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The School of Magi is the second short story of the New World Series. The School of Magi chronicles the events of Hogwarts a Magi school based on the Harry Potter series with a more adult theme, and events. The school of Magi opens up another front in the New World, and leads the story down a more northern experiance then the usual stories of southern Europe, and Nehekhara.

The School of Magi would be a take off the oringinal Hogwarts story, but the differences were the far more brutal nature of the New World series led to a far more brutal, and sexualized region that many similar things happened but the violence and actions were changed quite a lot. The invasion of The Empire would also be a huge part of the story, and this would lead several characters down a very dark path including Harry and his forces summoning thousands of elementals and then massacring thousands of Empire troops, and then following this Snape would conjure a mana bomb that would absolutely destroy an entire city leaving the situation between the two kingdoms very much in the air. Following that great conflict Hogwarts would become the enemy of the Empire of Tevinter after it fell to the evil Lord Voldermorte, and they were thus squarely aligned with the Kingdom of Lucerne in the now growing Lucernian-Emperian conflict.

POV Characters

The School of Magi is told from the POV of five main characters in the form of Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Ron Weezly, and Neville Longbottom. Each of these characters will often discuss events that the other POV character has already discussed but from the angle of what they saw when it happened.

POV Character Chapter
Harry Potter 1, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24
Hermione Granger 3, 5, 10, 13
Ron Weezly 7, 11, 17, 21, 25
Draco Malfoy 2, 14, 18, 22, 26
Neville Longbottom 6, 9, 15, 19, 23, 27

The fact that there are only five POV characters made this the least amount of POV characters of any of the stories of the New World series to date. Following the introudction of Hermione Granger into the larger storyline of Westros (Book) she is absent from the School of Magi storyline.

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

Harry Potter is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is fresh from his victory in the Goblet of Fire and following this victory and the events of the Euro Cup he has become infatuated with Hermione Granger a point that becomes clear when he sees Ron his best friend kissing Hermione and in his jealousy he travels into the Forbidden Forest where he hopes to meet with one of the Centaurs of the Forest. Meeting with the centaur leader in the form of Rozetheus the two talk for some time until eventually Rozetheus reveals that he met with a magi from Hogwarts some time ago and told him that the child of Lilly Potter would end his life, but trying to find out who the Magi was would fail and Rozetheus would demand Harry leave which he tried to resist but was taken by force out of the forest by several centaurs. Harry goes to the only person that he believes can help him find out the truth in the form of Albus Dumbledore of whom has helped him immensely throughout everything that has been going on, and arriving there the two talk for some time until eventually Albus who looks extremely pained talks to Harry about going home to see his family but Harry believes he is the target after hearing what Rozetheus has said and thus refuses to leave, and Albus agrees to help him find out the leader of the Deatheaters.

Chapter 2

Draco Malfoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is holding hands with Astoria Malfoy of whom he is shown through his thoughts to be deeply in love with, and as they walk they discuss the happenings in Hogwarts from what is quite clearly the other side of the Civil War as they are revealed as Deatheaters. The chapter ends with Astoria and Draco getting into an argument over what they had done, but not wanting to betray his family he is rude to Astoria causing her to leave to return to her room, and left alone he is found by Charlotte Painsley of whom had been eavesdropping and unlike Asotoria supports him one hundred percent and overcome with all the emotions of his fight with Astoria and the Magi tricks of Charlotte the two kiss. Draco would go to the forbidden forest with Tobias Grundeven, and the two meet with Tom Malfoy of whom discusses the planning for the coming destruction of House Potter, and in this conversation Draco, and Tobias are cinvinsed through fear and menipulation to take part in the destruction of House Potter, and while this is prepared the two are told to keep a low profile and they will be alerted once the times comes.  

Chapter 3

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during the chapter she watches as Harry rides away from Hogwarts for the summer and a tear falls down her cheek as she realizes how much she misses him already, and thinking on this she can't help but think how little she thinks on Ronald. Going back inside Hogwarts she meets with Albus Dumbledore of whom she talks with for some time showing how close they are and then he assists her with summoning a portal to the Kingdom of Lorraine where she plans to meet with her family. Hermione has during her time at Hogwarts been secretly learning the extremely difficult art of turning metals into a more refined coin form and she has had her family gather different cheap metals which she will turn into gold allowing them to buy land in Hogwarts with this money. Arriving in Lorraine she travels by horse to her families small farm outside of the town of Haris and she runs into the arms of her brother of whom she finds stacking piles of coal and with great joy she turns some of the coal into gold pieces and as she and her brother are counting the coins her mother and father come outside to the sounds of their laughter and the family all hug each other as they discover this will be the path forward for the family. Hermione stays at the farm for the summer and during this time her family hires several close friends from Haris as servents bringing them from extreme poverty in Haris to a good life with them and their eventual move to Hogwarts which will happen once Hermione arranges the purchase of a farm for them in Hogwarts.

