Noble Titans

The Noble Titans are the members of the Titans that resisted Tzeneech and his attempts at coruption, and now protect the inhabitents of Earth in the best way they can against Chaos. There has been a growing divide amongst the Noble Titans as the leadership of Zeus has led them to basically ignore the intervention of Chaos and stop resisting and many of the Noble Titans have resisted this.

The Noble Titans are led by the Titan Council and this Council controls all decisions of the Titans though recently its direction has come under question by many of the Noble Titans.

The Noble Titans are centered within the Fade and the vast city of Olympas where they are basically forced to remain within as if they were to venture to far away from Olympas in the Fade the vastly superior numbers of the Demons of Chaos would leave them vulnerable.

At one time all the Titans were Noble Titans, and the world moved forward in peace. This all changed when Tzeneech was menipulated by Tek the sole remaining Old One and through this his shield and became the first Chaos God. Following this the forces of Chaos and the Noble Titans battled and in the end the forces of Chaos won and used this victory to invade the Earth and try and take control but due to many factors including the reckless abandon of the forces of Chaos the mortals of the Earth were victorious allowing the Noble Titans to end the siege of Olympas and bring about the end of the war. 


Birth of the Titans

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Old One
We destroyed the Martians and from that moment on their was nothing but our vision and whatever limits we set for ourselves. I moved to Iceland where I watched as my brethren created Gods that they spent centuries coding so that they wouldn't be able to weaken or tire. All of that work in order to protect a planet from itself.

The Old Ones had used the Lizardmen in order to administer much of what they knew was neccessary for the planet, but as time went by their scheduals determined that they needed to leave the planet. The Old Ones knew their time on Earth would have to end but they wanted to make sure their world would be watched over. In order to leave behind something that would protect, guide, and further advance the denizens of the Earth. In order to do this they decided to create extremely powerful creations that would look over different areas based on the planet. The Old Ones created different Titans for different purposes, and with every piece of the lives of the mortals below looked after the world would advance in peace. The Titans would be given amazing powers that were nearly limitless within the region of Magi they also created called the Fade. Within  the Fade they gave the Titans birth, and from this the Titans would become the vessels of the future goals of the Old Ones long after they would eventually leave the planet.

Birth of the Fade

Titan Generation Details
First Generation The First Generation of Titans were created by the Old Ones, and are by far the most powerful of the Titans. These were the Titans that controlled and dominated the most important aspects of the world, and of whom the most power and responsbility would fall.
Second Generation The Second generation were still created mainly by the Old Ones, but several of the First Generation Titans begin to create Titans in a style that became a sort of parenting. These Titans were the commanders of the First Generation Titans and are by the most numerous of the Titan generations.
Third Generation The Third Generation was constructed directly before the departure of the Old Ones, and was created in order to deal with specific areas that the Old Ones were conserned might become problems later. This generation is very small in number, but has the highest percentage of its generation of whom remained loyal to the Old Ones.
Fourth Generation The fourth and final generation of Titans were created now solely by themselves, as the Old Ones had left the planet. These Titans are known for their recklessness and with the coruption possiblity of the first three generations discovered the Fourth Generation was tied to a control devise in Olympas meaning they cannot fall to coruption unless severing this through their own minds, or the destruction of the device.
Tzeenech was the most powerful of us. Tzeenech was the one we all relied upon to protect the creations that were so vital to the world. As we advanced and pushed forward so to did the Fade, and he was placed under an ever increasing amount of stress. I wonder if that was what happened to him. I wonder whether I could have done something to change his fate.

