House Tyrell - Character
Paul Tyrell
is the son of two minor commoners from Tree Hill of which make him a commoner, and not a member of any noble family. Paul Tyrell married Janna Tyrell, and due to this marriage Paul became a member of House Tyrell. With Janna Tyrell he has three children in the form of Victor, Jereyi,  and Tyler Tyrell of which his son Tyler died alongside Janna during the siege of Tree Hill, his son Victor would become a skilled fighter brought up during the siege of Tree Hill, while his daughter Jereyi would be especially withdrawn with Paul of whom she blames for the death of their mother.

Paul Tyrell had seperated from his wife days before they were to meet there son Tyler in Tree Hill and it was during this time that he took his other two children northward to the Temple of Highgarden to be baptised in Dragonoph. While he was away from his wife and one son Tree Hill would come under assault in the Battle of Tree Hill and it was during its destruction, and during the siege his wife Janna, and son Tyler would both lose their lives. This left Paul Tyrell as the sole provider and protecter of his two remaining young children of which his daughter Jereyi would be very bitter towards him blaming him for the death of Janna. Paul Tyrell would work alongside his nephew Garlan Tyrell towards attempting to relieve the survivors within Tree HIll bt they both discovered that forces outside of their army wished to see Tree Hill die and each time they got close some new royal decree forced them back. Paul was placed in command of the remaining forces of Highgarden when Garlan Tyrell took the bulk of their forces to join with William Lovie III. during the events of The Journey.


Early History

Happy life

The Siege of Tree Hill


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Civil War

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Invasion of Westbridge

Main Article : Invasion of Westbridge

Family Members

Janna Tyrell - Wife

Tyler Tyrell - Son


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