Chapter 4

Harry Potter is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he travels with Ronald Weezly northward to the town of Hogsmeade where they have joined with several Hogwarts instructors in searching the town for what is believed to be the head of a Deatheater cell. Interogating several suspected deatheater supporters they discover the identity of the man known as Lord Voldermorte to be Tom Malfoy and learning this Severus Snape is shown to be visably horrified and the begin talking and during this Harry learns that Tom Malfoy is an extremely powerful former Hogwarts student that has been believed dead until recently when he started spending time around Holyhead and most notably around Lilly Potter. Harry argues this saying the man was a distant cousin of the family named Arriving in Holyhead the group confronts Tom Malfoy of whom is talking with Harry's mother Lilly and revealing his identity as Lord Voldermorte he grabs Lilly and attempts to portal out but is stopped by Severus of whom pulls Lilly away form Tom Malfoy but before they can get Tom he is pushed through the portal by Tebrus Goyle who is revealed to be deatheater.

Chapter 5

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter she watches as Harry prepares to go into isolation with his family at the Potter estate which is a fortress of Magi defences and since Lord Voldermorte made it clear they were target Harry and Hermione share a emotional goodbye. There goodbye is witnessed by Draco Malfoy of whom taunts the two over their clear attraction and when Hermione punches him he makes a rude insult saying that her family would pay for their loyalty to the Potters, and then rushes off after being dragged away by two Slytherin students. Believing with everything in her that her family is at risk she prepares to leave for Lorraine to find her family and bring them to safety, and in this plans to go alone, and rides out in the night. Travelling by horse due to the ban of Magi travel in light of recent events she is met on the road by Harry Potter of whom is unwilling to let her go alone, and they share a romantic moment before continueing down the road towards Lorraine. As they neared the Hogwarts Numenorian Portal they would be met on the road to the portal by Draco Malfoy, and Astoria Malfoy of whom would laugh about the deaths during the Night of Violence and Draco would taunt Harry on being the only member of House Potter not in complete isolation out of fear. The four would come to blows with Draco and Astoria on the losing end of things, and Harry and Hermione would go to leave when Draco stopped them once more threatening to kill Harrys family for what had happened today. While Harry and Hermione returned to their horses in their journey to find her parents Draco and Astoria would return by Magi to the fortress of his family in the form of the Malfoy Estate just outside of Westbridge where they would demand to be involved on the destruction of House Malfoy but in a critical error they did not reveal the departure of Harry and Hermione. Harry and Hermione would reach the Portal teleporting to Lorraine where they used a Magi broom to reach her parents house where they would find her parents dead hanged on a tree. After discovering the hanging bodies of her parents Hermione was overcome with grief and Harry and Hermione basically just lay against a tree for hours as she cried herself into Harry's shoulder. When she finally calmed down her emotional state caused her to kiss Harry and although they both quickly pulled back that was the moment between the two that their mindset changed. Hermione was emotionally exhausted and so she passed out, and while she was passed out, Harry got her parents, and servants bodies down from the tree and used his Magi to dig their graves and clean them up. When Hermione woke she discovered Harry standing by the edge of the graves and she silently thanked him by kissing him. The two stood silently infront of the graves of her parents before they once again began kissing. This time it became more heated and it only stopped when Harry pulled back and stopped them. Following this Harry showed Hermione the piece of clothing he had found, and she used her Magi to discover its owner was a Death eater named Gragorix Lux. With this knowledge the two packed themselves and headed towards the location of Gragorix Lux who was - according to their Magi tracking - in the town of Haris west of her parents farm. The chapter ends with two arriving at the town where they enter a tavern where they find him and a massive fight breaks out which ends with Harry and Hermione killing many people before escaping on a Griffin.

