Ohgren Bronzebeard
Ohgren Bronzebeard
is a member of the royal Bronzebeard family, and as such is a royal member of the Karak Ankor Hold of Ekrund.

Ohgren Bronzebeard is by far one of the oldest member of Ekrund and he was born during the events of the Exodus of the Dwarves, and because of this he remembers fondly the Dwarven Gods, and lements that the truth of them can never be truly told to the Dwarven people.

During his long age he has fought in every war the Dwarves have fought in but his most lethal wars have been against the Skaven and Greenskins who have brought ruin to his Hold. Ohgren hates the Skaven with a vengeance that is unstoppable if he sees one, and this has led to several engagements where his forces have chased Skaven into ambushes, and other such mistakes. In this hatred he has become involved in a blood fued with the Skaven leader of the nearbye nest who they call Nagracht the coward.


Early History

Ohgren Bronzebeard was born in the ancient Dwarven Hold of Karak Hetra which was the first Dwarven Hold, and resided in Finland.

Exodus of the Dwarves

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War of Vengeance

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War of Tears

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Fall of Numeron

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Battle of Ekrund

Family Members

Brann Bronzebeard - Brother

Kurden Bronzebeard - Brother


Nagracht the coward


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Nagracht and Ohgren first came to conflict when the Skaven first begin pushing the goblins to attack the Dwarven Holds. In Ekrund the attacks were easily repulsed and because of this Nagracht was sent in to deliver the lethal blows to Ekrund. During his attack Nagracht was responsible for the murder of several of Ohgren's relatives including his wife, and when Ohgren finally found the skaven leader Nagracht ran away. This has created the nickname of "the coward" but