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Jon Snow
Jon Snow Cover
House Starke2
Vital statistics
Title Knight of Westvinge
Alias Bastard of Winterfell
Race Vandal German
Status Alive
Allegiance *House Starke
Father Eddard Starke
Mother † Gresha Moseret
Siblings Half Siblings
Spouse None
Children None

Jon Snow is the bastard son of Lord Eddard Stark, and Gresha McNamor of a small village east of Stormwind making him a bastard but still a member of House Starke. Jon Snow has five siblings in the form of Robb, Arya, Sansa, Bran, and Rickon Starke of which Robb is the heir apparent of the house and is a brilliant fighter as well as a growingly powerful commander of House Starke, his sister Arya is a tom boy that enjoys training in sword fighting more then stitching clothing, his sister Sansa would be married to Harrold Hardyng in the far west and has become the second most powerful lady in the new Grand State of Tristfall, his youngest brother Rickon is squring for House Baratheon where he is becoming quite the noted fighter and the spitting image of his older brother Robb, while his final sibling in Brann Starke is a noble knight of whom has been constantly forced to lead the Grand State of Winterfell due to the contant missions of his family leading them away.

Following the events of the Northern Campaign Jon Snow forms the Northern Swords of Winterfell of which is a knightly order founded by himself and his closest friends alongside other prominent members who went north with him. Despite acting as a Knightly Captain he continued to refuse to take on the surname of Starke as he does not feel deserving of the honor.

Jon's presence at Stormwind was the source of dissent between Eddard and his wife, Catelyn. However, Jon got on well with his half-siblings, particularly Robb and Arya. Jon Snow would join his older brother Robb Stark in fighting in the Conflict with Gondor, and he fought valiantly to the point that his age of fourteen was completely ignored in favor his growing skill. Jon Snow would become the tool required by Catherine Lovie when she anwsered the call of the ancient Order of the Nights Watch of whom told her of a great danger that they needed assistence with. Jon Snow was thus sent in command of a detatchment of Lucernian forces that entered the north and would become involved in the elements of the Frostfang. Falling in love with Ygritte while she was his prisoner he was eventually captured by the Wildlings of the area and forced to join with them where he would remain for a long time until he joined them in the Battle of Hadholme where the large Wildling city was wiped out and the Wildling clans fled into the wind to avoid destruction. Jon Snow badly wounded was taken back with the Nights Watch and thus was forced to leave behind Ygritte of whom he did not want to leave behind. Returning to Stormwind he would take part in The Journey and following this his role in the north was revealed to William Lovie III. of whom upon becoming king would offer to legitimize Jon Snow but he said that he now wore the bastard as a symbol of what he could be and did not accept the pardon of sorts. Jon Snow would become the regent of Stormwind following the departure of the rest of the males of House Stormwind for the Invasion of Westbrige, and this would have been unimaginable under most other Houses who saw a bastard child as a public liability at best, and at worse something to be removed. This ignorance of tradition meant that Jon Snow was placed in charge of a large force of House Starke and ordered by his father to immediatly move to Koenisburg and take command of the defence while other forces raced to the postion as well. His role in Koenisburg was brilliantly played as he along with the other Lucernian leaders were able to bluff Ramsey Bolten into believieing that they had immense numbers waiting for an attack on Koenisburg when in fact they had a token force defending the city. Jon Snow would pass of the command of the Starke forces to Robb Starke when he arrived and would depart with several of his companions including Benjen Starke to the north where he planned to find Ygritte again and make things better for her.

Jon Snow is the only POV Character during the short story The North and this details his quest into the north. He is also a POV Character during all three of the books making him alongside William Lovie III. one of the most common POV characters throughout the story.


Early History

The early history of Jon Snow is defined by the story of his bastard birth during the relief of Northerbourne, by the forces of House Starke. Following this his life in Northerbourne, which ended when his mother died, and sent him southward to Winterfell.