Chapter 6

Neville Longbottom is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter we are introduced to Neville Longbottom of whom is a senior member of Dumbledore's army. Neville and Lily Flune his wife discuss the sitution in Hogwarts and together leave the Longbottom estate in there town for a mission in northern Hogwarts, and he and Lily leave there young child behind with his brother of whom is travelling to the castle for the week to rebuild some of the defences of the castle. Before he leaves he says goodbye to his sister and parents and while doing this he thinks on there time together as he silently believes he may perish in the fighting in the north. Moving northward they meet with several members of the Order of the Pheonix in the form of Ron Weezly and some thirty men at arms and a few knights that Ron led from Hogwarts and Neville after talking with Ron is not revealed the purpose of their northern mission but believes it involves his family due to the looks he gets from Ron.

Chapter 7

Ron Weezly is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he wakes up in his room in the Gryfindor quarters and goes looking for Hermione, and Harry of whom he hasn't seen in several days, and again after hours of searching for some clue he finds nothing, but this time he is stopped by Severus Snape of whom brings him to the chambers of Albus Dumbledore. Entering Albus's chambers he is told the news that House Potter has been all but wiped out, and he is sent by Lord Dumbledore northward with a small force of the Order of the Pheonix where they are to rescue several nobles in the north, and then bring them back to Hogwarts. Ron meets with another small group of the Order in the form of Neville Longbottom, and his wife accompanied by two dozen men at arms and several knights from House Longbottom, and they do not camp for the night marching throughout the darkness towards the northern estate of House Potter where they hope to find several survivors of House Potter there. Approaching the esate he becomes emotional after talking with Neville about his parents of whom Ron knows were killed during the massacre of House Potter, and sends Neville back to Hogwarts lieing about receiving a letter from Hogwarts from Neville's family and following this Neville leaves with his forces and Ron prepares to storm the estate and save the remainder of Harrys family. Harry and Hermione return to the castle and he tells Harry of his families destruction and they all don't have much time to be sad as the Castle is attacked by the Deatheaters, and auxillary troops sent north from Westbridge.

Chapter 8

Harry Potter is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he fights in the Battle of Hogwarts as the Deatheaters attempt to destroy the Magi city through sheer numbers. During a breif lull in the fighting he would find his uncle Sirius Potter on the battlements and the two would discuss the loss of their family and as the conversation ended Sirius called him his lord and Harry would reject this saying he was giving the lordship to Sirius as he was not fit yet to rule over the remains of House Potter. Following the masasacre of deatheater forces on the eastern front Lord Voldermorte is forced to action with the coming arrival of heavy reinforcements from the feudal forces and thus demands single combat with Harry Potter of whom accepts the offer. Harry Potter watches from the battlements as Lord Voldermorte and his elite guard travel to the main Hogwarts bridge to wait for him, and as he prepares to leave he is stopped by his uncle of whom once more tries to stop Harry from going but is overruled by the arrival of Albus Dumbledore who argues for Harry to fight Lord Voldermorte and Harry who had been wavering pushes forward now at the words of Albus who he respects so much. Travelling onto the bridge accompanied by Albus, and several elite guardsmen Harry Potter and Voldermorte have a brief conversation where they both taunt eachother but with nothing to be solved by this the two duel and Harry is able to prevail pushing back Lord Voldermorte who portals out with Harry having but not taking an oppurtunity to kill him, and following Tom porting away the remaining Deatheaters rout ending the Hogwarts Civil War. 

Chapter 9

Neville Longbottom is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter he returns to the city of Hogwarts briefly before the arrival of the Deatheaters, and joins the meeting detailing the defense of the city. Neville and Ronald Weezly stood on the western wall alongside most of the defenders and it was here that they accepted to first waves of attackers of which were low level foot solders accompanied by Deatheaters. Fighting on the walls of Hogwarts as they are assaulted by the Deatheater forces, and on the final page during the initial assault against the walls Neville is struck by a bolt from a Malfoy men at arms and falls from the battlements into a wagon. Struggling to remain conscious he watches as he drifts unconscious as Lily stands on the wall screaming for him, and he tries to raise a hand but finds himself unable to and the chapter ends with Neville drifting to sleep.

Chapter 10

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of thsi chapter and during the chapter several months have passed since the Deatheaters attack on Hogwarts and she and Ron are on the rocks after she has become closer and closer to Harry after everything they went through. On the other side of things Harry now knows that Jinny is pregnent with his child, and tries his best to hide this. At the end of the chapter The Empire sends letters threatening Hogwarts with destruction, and with no course to stop The Empire through diplomacy they prepare for the coming attack. Also after reading the letter she leaves the room with Harry and the two begin kissing outside in the hallway, and are only stopped from going further by Ron calling for them trying to find them.

