Middenland is a province of the Empire. The state colours are blue and white and its capital is the impregnable city-state of Middenheim. Middenland has long been one of the most important of the Imperial provinces, and many Emperors have come from here. Despite this, it is a desolate place of bad soil and unforgiving climate. Impenetrable forests, home to innumerable beastmen, cover much of the land. The Drakwald Forest is particularly notorious; all know the tale of the province of Drakwald’s destruction by beastmen long ago, and few dare walk its shadowed pathways. It is no great surprise that the people of this harsh land favour Ulric above Sigmar. Despite all of the fear and chaos of Drakwald Forest, the province of Middenland is incredibly prosperous, and only these constant attacks make it not one of the most powerful provinces in the entire Empire.




Early History

The Province of Middenland was never founded in any great amount by the Empire of Numeron, and for this reason it maintains the feel of Northern Germany, in this way. The regions was first the home of the Teutons, who are the main ethnic group of the entire Empire.

In this way the region grew quickly without the interferance of Numeron.

Founding of Middenheim

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According to legend, the city was founded by the god Ulric himself to be the centre of his religion in the Old World. Originally the rock Middenheim is now built upon was the base of a tall mountain sacred to Ulric's brother Taal. Taal gave Ulric the mountain, who struck the top of the mountain off with his fist, leaving a flat top a mile across where the city was to be. For this reason the rock is called the Fauschlag ("fist strike").

A half century before the Empire was established by Sigmar, Artur, chief of the Teutons tribe, discovered the rock. As the Teutons were not renowned as great builders, Artur enlisted the aid of the Dwarfs forced from their ancient home in the Middle Mountains to tunnel up through the rock and build a fortress. A century passed before the work was complete. In that time Artur had fought and lost to Sigmar in single combat, but by the 60th year of the Empire the fortress was complete and became the home of the Teutons.

In more recent years Wulcan, the son of Artur and High Priest of the Cult of Ulric was granted a vision by Ulric which inspired him to consecrate a temple to Ulric. The massive temple took 50 years to complete, but Wulcan lived to see it finished.

Chaos Invasion

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Dead Invasion of Germania

Main Article : Dead Invasion of Germania

Arthas Invades Germania
This monster has crushed all resistance before him. He defeated the Austrians at Nuln. Crushed the wolves of Middenland at their own capital. Broke our army at Castle Nunenstein. Tell me my Emperor. How can we stop him? What do we do?

Following the Battle of Fornost the army of Arthas Menathil would move northward gathering significant reinforcements from the casualties of the Fornost region and then increasingly more as they moved through the war torn regions of Arnor. The rapidly expanding army of Arthas Menathil carves its way through Arnor, and Priam secretly commands the forces of Austria to do there best to avoid conflict with his army and instead begs for assistance from Karl Franz of whom begins rallying forces with the nearby forces of Slovakia, and Ostmark of whom were already rallying troops.

Galindus Vapnisson would despite his own strong desire to not remain be left behind as the regent of Kosice when his father Edgin Vapnisson and elder brother Volham Vapnisson rallied much of there forces to join the army of Slovakia in resisting the invasion of Arthas, and thus would be within the walls of Kosice when a small splinter force of Arthas Menathil put Kosice under siege.

Battle of Nuln

Pushed back at great cost from the inner gatehouse leading to the main city, the forces of Arthas would retreat out of Nuln but he left a splinter force behind with commands to kill and burn as much of the taken portion of the city as possible while the majority of the army retreated northward.

Invading the Lands of Ulric

Following the Battle of Nuln and with the city nearly defenseless the movement of Arthas north would finally cause the forces of Middenland and the Ulric worshipers to make a move to truly enter the conflict. The army of Arthas would move directly through the center of Wissenland forcing the Elector Count there in the form of Alberich Anderssen to raise his armies, but not having enought forces ready that quickly he could not engage the skeletal army of Arthas and instead followed it as it moved through central Wissenland and north into Middenland.