Raid on Northerbourne


Gresha Moseret enamored Eddard Starke and they slept together causing Jon Snow, but Eddard remained loyal to his marriage to Catleyn afterwards and the two never saw eachother again.

I was fifteen years old Jon. I won't even now say that I made a mistake because your mother was kind, and sweet. She was not a mistake. What I did to Cat though was a mistake, and that it why my dear wife will never forgive either of us.
Eddard Starke

Jon Snow was born the bastard child of Eddard Starke, and Gresha Moseret of which the two had never met before Eddard Starke reacted to a call for aid from the northern village with a heavy force from Winterfell. Eddard at this point was the heir to House Starke, and was recently engaged to Catelyn Tully of whom he had only briefly met up to this point, and with his father, and brother in Riverrun visiting with her family of whom they were contining to grow relations with even after Catelyn Tully had already arrived in Winterfell, it was Eddard Starke that was bound to lead a force to Northerbourne and help the village. Leaving Winterfell with his younger friends of which included many noble heirs from the Starke's vassals they would lead a force of some four hundred men from Winterfell leaving his younger brother Benjen the Lord of Winterfell before they left. Arriving at the village they found it under attack by a force of bandits and they fought their way through the bandits killing them until Eddard came upon the home of House Moseret one of the two noble houses of Northerbourne. Entering the house alongside Robert Baratheon, Howland Reed, and Randyll Tarly they would kill the several bandits within saving the Lord of House Moseret and a young girl the same age as the boys. Eddard having saved the family would prepare to leave but was clung to by the young girl and after attempts to dislodge her failed he sent the men alongside Lord Moseret into the village where they would finish the bandits. The girl clung to him for nearly an hour before she seemed to awake from the panic attack she had been having and apologized to him, but he had had grown attracted to her during this time, and silenced her apologies with a kiss. The two kissed briefly before Aemon Estermont would interupt them and told him more bandits were incoming on the village.  Eddard revealed to her the upcoming marriage he had with Catelyn, and the fact that nothing could come of them together before leaving, and he hoped that would end the tempation that she had sprung on him. Discovering the true plan of the bandits from one of the surviving bandits they learned that the true end game was to capture Ned Starke and as many of the noble heirs as they could, and then they would ransom them back to Winterfell.

I don't know if what she and I had was love Jon. I do know that I cared for her in a way that I have only ever felt with Catelyn. Don't ever think you were a mistake.
Eddard Starke

The Starke forces spent the day preparing the defences, as the bandits planned on ambushing them during the night as they didn't believe their plot would be known. During the night as the attack was moments from happening Gresha Moseret would seek out Eddard Starke and the two slept together, before they were seperated by the arrival of the bandits. Defeating the bandits in a one sided fight he would seek out Gresha after the battle, and the two slept together one last time before awaking in the morning together he was told by Howland Reed that his father and brother had returned to Winterfell where they would be briefly honored for the victory before Ned was to marry Catelyn. Devesated that there time was over she would be strong, and tell him goodbye, and the two departed eachother where he would go to Winterfell and marry Catelyn days after his arrival, and in terms of knowledge of his time with her noone outside of his closest friends ever knew about it, and none revealed it. It would be several months down the line that she would realize that she was pregnant and knowing her power hungry older brother she didn't tell anyone about her time with Eddard outside of her sister of whom she told in order to make sure he would be cared for in the case something happened to her.

Youth in Northerbourne

At an early age Jon lived with his mother in the small village of Northerbourne of which was located to the north of Winterfell. The two lived a somewhat happy life, and eaked out a life in the small farming village. At the age of six his mother was injured in a work accident, and the doctors told her, and Jon that she would die soon. This knowledge was horrifying to Jon who believed he would be sent into the cold, which is the custom of such bastard children.

