Julian Baker

Julian Baker is the son of Haden, and Hanne Baker making him a member of House Baker. Julian Baker had two siblings in the form of Lindsay, and Margaret Baker of which his younger sister Margaret was a kind young girl of whom died during the Fall of Tree Hill, and his sister Lindsay is his silent lover of whom his entire life has basically revovled around. Following the death of his parents during the Fall of Tree Hill alongide most of his family he and his sister Lindsay are the only surviving members of House Baker, and in this survival he has become an important member of the rebuild in Tree Hill.

Julian Baker was born into the powerul but silently disturbed House Baker of whom most would descibe as a normal house but behind closed doors they held dark secrets. He was paired alongside his sister silently, as the members of House Baker he came to understand held a dark belief that while in public they appear normal they would intermarry amongst their children in order to keep the bloodline pure of their ancient relative John Baker of whom they held an almost cultlike worship for. Julian Baker has become known in recent days for his involvement with Brooke Scott, and due to this the subsequent fight between him and King William Lovie III. The fight came as a shock to him, and despite this he believes completely in William, and refuses to even question his loyalty to the Kingdom.


Early History

Fall of Tree Hill

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The Siege of Tree Hill

The Journey

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Honor Gaurd

Brooke Scott

Now a close member of House Scott Julian came to see the depression, that often was all over Brooke. When he discussed it with her, she told him that the father of her baby was in fact a man who was married to someone elce, and although he loved her more he couldn't leave his wife.

"Perhaps we all give the best of our hearts uncritically to those who hardly think about us in return."

-Julian in response to Brooke's love for the man

Fight with William

Family Members


William Lovie III.

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William Lovie was unable to be the person for Brooke that he wanted, and this caused him much hardship emotionally. Despite his love for Bella Swan, his true love remained with Brooke Scott.

This created the conflict, when for William it appeared that Julian was attempting to move in on Brooke. For Brooke this was all a game to get William's attention, and although William didn't know he proved Brooke's point.

Brooke Scott

Brooke Scott

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