lorderon palace grounds, and It was during one of these walks that she first met Arthas Menathil. The two of them would come to define eachother in two very different ways. One thing was sure though, and that was that they both loved eachother very early on in their relationship.



The Golden Age

Jaina and Athas grew closer every day and each time they saw eachother. When Jaina felt she was ready they lost their innocence together, and it was in these early days that for Jaina life didn't look like it could get any better. She watched though as time went on how he was less capable of controlling himself around people, and while this scared her a bit she was so deeply in love with him that she attempted with all of herself to simply ignore the fears she had in her mind. When Arthas was sent a Paladin named Uther for the reasons of controlling him she hoped that would change him but in a moment of truth he rarely had he opened up to Jaina that he was afraid of what he might do one day. With this she went to Uther and begged him to help Arthas, and she had believed Uther would try but instead Uther told her that there may be nothing he could do for Arthas. When Uther left she felt hope leave with him, and so when Arthas told her he planned to find him she was completely supportive of this.

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Travelling to Arnor

Arthas had wanted to travel alone, but Jaina refused to let him go without her, so the two travelled the road and were at this point completely in love with eachother. Jaina had fears that Arthas was becoming evil, but this man she was with appeared fully in control, with no hints of the violence he had told her about before Uther. But underneath this calm exterior stood a man that was barely holding on, and in a quote of his its well put together how truly lost his mind is.

"That was the longest trip of my life. The whole time she's smiling at me with pure love in her eyes, and all I can hear in my head is this voice wondering what her face would look like without lips."

-Arthas Menathil



After a week of travelling on the road northward the pair finnally reached the city of Gallheim and were met by a party of Empire soilders who happened to be led by a priest of Sigmar. The priest is said to have littarly recoiled in fear of the evil he felt in front of him, and the priest quickly forced the pair to move past Gallheim towards their goals. As they moved through the area she constantly attempted to get Arthas to open up but by this point she could no longer even speak to him, as his mind was so flustered with attempting to not kill her that he didn't have anything left to be talking.

Arriving in Talheim

Arriving at Talheim should have been a moment of joy for Arthas but the voices in his head were pounding him with violent images, and eventually his mind became so overwhelmed that he passed out and had to be carried for nearly a mile by Jaina. When they finally reached Talheim they entered the town to find Uther waiting for them with a sad look on his eyes as he looked down at Arthas, and when he nelt forward and put his hand on Arthas's head he litterly was pushed back and his hand appeared to burn. Uther begged Jaina to tell him what had changed in Arthas to make him so much worse, but Jaina could not tell him because she didn't know what had happened. Uther told her that this was beyond him and he needed to bring Arthas to the head of their order.

Kirin Tor

Annexation of Lorderon

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Meeting in Secret

I saw this as my chance to do something. I could find this evil, and when I removed it I would be back where I wanted to be in the Shadow Council.
Edward Cullen

Edward while the group was being escorted to the palace would find himself in a tavern where he met with a cloaked man who told him that the darkness was in Lorderon. Initially thinking the man a lunatic he saw his face and as they talked a girl came into the tavern cloaked as well and he followed the two into a backroom. Discovering that the women was Jaina Proudmoore the wife of Arthas Menathil he took it far more seriously. Jaina revealed to him that her husband was losing his mind, and that Medivh had been stalking him for a long time and they both feared that he was lost to the madness now. Edward would agree to meet with Medivh in the tunnels beneath the city as Jaina noticed several spies of her husband enter the tavern and thus was forced to leave before anyone discovered her involvement and she found herself with a noose around her neck.

Lorderon Civil War

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Arthas Menathil

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Jaina Menathil was everything for Arthas Menathil, and Arthas was everything for Jaina. This relationship was one that for the two of them couldn't have been more perfect, and for many years it was just this.

But underneath the calm and cool exterior of Arthas was a growing darkness, that was only accelerating with the interferance of Kael'Thuzad. This darkness begin to effect their love, and during their lovemaking he begin to become forceful, and sometimes near violent. This scared Jaina, and although he hid it well, it scared Arthas as well.

Despite everything that has happened between the two, they both still love eachother with everything in them

"Arthas is my best friend, my lover, and the man I want to have my children with. I only hope Arthas returns."

-Jaina Menathil