In order to construct most of the world the Old Ones had turned from science, and their own massive technology and had instead allowed their Slann to control the process by which the planet took its changing form. The Slann used untolled Magi to shift continents, changing enviorments and many other things all with the use of their primitive Magi over the vast technology of the Old Ones. Because the Old ones had used so much Magi on the world the traces of it were sucked into a realm called the Fade, and left to fester under the protection of the Old Ones. With the Old Ones leaving they needed one of their Titans to protect and control the Fade. In responce to this need they created Tzeneech and put him in the role of protecting the Fade and anyone who used its powers. In order to control the Fade, which was the area that the Slann had pushed all of the Magi that they had used during the earliest creations of the planet, the Old Ones decided to empower a God of the Fade. The Old ones designed Tzeneech with the knowledge that he was most likely going to be the most likely to become corupted, and in this way they spent the most time of any of the gods they built. Believing they have done the best they could they finished the creation of Tzeneech and moved on to the other gods they needed to create, in order for their plan to work. Tzeneech became the master of the Fade, and in this way he controlled the setting of the Fade, and while the other Titans were able to menipulate sections of the Fade he controlled the ultimate power in the Fade, and it was through him that all Magi in the world flowed through.

Old Ones Leave

Old Ones leaving

The Old Ones had designed a thousand worlds, and yet they had never forseen the lengths that Tek would go to undermine everything they had done.

The world tore apart, and the skies lit up with the flashing of a thousand and a thousand lights. The world as we knew it was over. Replaced by a void they left behind my people would remember them with every breathe and it was left to the few of us Slann to understand they were never returning.
Lord Mazudumu

With the sadegaurds believed to be in place the Old Ones, begin deasembling many of their cities on the Earth. This process was obviously to make sure the advanced nature of the Old Ones wasn't allowed to seep into the growth of the races of Earth. The process of taking apart their cities was one that they had done on an inumberable amount of occasions and because of this they were able to deconstruct their cities in a very short amount of time. With their cities gone, the Old Ones packed into their ships and set out into space to their next destination. With the Old Ones gone their favored race in the Lizardmen was initially shocked and in disaray as to what to do with themselves, but as the Old Ones knew they would the Slann took control of the situation and led the Lizardmen towards the path of enlightment where they would act as the stewards of the planet. Other then the Lizardmen the only real effect that their departure had was that with them gone, their was noone truly watching the Titans and their successes and failures. Without the Old Ones interferance though the Titans should have simply been able to deflect any internal coruption through their internal device that made sure they never deviated from their assigned tasks.

The Titan War

Titan Civil War

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Following the Eternity War the times of hiding the excistence of evil within the Titan's ranks was over, and in such a brief time the two sides met in the Fade and the Titans attempted to understand the purpose of this group. As they attempted to discuss the matters they came to quickly understand that Khorne, Nurgle and many others were now barely capable of containing their personal rage and because of this the two sides pulled apart and both sides prepared for the first blow. The first blow came when the violent Trolloc of Khorne attacked the Titan homeland of Olympas in a massive battle that caused the deaths of many Titans and several of the more bloodthirsty of the Chaos Gods. As the siege of Olympas went on the forces of the other main Chaos Gods found themselves free to do what they wanted as Khorne was basically on his own holding the Titans in place. Nurlge joined the siege and brought his large forces to bear against the fortress of Tarterus where he besieged the massive fortress and put a large amount of fear in the Titans that their rear would be vulerable due to the fall of Tarterus.


Neperune Shortly before his death

Death of Neperune

For Malekor the time to do some real damage to the Titans was now and he found the perfect oppurtunity when the Titan Neperune snuck out of Olympas on a mission to stop Nurgle from destroying the powerful fortress Tarterus which held in place the weaker section of Olympas from being able to be attacked. Malekor watched and hunted the young Titan as he led his powerful Murloc forces towards the Army of Nurgle. Neperune caught Nurgle unaware and was nearing the Chaos God himself when his army was blindsided by Melekor's massive Draenei forces. There was no escape for Neperune and he and his entire army were destroyed on the field which left one of the most important commanders in the Titan army dead and a sizeable portion of the army in tatters.