Coming to Stormwind

See Also : Stormwind

"Seeing my mother that broken wasn't something I'd ever like to see again. On top of that I was being taken from the only world I'd ever known and being asked to live with a family I knew nothing about."
-Jon Snow

As the health of his mother got closer and closer to the end, she begin to tell Jon about his father in the form of Eddard Starke of House Starke. His mother made sure that Jon understood that Eddard was a great man and that the only reason that he was not in their lives was because she had kept his life a secret. Jon's mother forced Jon to use most of their remaining money to pay for a carriage ride to Stormwind where she hoped to meet with Eddard Starke and make him take Jon in to his care. Before she was able to do this she reached the end of her life, and just before she passed on she gave Jon a letter to give to Eddard Starke that would explain everything to his father. In this letter to Eddard she went about telling him that Jon was his son, and she was going to die so Eddard needed to care for and love Jon. With his mother passed away he took the carriage ride to Stormwind and wandered the streets until he was taken into the orphanage where she told them he needed to see Eddard Starke, and by his luck Eddard happened to be on that tier so he went to see him. Jon walked straight up to Eddard of whom was with his best friend Robert Baratheon and gave him the letter. Eddard paused before reading the letter and when he did read the letter he picked up Jon and hugged him. When he was done hugging him he carried Jon to the House Starke estate at the top level tier and once there he went about telling Catelyn about his son.


"Life as a Lord's son was hard enough judging by the massive pressure that was placed on my brother Rob, but I think being the bastard Lord's son came with its own share of problems. Noteably the fact that it was customary to insult my bastard birth thus anyone that wanted to called me a bastard without any hope of reprecussions. My father and siblings always attempted to make me feel better, but it was times like that I just wanted my mother."
-Jon Snow

During the early times in Stormwind there was a lot of open conflict between Jon, and Eddard's wife Cateyln who did not like the fact that a child born through a women not her was living in the city as a child of Eddard Starke. This conflict led to Jon becoming saddened by the effect he was having on his family, but he became hardened to the insults of the people around him as he found solice in his half siblings and his father who never once made him feel unloved or not a part of his family.


Starke's execution
"It was a moment of clarity for the group of us. It would be the last moment for a long time that all the Starke boys were together and in this way I always remember it fondly even if I also remember what I was forced to do."
-Eddard Starke

Bran is among a group of twenty men who witness Eddard dispense the king's justice to a deserter of the Starke Honor Guard, the first time Bran is allowed to accompany such a group. Lord Eddard questions the man briefly, and then Theon gives Eddard his Valyrian steel sword Ice. Jon Bran's bastard brother tells him to watch and not look away, and Bran watches as his father strikes off the man's head. The head lands by Theon, who laughs and kicks it away. Jon calls Theon an ass and compliments Bran on his poise during the execution. On the way back to Stormwind, Robb and Jon argue about whether the deserter died bravely. They race their horses, and Eddard comes up to speak to Bran. He asks if Bran knows why he executed the man himself. He explains that the First Men, of whom the Starks are descendents, believe that the man who pronounces the verdict should do the execution himself, lest he become too comfortable in ordering deaths. The Starks still hold to that principle.

"The Direwolves changed our lives. Despite the fact that we didn't know it then everything after that would share a little of the moment that we decided to take them with us."
-Bran Starke

Jon calls from up ahead, for them to come see what he and Robb have found. They find a corpse of a direwolf, as large as Bran's pony, Theon comments that direwolves have not been seen south of the Wall for two hundred years. Given that the direwolf is the sigil of the family and there are as many pups as the Stark children (even an albino runt for Jon), they take the pups with them. Bran and each of the other Stark siblings receives one of the young animals as a pet, but over time these will prove to be far more then just pets. Robb names his Grey Wind and Bran names his Summer, whilst Eddard's daughters Sansa and Arya name theirs Lady and Nymeria respectively. Eddard's youngest, three-year-old Rickon, names his Shaggydog. Unexpectedly, Jon finds a sixth pup lying separately nearby: an albino runt with white fur and red eyes. Jon claims this one, Ghost, for himself.

