Malfoy Estate

The Malfoy Estate is an estate that House Malfoy maintains west of Westbridge . Originally constructed as a vacation home, the Estate has been turned into a silent fortress of House Malfoy, and an area that is greatly important to Tom Malfoy due to its concealment.

It is surrounded at all times by magical barriers which make findind its location nearly impossible.



The Estate itself was constructed two generations before the rise of the current Malfoy group and it was meant to be a vacational area. When the first generation of Malfoy's died off and the second became the power in Westbridge they drove the family to its current Magi use, and also during this exploration they began construction of the Magi wall that surrounds the Estate to this day.

Death eaters

The Deatheaters meeting at Malfoy Estate

Hogwarts Civil War

Main Article : Hogwarts Civil War

During the prelude to the Hogwarts Civil War Malfoy estate was used by Tom Malfoy to plan and organize the war outside of the viewing ability of Dumbledore . In this place no manner of viewing was possible and because of this Hogwarts was caught quite unaware.

Points of Interest

House Malfoy

House Malfoy is the house that lords over the city of Westbridge, as well as maintaining anestate down river. The family is known for being a true blood Numenor as well as being full Magi users.

They are the ancient enemies of House Potter, and have been in near constant conflict with the Potter city of Hogwarts. This conflict came to a head during the Civil War in Hogwarts in which the two houses battled and House Malfoy succeded in killing much of House Potter. Since this point the two have continued to engage in warfare between their Kingdoms, but with the fall of Westbridge House Malfoy has been forced to rebuild its holdings north of Westbridge in the hopes of regaining its stength.

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