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Loras Tyrell
is the son of Alleria, and Mace Tyrell II. making him a member of House Tyrell through his father, and a member of House Hightower through his mother. Loras Tyrell has three siblings in the form of Garlan, Margaery, and Willas Tyrell of which his brother Willas Tyrell is the heir of the house and a renowned man of great intelligence despite the fact that he is crippled, while his brother Garlan is a senior member of the House Tyrell military forces and is perhaps more skilled in fighting then Loras but wants less fame, while his sister Margeary is involved in an affair with Nathan Scott of the ruling house and she has come to be defined by this relationship. He was engaged in a relationship with Kristen Trachtenberg until Tree Hill came under siege, but following the siege he was finally married to Kristen Trachtenburg making her a member of House Tyrell and tying the house with House Lovie once again. Loras Tyrell has also engaged in a brief affair with Renault Scarlet II. of whom he loves but has never shown love to or admitted his feelings out of fear of the consequences.

Loras Tyrell gained much fame due to his skill at dueling, and later his horsemanship, which many described as the best they had ever seen. This skill was also of great use during the seige of Tree Hill as he fought at the breach during every conflict for the first six years of the siege, and only stopped after he was knocked on the head by a massive orc and caused him to go into a coma for almost a year. When he came out of the coma he had difficulty in regaining his strength, and it was only in the three months before the liberation that he was able to take part again in the defence of the city.Following his recovery he has moved back into tournaments which now a member of House Lovie through his marriage to Kristen Trachtenburg is worth a lot more fame, and influence.


Early History

Loras Tyrell

Tournaments and Kristen

It was while he was at a tournament in Lucerne that he first met Kristen. At that point she was pregnant with Jasper's baby and although he was extremely attracted to her, he didn't act on the feelings. Even though he didn't act Jasper became jelous of him, and the two got into a fight which eventually forced Loras to leave Lucerne.

Following her miscariage Loras returned to Lucerne and supported Kristen through the sadness she felt. It was during this period that the two became sexual. Loras went on a tournament in Dresdan and didn't return for nearly six months. When he did return the two reconsiled and agreed that they should get married.

Loras left for Tree Hill, and as luck would have it he came there just a day before the First Battle of Tree Hill happened.

Fall of Tree Hill

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The Siege of Tree Hill


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Invasion of Westbridge

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Family Members


Kristen Bell 19

Kristen Trachtenberg

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