House Winglad

Ragnar Winglad is the son of Arne, and Tyra Winglad making him a member of House Winglad.

Ragnar Winglad would grow up within the walls of his families estate north of Wirtbad where he came to greatly enjoy sword fighting alongside his older brother, and the two were very close, and this closeness only increased when their father Arne died leading to his brother Jan becoming the new Baron of House Winglad. Ragnar Winglad would join the Wissenland army when it departed the capital and moved towards the forces of Arthas and he took part in the fighting there surviving unscathed but horrified by the death of the boy he saw as his son in the form of Landolf Anderssen.


Early History

Ragnar Winglad would grow up within the walls of his families estate north of Wirtbad where he came to greatly enjoy sword fighting alongside his older brother, and the two were very close, and this closeness only increased when their father Arne died leading to his brother Jan becoming the new Baron of House Winglad.

Death of Elva Anderssen

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Edith Anderssen Large Hot
Your mother is dead Werner. Do not let your sadness over her death ruin your relationship with your family.
Edith Anderssen
 Elva, and Alberich had never recovered from the death of Wensten due to the failure of Alberich, and the subsequent violent maiming of Alberich by Elva and thus as time went by the hatred that Alberich felt towards his wife only increased, and it was in this position that Edith Davis would arrive in the capital of Wissenland. Leaving his mothers room still crying over her death he goes to his fathers study where he finds his father kissing Edith Anderssen, and overcome with rage over his fathers behavior he attacks his father and only the arrival of Ser Niklas Hagglund, and Ser Ragnar Winglad stops him from beating his father perhaps to death, and carrying him out of the room the two knights take him to the jail where his father had screamed for him to be sent. Final let out of jail by Edith of whom he discovered to his horror was marrying his father made recovering from her loss very difficult for the family outside of their father of whom would remarry only a month later their mothers lady in waiting and this quick marriage led to many coming to believe it was murder that killed Elva Anderssen.

Dead Invasion of Germania

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Arthas Invades Germania
This monster has crushed all resistance before him. He defeated the Austrians at Nuln. Crushed the wolves of Middenland at their own capital. Broke our army at Castle Nunenstein. Tell me my Emperor. How can we stop him? What do we do?

Following the Battle of Fornost the army of Arthas Menathil would move northward gathering significant reinforcements from the casualties of the Fornost region and then increasingly more as they moved through the war torn regions of Arnor. The rapidly expanding army of Arthas Menathil carves its way through Arnor, and Priam secretly commands the forces of Austria to do there best to avoid conflict with his army and instead begs for assistance from Karl Franz of whom begins rallying forces with the nearby forces of Slovakia, and Ostmark of whom were already rallying troops.

Galindus Vapnisson would despite his own strong desire to not remain be left behind as the regent of Kosice when his father Edgin Vapnisson and elder brother Volham Vapnisson rallied much of there forces to join the army of Slovakia in resisting the invasion of Arthas, and thus would be within the walls of Kosice when a small splinter force of Arthas Menathil put Kosice under siege.

Battle of Nuln

Pushed back at great cost from the inner gatehouse leading to the main city, the forces of Arthas would retreat out of Nuln but he left a splinter force behind with commands to kill and burn as much of the taken portion of the city as possible while the majority of the army retreated northward.

Invading the Lands of Ulric

Following the Battle of Nuln and with the city nearly defenseless the movement of Arthas north would finally cause the forces of Middenland and the Ulric worshipers to make a move to truly enter the conflict. The army of Arthas would move directly through the center of Wissenland forcing the Elector Count there in the form of Alberich Anderssen to raise his armies, but not having enought forces ready that quickly he could not engage the skeletal army of Arthas and instead followed it as it moved through central Wissenland and north into Middenland.

Battle of Middenheim

The combined forces of Middenland, Wissenland, and a small force from the Kingdom of Galia would mass outside of the city of Middenheim for the defence of the Ulric capital of which the Arthas army finally seemed intent on a fight as it moved towards the army. Following the defeat of the force besieging Kosice it would be Galindus that rallied the broken forces of House Vapnisson following the defeat of his father and brother and led them north where they would fight at the Battle of Middenheim where he would be horrified to discover his brother and father had been reanimated and now fought for Arthas and although he was able to end his brother his father would escape the battle with Arthas.

Battle of Nunenstein Castle

Battle of Aldorf

Following the forces of Arthas breaking through the fortress of Nunenstein Castle the army of Bavaria would be marshaled in its entirety and moved itself to Aldorf. While the Bavarians were mobilizing the long awaited reinforcements of Hannover moved into the province arriving west of Aldorf bolstering the defenders, but still paling in comparison to the forces they knew would be arrayed by Arthas Menathil.

Breaking out of Denmark

Defeated for the first time at the Battle of Aldorf the dead army of Arthas would make a move northward towards Denmark with their diminished forces, with this movement unable to be chased by the Hannover, and Bavarian Army due to the casualties they had suffered themselves.

Disapearance of Ebba

Returning to Wirtbad following this defeat he would reveal to his sister the death of Landolf and the following day after falling asleep in his room his sister would be no where to be found the next day leading a large search to be launched for her, but returning to the city several days later he would overhear his step-mother speaking of only having one more child to remove before her children could rule.

Family Members