John Orsinio
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House Orsinio
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Prince of Alcase

Alias John
Race Burgundian
Status Alive
Allegiance House Orsinio
Father † Marjin Orsinio
Mother † Ruth Orsinio
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse † Katelyn Orsinio
Children † Brandon Orsinio

John Orsinio is the son of Marjin, and Ruth Orsinio and thus making him a major member of House Orsinio. John Orsinio has two siblings in the form of Fabin, and Lisa Orsinio of which his brother Fabin is the surrent KIng of the KIngdom of Alcase and is also the Lord of House Orsinio, while his sister Lisa was married to a Bretonian Noble and she survives with her children in England.

Following the death of his wife and child during childbirth the once loving and loyal member of House Orsinio, and the Kingdom of Alcase became bitter and vengeful about life. This eventually led him to the place he's at now where he's become a worshipper of Chaos, and crowned as a demon prince by Tzeneech. Under his new master he has taken control of what was once the Second army and is using his power to build himself a massive army of Chaos. His force was nearly caught and destroyed but he was able to escape with his Chaos forces and move westward into France where he continues to grow his forces for the eventual conflict that is coming. John Orsinio would escape the disasterous loss at 


Early History

John Orsinio is the second oldest son of the former king Marjin Orsinio, and his wife Ruth Orsinio. He spent his early life training in the army of Alcase, as he was the second in line to the throne and with the potential seen in his brother there was very little stomach for even the thought that it would be anyone other then Fabin Von Orsinio to be the King,

Katelyn's death

John Orisinio was with the First Alcase Army in its deployment near the French border when he got mail that his wife was going into labor in the next few days so he should return to Saverne as quickly as possible. He immediatly left with his bodygaurd and made his way to Saverne where he arrived only four days later. When John arrived he was met at the gate by his brother who gave him the terrible news that Katelyn had died while giving birth and the child was stillborn.


After hearing that news John went into an extremely deep depression which no matter what he tried he wasn't able to get out of. After the funeral, and subsequent ceremonies he returned to the First Army but his mind wasn't able to adjust to this new and dark world he saw. It was during this dark time that John first met Angelo and their relationship was founded

The Empire

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In his quest for more power John turned to the forces of the Empire who he believed could give him the money and supplies to buy an army large enough to take control over the entire Kingdom of Alcase and finally gain what he wanted. The Empire was willing to give him funds but they wanted things in return and while John took what they gave him he found he would never be able to give them what they wanted as he refused to be a puppet.

Angelo Ambronogi


Angelo Ambronogi

See Also : Angelo Ambronogi

As the armies of Alcase were fighting off the Orcs another problem quickly made itself known. John Orsinio had never forgiven his brother for the death of his family and in blind hate he now believed he was the one right for King of Alcase. In his desire for this position he became utterly fixated on growth. He first went to The Empire who begin providing him with funds, and mercenary troops with which to bolster his froces, but it was the continued relationship that he had with Angelo Ambronogi that changed everything for him. When John met Angelo, he found someone that finally understood how brilliant he was, atleast who made him think this. In truth Angelo spent nearly a year in John's entourage and during this time was able to turn John towards the worship of Chaos.

Tanian the Mad


Now a desiple of the Chaos God Tzeneech due to the influence of Angelo who had intended him to worship his god Slanaash but found John didn't like what Slanaash offered. John begin to gain gifts of his new god, and soon after this no longer felt that he needed Angelo and had him sent away in favor of the Chaos Knights that now grouped themselves in the inner part of the Second Army Camp.

John knew that he had a massive army with him, and in order to grow he needed to make sure that this army didn't run around blabbing about what he was doing, so he grouped his most loyal Chaos Knights inside his inner camp which none were allowed in, and then he built up a growing number of Cultists west of the camp. When the cultists were large enough in numbe he begin putting the Second army under the control of his Knights who begin executing those trying to leave. He quickly confiscated much of the weapons and armor of the Second army and gave the remainder a choice of either joining Chaos or remaining in the camp as his hostage. Many chose to join chaos but the vast majority did not and thus he had a huge problem in that their was a very large army that he was keeping under gaurd and if he became violent with them before he had numbers then there would be a riot that he would not be able to put down.

With his army under wraps he begin moving the Second army to his main camp northward hidden in a valley which was difficult to find unless you were looking. His scouts got rid of the tracks and his forces now hidden from view


Civil War in Alcase

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Second Battle of Avricourt
Demons three times the size of a man. Humans with three arms. This was what chaos gave you.

