Blackfoot Tribe

Mohe Blackfoot is the son of Saswaypew, and Sonoma Blackfoot making him a member of the Blackfoot Tribe.

Mohe Blackfoot is a member of the Moon Knights making him a member of the Knightly Order of the Blackfoot Confederacy, and he is sworn to the holy Blackfoot Tree Big Blacktree.

Mohe Blackfoot would lead one of the war bands of the Blackfoot into Nevada during the Third Nevada War and fought throughout southern Nevada and then would lead his force into the Battle of Otomis where he would be caught in the ambush and knocked unconscious and through this taken hostage by the Aztec allied forces.


Early History

Third Nevada War

Main Article : Third Nevada War

The sons of Axeocatyl all fighting together to destroy the Cree. A greater story I have never heard.
Axeocatyl Montezuma

The Third Nevada War would drag into a stalemate much as the previous two wars had but this would change dramatically with the rise to prominence of the Comanche Chieftan Payahoka of whom gathered the Comanche forces to himself in an effort to bring about a major battle with the Aztec invaders. Following a victory against the Aztec aligned Otomis tribe the Comanche would move towards the Aztec city of Totanacs where they did not wait for other Blackfoot forces and put the city under siege. At the battle of Totanacs the Comanche would be resisted by a massive Aztec army raised from the capital and led by the princes of the House of Montezuma and during the battle the Comanche would be defeated nearly completely with the entire army either dead or captured. Following this defeat the Blackfoot who were rasing to assist the Comanche would walk into a trap at the Battle of Otomis and were defeated quite badly losing several prominent Blackfoot leaders. Following these two defeats and the capture of hundreds of prominent chiefs tribes would begin surrendering all across Nevada in return for their chiefs, and this led to the Blackfoot, and Chayenne forces forced to retreat to their respective lands while the Chayenne, and Apache were completely overwhelmed.

Family Members


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