House Fletzmiller
Jimmy Fletzmiller
is the son of Greg Fletzmiller, and Adana Munitz making him a member of House Munitz through his mother and a member and the long time heir of House Fletzmiller. Jimmy Fletzmiller has two siblings in the form of Doren, and Sasha Fletzmiller of which his brother Doren is the Castellan of Gletzhella and a big pusher of Dragonoph amongst House Fletzmiller and the town itself, while his sister Sasha was married to a bastard of House Froelliz of which has led to her remaining in Gletzhella and becoming a major fixture of the town and the Dragonoph religion in the town. Jimmy Fletzmiller would come to marry Aubrey Fletzmiller of whom was a constant source of affection for the once lonely man.

Being the only son of Adana and Greg meant that a lot of pressure was placed on him to continue the Fletzmiller half of the line as well as the Munitz House. This pressure didn't effect him negatively and he has a healthy and prosperous marriage with Aubrey Fletzmiller .Greg owns a trading convoy that is heavily used by House Munitz for its trading missions. This has made him wealthy and influencial in his family, but he spends a lot of his time outside of Dresdan which has lost him much of his potential influence in the city. During the Start of the Civil War in Dresdan he was lured in by his cousin Francis Munitz and subsequently killed during the massacre at the Dresdan markets.


Early History

Jimmy Fletzmiller was born in Dresdan to Greg Fletzmiller and Adana Munitz making him a member of the heavily powerful House Munitz .

Munitz Traders Guild

Dresdan Market Massacre

Main Article : Dresdan Civil War

Family Members

Greg Fletzmiller - Father

Adana Munitz - Mother

Aubrey Fletzmiller - Wife


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