is a Prince of the San'Layn , and as such is one of the sons of Queen Lanathel. Keleseth has four siblings who all form the Princes of the San'Layn and like the family he isn't particularly close to any of his siblings except for his mother who he loves unconditionally.

Keleseth is most known for being the commander of the San'Layn that remained in Athel Loren following the exodus of Queen Lanathel and the vast majority of San'Layn. During his time there he attempted to do as his mother had ordered but found that no matter what he tried the population just wasn't interested in switching to the San'Layn side of things. This stay would end when Lothlorian had him banished for treason. Following this and on his return he has been slowly rebuilding his support in San'Layn and he has recovered his reputation with everyone except his oldest brother Aestatia with whome he is in a very deep conflict.


Early History

Queen Lanathel leaves Lothlorian


Before Queen Lanathel had left Lothlorian she gave Keleseth the command to remain behind and attempt to regrow the San'Layn in Lothlorian under the belief that she would return and need insiders.

Keleseth remained and did this to the best of his ability for the better part of 200 years, but he was unable to gain any real support from the public since the Lothlorian Elves were clamping down hard on his efforts. Eventually he became so frustrated that he believed the only way to galvanize support would be to gain more Magi power then anyone elce in Athel Loren. To this end he attempted to sneak inside the Sunwell, and gather resources from the Sunwell to augment his powers.


With the attempt to infilitrate the Sunwell a complete failure and his San'Layn followers dead or in hiding with him, he saw the writing on the wall and gathered his followers and headed north to attempt to meet up with his Queen, and mother.


The San'Layn seeing the Statue of Milhaevan


Aestatia's Attempt



See Also : Aestatia

Aestatia is involved in an extremely brutal fight with his brother, and fellow Prince Keleseth who he believes is a complete failure. This fight has led to many violent moments including once when Aestatia destroyed an entire San'Layn army in the hopes of killing prince Keleseth. This attack damaged Aestatia's status in San'Layn and because of this he is growing even more hateful towards his brother Keleseth.

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