Lucernian Invasion of Gondor

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The North

Main Article : The North

The Journey

Main Article : The Journey

Meeting the Northern Lords

With the departure of Leven Martell from Stormwind, and the knowledge that William Lovie III. was going to make his way to Stormwind at some point in the coming days, it was the decision of House Starke, and House Lannister that they should call in the northern, and southern Lords for the eventual meeting. Eddard, and Tywin would send two of their family north so that it was clear that they were in unison and for Eddard he sent Jon Snow, and Robb his heir while Tywin sent Lancel Lannister, and Veryl Reyne II. As they travelled on the road they met with the Baratheons

Lucernian Civil War

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Founding of Anthor

Game of Rivers

Regent Lord of Stormwind

While his father and brother headed north to Westbridge to take part in the Invasion of Westbridge Jon Snow was given regency of Stormwind by his father Eddard. It was while acting as regend that the conflict with Bolten would begin.

Illness in Stormwind

Amongst the death, and sickness I found a true friend in Stormwind. Thats the only part of that time I remember now Jon. I don't think on the dead, all I remember is how everyone came together to save lives. You should remember that way too.
Emily Hirsh

Emily Hirsh would travel to Stormwind during the Invasion of Westbridge after a sickness broke out in the city, and she alongside several Restoration Magi and healers would manage to stem the tide of the illness. During this time she grew close to Jon Snow of whom the two would bond over the fact that they were both in love with people that were far out of their reach.

Sack of Castle Beyne

Liana Beyne Sexy

Liana Beyne was the sole member of House Beyne not in Castle Beyne as she was in Adrahil in the north in a suprise visit.

I looked to the skies and saw the Orange glow of the Crackling Beyne bird. Named after our ancient ancestors from southern Gondor it had always been a sign of great things to come.
Eldon Beyne

Haegon Beyne was ambushed as he made his way to the boats awaiting him on the coast, and he was taken hostage and his men killed and burried in shallow graves near the site. Moving with full speed now knowing the Lucerne forces were in movement northward to Westbridge Joffrey and over two thousand men at arms and some two hundred knights came upon Castle Beyne with no warning. The attackers would use Haegon Beyne walking towards the gate accompanied by many men dressed in the clothing of his lost men and as he approached the gates were opened to him. Once inside the initial attackers executed Haegon and went about killing the few gaurds left in the gatehouse. Fighting broke out as the fighting brought the rest of the Beyne defenders to bear, but the gates were open and the horribly outnumbered defenders of Castle Beyne were swiped aside with relative ease. Eldon Beyne awoke inside the keep after being knocked out during the fighting and found Joffrey walking over the bodies of his wife, and young daughter, and trying to get up he failed as someone was standing on his back. After argueing for several minutes Joffrey would murder the other remaining members of House Beyne while raping his younger sister, and then wanting death Joffrey would slash his throat killing the final member of House Beyne in Castle Beyne.

News flooded into the north that Castle Beyne had fallen to Joffrey Lannister, and it wasn't until my brother's arm was delivered by a blinded dying gaurd of my family that I believed it. There was no army to raise to retake my home. No brother to come and rescue me. Everything was gone to the north or gone to the grave, and here I remained. Alone...
Liana Beyne

Following the sack of Castle Beyne the forces of Joffrey would take control of Central Rhunian and from there move towards Adrahil where the final remnents of the old House Beyne forces remained including their only remaining member in Liana Beyne. Arriving at Adrahil with the nearly undamaged army they had taken Castle Beyne with they would put the city under siege. Reinforced by forces now loyal to them throughout Central and Northern Rhunian anyone that had a grief with the Beyne's or the Overwood's of Adrahil came out of the woodwork and joined with Joffrey's forces. Joffrey would have Eldon Beyne cut into pieces and every day he sent a piece of Eldon to the castle gates, which were withheld from Liana to see at first, but as time went on she forced her way into seeing what was being sent, and was horrified to learn what had been happening.

