Rohavion is a large province that holds the northern border of the Kingdom of Bretonia. The province is the least densely populated in the Kingdom, but it's martial prowess has allowed it to survive a nearly constant invasion from the Welish and Pruta. The province has been led and dominated by House Eadig since they led their army into the region and took the land for the power of the Kingdom Of Bretonia

The Largest city in Rohavion is Edoras, and its size and importance are the reason that the region has become a hotbed of resistence from the forces of Pruta who truly want their land back and are willing to go to incredible lengths to get it returned to them.

For most of its history the region of Rohavion was one of the primary lands of the Empire of Pruta, and during this time their culture spread to all corners of the land. The Empire of Pruta lost control of the region during the rise of the Kingdom of Bretonia in the region and they would be pushed far to the north past the fortress of Helms Deep which was the last fortress to fall to the Bretonians. House Eadig unlike many of the other conquering houses from France begin to send large amounts of their followers into the land, and they spent huge amounts of funds rebuilding Edoras into a true city.


Early History


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Conflict with Pruta


House Ednew

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House Eadig

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Eomer Eadig
is the son of Medag, and Linda Eadig making him the current Lord and Patriarch of House Eadig. Eomer took over the power of his father and is now a powerful Duke who controls the northern English province of Rohavian. Eomer has two siblings in the form of Theodwynn, and Eowyn Eadig of whome his brother Theodwynn is the Lord of Helms Deep where he defends the north of Rohavion, and his sister Eowyn is perhaps the leader of House Eadig in all non-military actions following the departure of Eomer`s wife when she returned to Dol Amroth. In this copasity he and his family have come to love the land, and this love has made their old noble southern friends think them to be uncivilized.

Eomer was born in the English city of Londinuem making him one of the new age English Bretonians that was beginning to rise as the Bretonians expanded into England. He would be fifteen when he would join his father, and he would be eighteen when his father was killed fighting during the capture of Helms Deep which signaled the end of the Bretonian expansion. He would be sent to Gondor in order to extend a trade deal with the Gondorians which would extend through the Kingdom of Lucerne and connect the two nations. During this time he would become wed to Lothriel Imrahil and she would return to England with him where they would live together for a year before the Andorran fortress came under assault and things started getting really bad. He is extremely loyal to King Jesse Eisenburg after he promiced Jesse's oldest brother while dying on the field of battle that he would protect the Eisenburg's. During the War in France Eomer Eadig would gain fame for his role in the victory at the Battle of Orleans .

Points of Interest



Main Article : Edoras

Edoras is a large city in the Bretonian province of Rohavion, that represents the largest settlement in Rohavion.

Rohavion's only real city, the capital of the province holds the Golden Hall of Meduseld. From this hall the two Dukes of Rohavion administer over the affairs of the province. The Duke of the city is Theoden Ednew , while the Duke of the province is Eomer Eadig.

With a population of well over 60,000 it is by far the largest city in the region, and because of this its importance is beyond anything in the province.


Helms Deep

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Helms Deep is the ancient fortress of England . It was once manned by the kings and queens of the former kingdom of England called the Kingdom of Pruta. This came to and end when during the First Siege of Edoras the forces of Bretonia destroyed the Prutan forces and sent them into exile in the lands of the north.

Helms Deep is symbollically very important to the Prutan Kingdom and for this reason it is the point that is most contested amongst the lands of Northern Rohavion. In this contention it has been invaded by Pruta on three seperate occasion in just the last ten years but each time the fortress has repelled the Prutan army.

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