Mountain Bull Wide
The Mountain Bull
is a loyal domesticated animal lying within the Frostfang Mountains and is the main provider of transportation and storage for most of the Clans of Frostfang. Distinguished by their shaggy coats and massive horns, the Mountain Bull are simple yet proud animals whose fearlessness is matched only by that of their Wildling masters. While these good-natured animals lack ferocity, they compensate with uncommon durability and strength. The thickness of their fur helps them withstand the biting winds of Frostfang and the sharp claws of the mountain beasts that populate the region. Mainly domesticated by Clan Styr the art of actually raising and domesticating the Mountain Bull is a serious business and most other Wildlings simply pay Clan Styr for the services, but with the destruction of Hardholme the Mountain Bull fields of Clan Styr are gone and thus the domesticated Mountain Bull is in decline since.

The Mountain Bull was originally brought to the Frostfangs alongside the early Numenorian settlers into the valley, and was abandoned in the valley after the Numenorians defeated the White Walkers and sealed the valley off.  This means that the Mountain Bull is the direct relative of the Cliff Bull of the Valley of Lucerne, and other then being a tad bit larger is nearly identical.


Mountain goats are herbivores and spend most of their time grazing. Their diets include grasses, herbs, sedges, ferns, mosses, lichens, and twigs and leaves from the low-growing shrubs and conifers of their high-altitude habitat. In captivity, the mountain goat's diet can also include grain, alfalfa, fruits, and vegetables.


Nannies can be very competitive and protective of their space and food sources. They will fight with one another for dominance in conflicts that can ultimately include all the nannies in the herd. In these battles, nannies will circle each other with their heads lowered, showing off their horns. As with fights between billies during breeding season, these conflicts can occasionally lead to injury or even death, but they are largely harmless. To avoid fighting, an animal may show a posture of nonaggression by stretching low to the ground.

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