Liana Beyne Gif
When I heard the news that Joffrey Lannister had sacked Castle Beyne and was laying siege to Adrahil I honestly didn't believe it. The boy I remembered had been a pathetic excuse for a man and didn't seem capable of this kind of evil. I guess Jamie's bastard was closer to the tree then I thought.
Jamie Snow

As the news of Castle Beyne's sacking and the siege of Adrahil had spread the leadership of the State came together and Jon Snow would gather some five hundred troops meeting with many others in the Port of Stormwind where they would take ships to Adrahil. Jon Snow would use his regency to force Joffrey to relent and stop attacking Adrahil, while Tyrion Lannister of whom had joined him would come to heavily insult his nephew to his own danger. Joffrey eventually relented and retreat back to Castle Beyne and his new holdings, where he would ship off everything of value back to Kraegstill and stripped the lands of central Rhunian knowing that they would be removed now with the survival of Liana Beyne.

News from the north

Fall of Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister Fall1
He had everything going for him. The wealth. The power. The prestige. Everything a man could have dreamed of when he was young had been attained by Tywin and yet here we stood.
Tyrek Lannister

While the Invasion of Westbridge was in full swing, it was the idea of Tywin Lannister to finally remove Tyrion Lannister from the ranks of House Lannister. Tyrion had begun to acheieve the very thing Tywin had always feared as he became increasingly popular, and that was noteritty. The more people that knew about him, and liked him the more Tywin was forced to accept that Tyrion was actually his son, and that made him have to think about the death of his beloved wife Joanna. Jamie and most of the Tyrion loyalists would be going with the main army, while obviously during the attack there was no place for Tyrion so he had the perfect oppurtunity where there would be little chance of any collateral damage to other Lannisters that mattered to him. Leaving behind his son in regency of Castamere while he was gone he would command several of his more dark servents to infiltrate the Lionsden and murder Tyrion while framing it to look like the Starke`s as to cause more problems between the two.

What a failure those fools made of the act. I had paid a good sum of money to make sure that Bronn character wasn`t going to be around when the deed was done, and yet there he was. I paid even more to make sure Tyrion would die and yet here we are.
Tywin Lannister

The attack failed as Tyrion had been in his study training Tommen Lannister alongside Bronn and when the assassins broke into the room Tyrion and Bronn had left for the balcony briefly to hear what the commotion was. The assassins panicked seeing Tommen and attempted to silence him, and one of Tommen`s cats had its tail stepped on which caused it to scream and this alerted Tyrion and Bronn. Running into the room to find one of the assassins holding Tommen it looked like they were there to kill Tommen and this Bronn charged the group, while Tyrion called out for help from the balcony. As Tyrion reentered the room he was struck across the face with one of the attackers sword and fell to the ground with the mighty gash of the attackers sword. Bronn killed two of the four men, while the other two surrendered and were taken into custody.

Tyrion Lannister Hurt
I came home to find my brother broken and near death, and I wanted to know why. Bronn took me to the men responsible, and it was the first time in my life I enjoyed causing that kind of pain in others.
Jamie Lannister

Tyrion became very sick following the cut to his face forcing Tommen to be the regent of Castamere under the tuetelage of his aunt Genna Lannister of whom returned from the Island of Frey to assist Tommen in this time of need. Cersei also begin to plan to leave for Lucerne to care for her son Tommen while Myrcella was planned to return with her as well. While this was happening the Lucernians won the Battle of Westbridge, and following this Jamie, Tywin, and Tyrek Lannister returned to Castamere to the news of Tommen`s assault, and the actions of Joffrey Lannister. Returning to Castamere Tywin would discover the debacle of his attempted assasination and attempted to dig his way out, and it would be as he attempted to do this that Jamie would discover the truth from the assassins through torturing them.