With Neperune dead the defenders of Tarterus lost one of their most important defenders and a sizeable force so the thought by them was very much that they were in serious trouble. With a weak spot appearing Slanaash brought his mighty Elven forces to bear against the fortress alongside Nurgle, and Malekor's forces and as the walls of the fortress appeared ready to collapse the defenders were saved by the arrival of Imperius who brought his gleaming knights and was able to defeat Nurgle in combat causing the retreat of his forces and the momentary ending of the seige. By the time the Chaos forces had regrouped the defences had been trippled and the fortress of Tarterus appeared untakable.


Invasion of the Underworld

During the Titan Civil War Hades led the defences of the Underworld which was attacked heavily by his brother Harkkon. The attack by his brother cut off the love between the two, and led to an emotional argument as Harkkon attempted to enter the Underworld. Harkkon believed that so profound was their relationship that Hades would allow Harkkon to simply enter the Underworld unaposed, and thus enter Olympas from beneath the fortress itself. When he did come to the gates though he saw the massive army of Hades was arrayed against him, and Harkkon became emotionally unhinged that he believed Hades had betrayed him. Instead of waiting for the rest of his forces he simply attempted to charge through Hades forces but he and his elite gaurd became lost behind the lines, and by the time they were able to join together again they were trapped by the massive army of Hades against a large cave entrance with no escape.


Defeat of Harkkon

With the forces of Harkkon badly damaged in the continues fighting Hades realized that his brother was trapped and thus he had been defeated. Hades defeated his brother on the field of battle but he paused unsure of whether he could kill him, and by the time he had decided his brother had fled the field. With his brother gone Hades could have marshalled his now free forces and attempted to assist the main battle in Olympas but instead he sat unmoving in the Underworld for the remainder of the conflict and allowed his forces to sit idle.


Battle of Elis

As the siege of Tarterus and Olympas wore on the first Chaos God in Tzeneech wandered the battlefield attempting to find an outlet for his aggression, and as he wiped town after town off the map of the Fade he was finally confronted by Ares the God of War for the Titans. Ares was beyond skilled, and he led his army of mysterious creatures against the forces of Tzeneech. The two fought battle after battle but each time Ares came out victorious despite the massive numbers advantage that Tzeneech had. This begin to irritate Tzeneech to no end, and thus he brought all of his forces to bear against Ares forces in what would be a massive battle over the town of Elis. As the two sides met the forces of Tzeneech outnumbered the strange army of Ares by nearly 15-1 but when the dust settled after the initial assault the forces of Tzeneech had been badly damaged, and the defenders were barely injured. As his forces begin to waver the Chaos God Tzeneech himself entered the battle and taunted the mighty Ares to fight him on the field. The two gods battled their way through the opposing armies until they were face to face, and when they met they immediatly begin fighting. The two were equally matched but as Tzeneech watched his army desinigrated around him as the forces of Ares massacred his army. After days of fighting Ares stepped back and laughed at Tzeneech, and when Tzeneech looked around he realized that his army was destroyed and he was now completely surrounded. Ares prepared to deliver the death blow but the massively powerful Tzeneech teleported himself to his personal lair leaving Ares without his complete victory but he had destroyed one of the largest forces that the forces of Chaos had.

Battle of Tale

Battle of Tale

The Aqir under Mortei would bring massive forces against the Noble Titans fort of Tale.

"I was shocked at the recklessness of Mortei who I knew loved his Aqir with everything in him. He threw his people at the walls with no apparent strategy just a goal tearing the walls down with the shere volume of his dead. I was saddened more then I should have been by how far he fell."

During the Titan Civil War he would become known for his conflict against Mortei of whom trapped Apollo into the small fortress outside of Olympas called Tale. In Tale the two gods would battle for nearly the entire civil war, as Mortei would battle against the walls of Tale over and over using his forces of Aqir with reckless abandon, while Apollo and his human forces remained resolute on the walls. As the war reached its end Mortei would recall his forces against the wall and would challenge Apollo to a one on one fight, and Apollo accepted triggering a long fight between the two Titans of which ended days later as both were completely exhausted. Realizing he wasn't going to be able to take Tale, Mortei would leave enough forces necessary to continue the siege, while he took the remainder to the Earth and would found the Silithid on the Earth in the mountains north of Ind. Apollo would be forced to abandon the fortress of Tale following the defeat of the Noble Titans and only barely got his forces inside Olympas before Khorne arrived with his massive forces at Tale.