Battle of Middenheim

The combined forces of Middenland, Wissenland, and a small force from the Kingdom of Galia would mass outside of the city of Middenheim for the defence of the Ulric capital of which the Arthas army finally seemed intent on a fight as it moved towards the army. Following the defeat of the force besieging Kosice it would be Galindus that rallied the broken forces of House Vapnisson following the defeat of his father and brother and led them north where they would fight at the Battle of Middenheim where he would be horrified to discover his brother and father had been reanimated and now fought for Arthas and although he was able to end his brother his father would escape the battle with Arthas.

Battle of Nunenstein Castle

Battle of Aldorf

Following the forces of Arthas breaking through the fortress of Nunenstein Castle the army of Bavaria would be marshaled in its entirety and moved itself to Aldorf. While the Bavarians were mobilizing the long awaited reinforcements of Hannover moved into the province arriving west of Aldorf bolstering the defenders, but still paling in comparison to the forces they knew would be arrayed by Arthas Menathil.

Breaking out of Denmark

Defeated for the first time at the Battle of Aldorf the dead army of Arthas would make a move northward towards Denmark with their diminished forces, with this movement unable to be chased by the Hannover, and Bavarian Army due to the casualties they had suffered themselves.


Elector Count of Middenland

The Elector Count of Middenland is the ruler of Middenland, a powerful province of The Empire. This noble title is usually passed on in a hereditary fashion, and has been in the hands of House Todbringer for generations. Being of the 15 Electors the counts of Middenland cast one of the votes in the election of a new Emperor. Being Elector Counts makes them one of the major candidates; indeed some Middenland counts were elected by their peers. During the Age of Three Emperors, a centuries-long civil war, they were the "Wolf Emperors", leaders of a major faction.

Middenland was separated from Middenheim, for a few years, but a marriage between the Countess von Bildhofen of Middenland with Boris Todbringer of Middenheim reunified the two states under a single ruler. Since then the Elector Counts of Middenland have resided in the semi-independent city-state of Middenheim, Middenland's capital.

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Divine Chancellor

The Divine Chancellor or Ar-Ulric is leader of the Cult of Ulric, the second strongest religion in The Empire and the most powerful within the province of Middenland. He resides in Middenheim, spiritual centre of the cult, and from here he governs the growth and power of the Church of Ulric. The Ar-Ulric of Ulric is an Elector Count and thus he has a vote on the next Emperor, and since his gaining of this power the Ar-Ulric has always voted for the Elector Count of Middenland as the next Emperor even when the vote is completely against them.

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Points of Interest



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Map City Middenheim
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Middenheim is a major city in The Empire. It is most known for two things of which the first is  that it is the center of the Ulric Religion which is a type of Empire Worship but very different, and the second is that it is built on top of a mountain and can only be assailed through four gates, of which 3 can be raised at will.

Middenheim is a the capital city of the province of Middenlandinthe Empire. Commonly known as The City of the White Wolf, it is second in influence only to the Empire capital Aldorf. Middenheim is extremely powerful in this way as it hosts a single vote when it comes to the electing of a new Emperor, and this number rises to two if you count the Head of the Cult of Ulric of whom also stands within Middenheim.

Middenheim is the center of the Utogens of whom are an offshoot of the overall Tuetonic Germans that dominate the lands of The Empire. The Utogens are quite close to the overall Teutonics but they are taller and more stocky due to the harsh landscape that they have been accustomed to living within. The Utogens have massive numbers within Middenheim, and it is by far the largest concentration of their people throughout Europe and the entire planet.

A half century before the Empire was established by Sigmar, Artur, chief of the Teutogen tribe, discovered the rock. As the Teutogens were not renowned as great builders, Artur enlisted the aid of the Dwarfs forced from their ancient home in the Middle Mountains to tunnel up through the rock and build a fortress. A century passed before the work was complete. In that time Artur had fought and lost to Sigmar in single combat, but by the 60th year of the Empire the fortress was complete and became the home of the Teutogens.


The city of Carroburg, known for its famous Greatswords regiment, lies in the south of the province near the River Reik. Carroburg has been the site of many battles between warring Middenland nobility, and has at times served as the provincial capital.



In Middenland the bastards of the province are known by the surname of Url, of which has been a common practise since the time of the earliest members of the Temple of Ulric came to the region.

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