Tywin Lannister Fall
There was a blind rage in the eyes of Jamie as he charged out of the tortures room and towards his father. I chased after him with all the speed I had, and still he seemed to move faster. The hate drove him forwards.
Tyrek Lannister

After torturing the assassins Jamie, and Tyrek now knew the truth, and before anyone could say a word Jamie bolted from the room and charged through the halls of the Lionsden and searched for his father in the council chambers where he knew him to be. Finding his father and Eddard, and Brandon Starke he was momentarily shocked by this before he overcame it and charged his father. After a massive confrontation Tyrek would get between the two men and this forced Jamie to let him live, and Tywin would depart the room fleeing his enraged son. Jamie would attempt to one more time confront his father, but found his father had fled the city and was travelling north to Stormwind, and from there he was told his father was planning on staying in Lucerne as the true regent of House Lannister.

First Bolten-Lucerne War

Main Article : First Bolten-Lucerne War

Domeric Bolten1
"The Kingdom of Bolten was the first time we were ever met agressively by an oponent, and at first we were shocked at their actions. I determined quickly that they had to be stopped at any cost, and this led to our promise to defend our two major allies in the region, and a massive influx of our troops into the region."
-William Lovie III.

With the taking of Westbrige the region of Bolten became more interested in its own growth and in particular they really wanted to get the Lucernian army involved in pitch battles which they had the numbers to survive. In order to do this they begin threatening several allies of Lucerne in western Westros in the form of Koenisburg, and the town of Jeutenburg. While these threats rancheted up the Kingdom of Lucerne did exactly what the Boltens hoped they would do when they brought huge forces to bear on the defences of the Westros river crossing of Levin. The Lucernians also made it known that any action taken against their allies in Koenisburg, or Jeutenburg would be deemed a decleration of war against Lucerne itself. This promice to defend meant a lot to the two towns, and most believed that with that the conflict would be ended before any blood was spilled. This idea changed quickly when the Kingdom of Bolten sacked Jeutenburg in a massive siege that took place in the guise of a peace mission.

The Reckoning of the Day's Watch

Family Members



See Also : Ygritte

Leaving you is too hard Ygritte. From the first time I saw you I knew in my heart that I had never seen something so beautiful in all of my life. I want to hold you in my arms until I can't move. Your everything to me...don't you see that?
Jon Snow

Ygritte and Jon Snow would meet when Jon Snow, and his party entered the Frostfang Valley and she would be captured while there was confusion over what they were doing in the Frostfangs. Jon would be unable to kill her, and this led to a relationship growing of which forced her to protect him, when the other Wildings wanted to kill him. Sleeping together upon their arrival in Hardholme the situation was perfect for them until the White Walkers attacked the city. Fighting side by side they would survive the Battle of Hardholme and made their way through tunnels out of the city, but following this Jon Snow and his forces were fleeing the Frostfang Valley while Ygritte refused to leave her people. Jon would despite great reservations leave Ygritte behind, and this led her staying with her Wildings of whom were now being hunted mercisilly by the White Walkers and forced to cosntantly be on the watch. During this time Ygritte would gain more and more influence over her tribe, but also the relationship she had built with Jeor Mormont meant that she passed on information to him about the events within the Frostfangs, and in turn Jeor would send letters to Jon Snow telling him of what Ygritte's situation was.

There wasn't a single day I didn't think of you. Not a single day that I didn't miss you. My love for you overwhelmed me.
Jon Snow

Ygritte and Jon Snow's relationship would continue in a way, and become more deep once he had left as Ygritte missed him terribly while he was gone, and this was matched equally by Jon Snow. For Ygritte there was no way out of the Frostfangs now, and that meant that she was stuck being constantly hunted by the White Walkers, and never knowing if Jon would come to save her. For Jon Snow his missing of Ygritte would eventually cause him to abandon his command in Bolten and alongside many Lucernians wanting to help him, he would travel to the land of the Day's Watch in order to save Ygritte from what he knew was eventually going to be death.

