Port of Lashiek
Vital statistics
Type of Goverment Religious Senate
Allegiance Empire of Nehekhara
Ruling House House Assad
Population Placeholder
Location In Syria along the coast with the Mediterranean
Language Arabic spoken by the entire popultion outside of the small enclave of foreigners
Religion Shia Christianity
Races, and Ethnicity Syrian Arabs

Lashiek is called the “Corsair City'” though more due to the prowess of their thieves than the level corruption of among the general populace. Lashiek is the major port of trade between the Kingdoms of Europe and Nehekhara due to its location in Syria where it is the primary port of this massive province within the Empire of Nehekhara.

It is said that a Lashiek thief can steal the eyes out of your sockets and you will not notice it until next week. That being said, the laws of the city are harsher here than in any other city and nowhere in the known world is the watch more diligent and incorruptible. Only the best of thieves survive in this city.

Lashiek`s population is dominated by the Syrians of whom were the founders of the town and have held a stranglehold over the town since its creation. In the south part of the town their exists a foreign element and it is here where the traders will stay, along with many of the members of the town that the Syrians do not respect such as the Palestinians to the south, or the Jordanese to the east.

Lashiek was founded by a tribe of Syrians sent west by Jesus from the capital of Syria of Damascus. The town would grow quickly following the destruction of the port of Dailin during the fighting of the Civil War, and following this Jesus sent his apostle Peter to the town and his work there would become the bedrock of much of the present day structures that dot the port. Lashiek grew even wealthier with the growth of sea travel following the destruction of the Pirate nation of Carthage of whom had blocked much of the trade with Lashiek in order to maintain control.


Early History

Noteable People

Points of Interest

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