The Battle for Olympus

Odin would engage in a massive Battle on Earth against his brother during the Titan Civil War after his brother was turned to the service of Chaos and attempted to invaded the World Edge Mountains using his armies in Olympus. Vendriel would be forced due to his poor military skills to fight a two front war with his main army fighting the forces of the Dwarves and their Pantheon in the north, while his other forces were slowly pushed back inch by inch by the forces of Valhalla. Finally the forces attacking the Dwarves were defeated and as they retreated back to Olympus they were caught between the avenging Dwarves and the forces of Valhalla and the were massacred in their thousands. Following this disaster Slanaash sent one of his brightest luitenents to the battle in the form of Helester who took control of the forces of Vendriel and begin to lead a skilled defence of the mountains of Olympus. As the Titan Civil War ended in victory for Chaos the leadership caste that had been built by Helester returned to the Fade so that they could recieve reinforcements to reengage their attack on the Dwarves and Valhalla. While they left Vendriel made a play to recontrol Olympus through the creation of a group of Olympians called the Vanir. The Vanir would be utterly loyal to him, and when Helester returned with a massive army he once again moved north and put Vedriel in command of the defence of his rear which should have been easy with the huge forces he had at his disposal. Instead of doing this Vendriel silently engaged Valhalla in battle, and would be destroyed on the steps of Valhalla by Odin and his commanders. With Vendriel defeated the forces of Valhalla pushed south and sacked Olympus putting it under their control, and it was in this moment that Helester realized he had failed to destroy the Dwarves and turned his forces around and split the army into two with his side attacking Valhalla, and a smaller force attacking Olympus. Helester was much reduced and was defeated and killed by the forces of Valhalla while his army attacking Olympus was also destroyed meaning the end of the attackers.

Attack on Diamond Gate

Diamond Gate

Neru brought his forces to fortress capital of Olympas where all the Titans had been born, and by this point the fortress of Tarterus had fallen and all that was left was Olympas and a few other fortresses, and Khorne had been fighting over and over in attempts to break the siege but each time the defenders were saved by the intervention of Poseidan, Ares, and Zeus of whom stood resolute on the walls of Olympas, and its magical Diamond Gate. At this point with stalemate setting in Slanaash went to Neru one more time and decided to have Neru move against the Diamond Gate with his massive forces, and use the Magi of his people to break the Diamond Gates. It's unknown if Slanaash believed this was possible but Kargoth now believes that he did this as a means of killing another of the Chaos Gods for his enjoyment, and hates him because of it. Neru would listen and alongside several other Demi-Titans would move against the Diamond Gate. Kargoth, Neru, and the Djinn would wipe out the defenders outside the gate and begin summoning spells to destroy the Gate all the while taking huge losses from the defenders all across the Gate, and the wall. As the spell though reached its zenith the Titan Ares and the Angiris Council summoned out front of the Diamond Gate and battled the Djinn. Seeing his force dying around him Neru would challenge Ares to battle, but in an act of great insult Ares would reject the offer and continue massacring the Djinn summoning the spell.


Imperius at the Diamond Gate

The End

"I believed him to be invisible for my entire excistence so seeing him fall was a moment of incredible horror. He turned around as the blade sliced through his chest, and his eyes looked full of regret, and horror, and I made a full bee line towards in the hopes I could save him. As I moved forward as if it was happening in slow motion his body begin to move away like sand blowing in the wind. By the time I reached him grabbed for him but nothing remained of him except the dust from him."