Sam Tarly

See Also : Sam Tarly

Jon and Tucker
In a lot of ways me and Sam are kindred spirits. Both of us were born into circumstances that have led us down a path that has been filled with a lot of stress, and difficulty. I question where I would be in my life if he wasn't around. He's been the one constant always at my side.
Jon Snow

Sam Tarly and Jon Snow would meet when Sam Tarly was sent away by his father Randyll Tarly to take part in the Gondor Civil War, and be under the command of Jon Snow. Unknown to Sam Tarly was that Jon Snow was sent a letter, and an offer of money if he killed Samwell, and left his body to rot during the Gondor Civil War, but Jon never did this or told his friend. Samwell would join Jon when he was commanded to go northward towards the Frostfang Mountains and while they were both there they fell in love with Wildlings of which both were forced to abandon them when the city of Hardholme fell to the White Walkers.

Candice Anthor

See Also : Candice Anthor

Candice Anthor Needs Fixed
She was much like Ygritte was. Both of the girls were confident and knew what they wanted, and how to get it. She unlike Ygritte I was discusted to hearmyself say had one thing that Ygritte never had. She was a noble. With her there was a future, and with Ygritte there was nothing but our love to keep the world turning.
Jon Snow

Candice Anthor and Jon Snow would first meet when Jon Snow as sent alongside his brother and uncle to meet with House Anthor as they built up the state of Anthor. Jon Snow would admire her tenacity as she showed them around the port, and as she deflected rude remarks from Lord Ambry he became further impressed with her. He became attracted to her, and she noticed this when he followed her during her meeting with the Lannisters. The two would kiss following her confronting him, and they nearly had sex before Jon's honor got in the way of this due to his love for Ygritte. Somewhat accepting what he said she would continue attempting to seduce the Bastard of Winterfell of whom everyone knew had been given the option of full logitimzation so she didn't see that as a problem. They would not see eachother for years after this but she sent him a letter during the Invasion of Westbridge offering her bed for warmth if he was lonely as the regent of Stormwind. When Jon Snow left for the Bolten War she would send him a letter in Koenisburg which basically said that if he needed help then she would launch a fleet of ships to help him, and didn't matter that the Frey's would have a problem as she basically would barge her way through if they didn't let her go.

Emily Hirsh

See Also : Emily Hirsh

Emily Hirsh Cover Amazing
It was a happy moment to have a friend that could listen to you, and you could listen to them, and you just knew that nothing you said was being taken the wrong way. With so many people they had their own agendas, but I think Samwell, and Emily were the truest friends I had.
Jon Snow

Emily Hirshe, and Jon Snow first met when Stormwind was overrun with a sickness and with most of the best healers in the land gone for the Invasion of Westbridge they sent for Blue Dragon Magi from Lucerne of which Emily Hirsh was one of those to respond to the call for assistense. During her time in Stormwind she was able to make Rikkon the brother of Jon better along with many of the sick of the city, and this all led Jon Snow to be very impressed with her to the point that they became very close friends over the weeks she was there. When the situation with House Beyne and Joeffrey Lannister arose Jon Snow asked her to come with him, and she did providing a good sounding board, and also a Magi assistence that he had never had around him before. She would return to Lucerne following this, but they kept in contact through letters as they were friends for life basically after all they had went through over those weeks. When Jon Snow went into the lands of Bolten she would join one of the Blue Dragon groups that was going to assist in the conflict and she would fight alognside Jon SNow and his forces until he decided he couldn't ignore Ygritte anymore, and abandoned his command. Emily would join Jon and the others in going north, and stopping in Westbridge she learned that her former lover Orlan Jestife was now a commander in the Tevinter army besieging Noveria, and it was only Jon that was able to get her to stop crying.

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