House Colliel

Ludwina Colliel is the daughter of Yannik, and Irmela Colliel making her a member of House Colliel. Malin Colliel has three siblings in the form of Audolf, Larra, and Ludwina of which his brother Audolf is a dragonrider of the Iceback Islands and in this way is also the prince of Icepeak Castle, while his sister Ludwina is a young lady of the Icepeak Castle and is only twelve at the start of the Iceback Island Stories, and his sister Larra is a powerful Dovah Rider of whom fell in love with the prince of Iceback and this set the tables for disasterous later events.

Following the kidnapping of Larra Colliel and the return of Dulanth it would be Malin Colliel that would be sent southward alongside Aethelbald Bjork, and Widreth Grandhel two other Dovah riders in order to appeal to the King of Icevale to assist them against the forces of the Yellow Eyes Tribe.


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Larra Colliel

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