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Rohavion is a large province that holds the northern border of the Kingdom of Bretonia. The province is the least densely populated in the Kingdom, but it's martial prowess has allowed it to survive a nearly constant invasion from the Welish and Pruta. The province has been led and dominated by House Eadig since they led their army into the region and took the land for the power of the Kingdom Of Bretonia

The Largest city in Rohavion is Edoras, and its size and importance are the reason that the region has become a hotbed of resistence from the forces of Pruta who truly want their land back and are willing to go to incredible lengths to get it returned to them.

For most of its history the region of Rohavion was one of the primary lands of the Empire of Pruta, and during this time their culture spread to all corners of the land. The Empire of Pruta lost control of the region during the rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia in the region and they would be pushed far to the north past the fortress of Helms Deep which was the last fortress to fall to the Bretonians. House Eadig unlike many of the other conquering houses from France begin to send large amounts of their followers into the land, and they spent huge amounts of funds rebuilding Edoras into a true city.



Early History


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Conflict with Pruta



Ethnicity Share of Population
Anglos 54%
Fanks 22%
Welsh 12%
Picts 12%

Noble Houses

Name Seat Titles Leader
House Ednew
House Eadig


Population Centers

Name Population Dominent Ethnic Group Title Holder
Edoras House Eadig
Helms Deep House Aberkeld
York Franks House Ednew


Duke of Rohavion

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Name Noble Family Seat Ethnic Group
Eomer Eadig House Eadig Edoras Anglo

Counts of Rhohavion

Name Noble Family Seat Ethnic Group
Theoden Ednew House Ednew York Frank
Turoc Aberkeld House Aberkeld Helms Deep Frank
Eomer Eadig House Eadig Edoras Anglo