Second Battle of Avricourt

Main Article : Battle of Avricourt

Leliana Orsinio Large
I looked at the cloud and tried to feel for some kind of Magi in the area, and what I felt was horrifying. Like a void had appeared in the world the chaos worshippers were a presence in the Fade that I hope I never feel again.
Hermione Granger

Following the destruction of the army of Chaos in the first battle of Avricourt the forces of John Orsinio had retreated, and everyone believed they would flee completely out of Alcase, but instead he regrouped the remaining chaos forces west of Avricourt. The army of Alcase was going to chase them down, but the distraction of Hermione Granger, and the fact that a larger force being led by the King in Fabin Von Orsinio meant that the Alcase forces were in the same position camped. John Orsinio had managed to gather a larger force then in the first battle, but did it at the cost of completely surrendering his original plan of long term raiding, and occupation of the lands of Alcase as he had brought every single soldier he had available to the battle. As Fabin Orsinio reached the area John Orsinio launched his assault on the camp of Leliana, and Johanson hoping to defeat that camped army before turning against the remaining force in Fabin's army. The force of John Orsinio would bring thousands of demons along with it further augmenting its numbers, and as it appeared over the hills near Avricourt the army of Johanas, and Leliana would marshal themselves to fight against the army of Chaos. Hermione seeing a chance to flee eastward would be given the blessing of Leliana to leave them and do what she had to do, and she was nearly going to leave before she realized Harry would not have wanted her to do that, and she turned around and followed Leliana into the right flank.

Chaos has come to our doorsteps men. It is time we showed traitors what happens when they take the easy path. Anyone can choose to betray everything they stand for, and gain some marginal reward, and remember my friends that is the easy way. The hard way is the path we all have chosen. The hard way is standing beside your brothers and sisters and defending the land you grew up. Defending all the values that make our existence worth fighting for.
Johanson Hawkes

Remaining at the camp the camped army would prepare themselves for the charge, and Johanas would command the center of the force, while the left flank was commanded by Isabelle Hurnia, while the right flank was commanded by Leliana and she was joined there by Hermione. Seeing this from their vantage point the royal army of Fabin would make their way towards the valley beneath them but were several hours away, and thus wouldn't be able to affect the initial assault. As the Chaos forces smashed into the army the intial charge broke pieces of the army as the demons horrified them, and the mass charge nearly caused a retreat of the army. As the army wavered Hermione would summon a gigantic yellow bird that flew over the ranks of the army and gave them heart, and this somewhat steadied them.

Demons three times the size of a man. Humans with three arms. This was what chaos gave you.
Johanas Hawkes

As the fighting intensified John Orisinio watched from the ranks as Johanas Hawkes wiped his way through the ranks of the chaos center forces, and then watched the Alcase forces celebrate as Johanas killed a greater demon of Slanaash. Seeing momentum change against him despite his larger force John Orsinio would charge into the left flank where Isabelle Hurnia was fighting a losing fight against a large force, and he would engage her in a duel. Granted gifts by Slanaash John was beyond the fighting ability of Isabelle and he sliced her nearly in half before tossing her head into the Alcase ranks, and causing a near rout of the left flank. As the left flank collapsed John turned his forces from attacking the left flank to moving against the center and Johanas. On the right flank Hermione and Leliana killed their enemy one after another but there was always another, and so Hermione watched as Leliana broke from the front line and cut her way through the chaos ranks making her way towards a Chaos Magi. Fighting the Chaos Magi Hermione led a charge as well breaking the chaos forces attempting to surround Leliana and her force that had broke through, and the right flank begin to be pushed back towards the dueling Leliana and Magi. The Magi and Leliana would duel for many minutes, but the Magi found his spells constantly blocked by Hermione, and as it continued Leliana finally killed the Magi and broke the right flank of Chaos. With the death of the Magi the demons begin to lose form, and after a few minutes the demons of the Chaos Army had shifted out of the real world and back into the fade where they had been summoned from.

Our left flank had broken, while their left flank had done the same. As Lelian pushed to the center and John did the same the final battle would be found in the center.
Hermione Granger

With both left flanks of the two armies being overwhelmed the two victorous flanks moved to the center and engaged the already desperate fighting in the center. John Orsinio seeing Johanas kill one of his few remaining friends, and perhaps the sole remaining person he trusted would charge at Johanas, and as he was overcome by anger and rage his god himself in Slanaash would change him from his human form into a Greater Demon of Slanaash and it was in this form that John Orsinio and Johanas Hawkes would battle. An extremely formidable fighter John was only able to hold off the charge of the now demonic John Orsinio and felt himself pushed back inch by inch. As he was knocked to the ground John would be smashed back from a bolt by Hermione Granger, and Bethany Hawkes of whom were able to keep John down while Johanas, and Leliana charged at him and struck him many times killing the demon and releasing John Orsinio. With John Orsinio dead, and the demons deforming the chaos forces were broken, and despite attempts by the other commanders of the army to hold them they would retreat away from the slaughter that was now ensueing on the chaos forces. By this point the cavalry of Fabin including the king himself had arrived and would charge into the retreating chaos forces wiping out the remaining parts of the army.

Family Members


Fabin Orsinio

Fabin Von Orsinio

See Also : Fabin Von Orsinio

Fabin Von Orsinio, and John Orsinio had ever reason to be enemies when they were young but during this time they were friendly to eachother but they were by no means friends. Their peaceful existence came to an end when John's wife and child died during childbirth. This event basically left John in an extremely deep depression which no matter what he tried he wasn't able to get out of. The moment that changed their relationship was when John begin blaming his brother for what happened due to the fact that he thought that Fabin had sent a weaker doctor so that they would die during childbirth thus keeping his children's position safe. With these kind of dark thoughts there relationship basically became very hostile until the point that they couldn't even be in the same room as eachother.

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