As neru chased him around the battlefield the Archangel Imperius would step forward and duel him. Neru must have believed him a joke, but after only a few minutes of fighting Imperius layed him low, and destroyed Neru forever. With the death of Neru the force of Djinn became overcome with fear, and Ares, and the Angiris Council made their retreat throough the Diamond Gate leaving the rest of the force to be slowly destroyed by the defenders on the walls. In a moment of leadership Kargoth would gather the leadership across the battlefield of the Djinn and lead them off the field of battle towards their old home in the Fade. As they fled the battlefield they were harassed by the forces of Chaos of whom did not want them to retreat as they were close to breaking the Diamond Gate and basically wanted them to die for a little more damage on the gate. Either way Kargoth managed to get the rest of the Djinn out, and they would make their way to their home in the Fade. When they reached it Kargoth knew they couldn't remain so they made their way to the Earth where he planned to hide his people in the same way his father had hid inside the Fade. Kargoth and the Djinn would decide quickly that they would take no part in the First War on Earth because they were rebuilding their strength in the lands now known as the Kizlev.


With the siege dragging on but not fully capable of being won due to the overwhelming defences the other Chaos Gods attempted to make the Titans leave the safety of their fortress by overwhelming entire corners of the Fade and in this way taunting the Titans to stop them from unleashing hell on the planet. With the threat completely real the Titans mobilized all their strength and attempted to break the seige, but discovered that the Chaos Gods completely outnumbered them and they were swiftly beaten back into Olympas with heavy losses.

With the Titans beaten thourghally but still holding the inpenatrable Olympas the Chaos Gods moved their plans to unleashing their massive armies on the planet Earth.


First War with Chaos

The forces of Chaos miscalculated how powerful the mortals had become, and in a brazen act of defiance the servents of the Old Ones managed to push back Chaos. With their armies defeated the Noble Titans swooped in during the infighting amongst Chaos and began putting into place defences as best they could in order to assist the mortals.

The Pantheon

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"We tend to be taken aback by the thought that God could be angry. how can a deity who is perfect and loving ever be angry?...We take pride in our tolerance of the excesses of others. So what is God's problem?... But love detests what destroys the beloved. Real love stands against the deception, the lie, the sin that destroys. Nearly a century ago the theologian E.H. Glifford wrote: 'Human love here offers a true analogy: the more a father loves his son, the more he hates in him the drunkard, the liar, the traitor.'... Anger isn't the opposite of love. Hate is, and the final form of hate is indifference... How can a good God forgive bad people without compromising himself? Does he just play fast and loose with the facts? 'Oh, never will be men'. Try telling that to a survivor of the Downfall of the Numeron or to someone who lost an entire family in the Fall of France. No. To be truly good one has to be outraged by evil and implacably hostile to injustice."

-Karl Franz

These words were spoken by Karl Franz following the collapse of the Kingdom of Bretonia inside the France region, and they have come to define the idea that many humans of Europe hold that the God or Gods of the world do not care about what happens to them. The inaction of the Titans has become seen by many as a sign of weakeness, and this has placed their efforts into trouble.

The Titan Council

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The Titans that remain are greatly reduced from what they were once in number. With this diminishing numbers comes the outstretching of power amongst the survivors and the creation of weaker demi gods to replace losses. In this way many of the Titans now attempt to rule over areas that were meant to be controlled by areas that are not anymore due to the God defecting to Chaos or dying. The Titans form a council of the most powerful of their number and meet in order to decide what they should do about whatever situation should arise. Amongst the Council the main point of power is with Zeus, but his brother Hades is considerably powerful in the council as well.

Name Title Seat
Zeus First Archangel of Olympus The Oculum Tower
Aphrodite Second Archangel of Olympus The Avelian Tower
Hades Third Archangel of Olympus The Tower of the Underworld
Poseidan Fourth Archangel of Olympus The Tower of the Aevi

Former Members

Name Title Departure Reason
Ares Second Archangel of Olympus Created the Rebel Titans. Defeated during the Second Titan Civil War
Odin Fifth Archangel of Olympus Joined the Rebel Titans.