Chapter 11

Ron Weezly is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he is present during the council planning the defence of the city from the vast Emperian army that assails it. He fights on the eastern banks of the castle briefly before he, Harry, Hermione and a large force of Hogwarts sneak through tunnels out of the castle and into the night where they arrive outside the lines of attack. Ron summons elementals alongside the rest of the army as they sneak attack the command core of the Empire forces killing thousands before moving their elementals southward towards the castle and causing horrible damage to the forces attacking the northern part of Hogwarts. 

Chapter 12

Harry Potter is the POV Character of Chapter Nine and during this chapter he meets with the Hogwarts Council of whom learns through prisoners that The Empire is preparing to send another army with more forces then the original army has, and they know their tricks wont work again, and most likely Hogwarts will fall during that attack. Severus Snape makes a plan to lead an elite force towards the nearest Empire town and destroy it using Magi as a means of threatening The Empire into not attacking. Harry and Hermione are shown to be getting increasinly physical with eachother and their affair is only increasing in its intensity, while both are leaving Ron in the complete dark, while Ron is shown breiefly to be being seduced by Lavender Dumbledore. Harry leaves as the only member of the Triumverate to join Severus Snape as they travel to Greenhoppe, and during their journey there he and Severus discuss his life and it becomes clear that Severus was romantic with his mother and feels a sence of father son relationship with Harry. The two reach the edge of Greenhoppe and meet briefly with the leadership of Greenhoppe and advise him to send away the women and children but the mayor refuses this as he knows a large Austrian army is on its way. Over three days Severus and a large group of Magi surround the city and cast a massive spell which utterly destroys the city of Greenhoppe leaving a massive crater in its wake. Harry follows Severus into the Crater where they plant the flag of Hogwarts and a brief letter which details that if Austria steps foot into Hogwarts they will do the same to every single city of Austria including first the capital of Nuln.

Chapter 13

Hermione Granger is the POV Character of Chapter Ten and during this chapter she deals with the return of Harry and the surrender letter from Karl Franz of whom unconditionally makes a cease fire between the two nations. During this chapter she and Harry Potter suceumb to the temptation and are finally truly intimate together of which will eventually lead to a dramatic fall of the Triumverate. 

Chapter 14

Draco Malfoy is the POV Character of this chapter and during this chapter he retreats from the Battle of Hogwarts and follows his family to their holdings in Westbridge.

Chapter 15

Neville Longbottom is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter Neville

Chapter 16 

Harry Potter is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter he deals with the departure of Hermione of whom has left the city, and at this point his relationship with Ron Weezly is completely gone leaving him the sole remaining member of the Triumverate. Devastated by the losses of his friends he decides that some level of happiness is better then nothing and travels to the home of the Weezly family where he meets with Arthur Weezly and shocks the family including Ronald when he asks for Ginny's hand in marriage. Obviously with the desires of his daughter in mind but also the chance of gaining the advantages of marrying into House Potter he quickly agrees to the marriage and while Harry and Ginny are kissing he is struck from behind by Ron instigating a fight which ends when Arthur immobilizes Ron with Magi. While immobilized Arthur berates Rons behavior and then Fred takes Ron to his room where he doesnt say a word just glares at Harry. Following this display Harry leaves the estate saying goodbye to Ginny and travels to the inner keep where he meets with Albus Dumbeldore of whom he discusses the situation with Ronald Weezly and during this conversation Albus pushes Harry to use his influence to have Ron given control of Morimont of which he discovers Albus has been attempting with out success but believes he can have success if Harry joins him. The following day Harry travels to the inner sanctum of Hogwarts where he presents to the assembled Ministers the proposal of giving Ronald control of Morimont and after giving an impassioned speech about Ron's courage during the conflict with germans they agree and Ronald is summoned to the sanctum. Harry remains off to the side but visible as Ron is told of the title he is being given, but Ronald takes the decision as an insult and attempts to resist but the arrival of Arthur Weezly ends this resistance as Arthur reveals that Ron is no longer welcome in their home following his actions previous. The following day without much of a send off Ronald leaves the city by horseback and Harry looks around realizing that despite everything that has happened Ron was his one time best friend and now that Hermione is gone he feels truly lonely and in this loneliness he goes to the Weezly home and taking Ginny with him the two travel to his home in Hogwarts and greeted by his servants and guards he is again overcome with his loneliness and sleeps with Ginny as well as asking that she stay with him in his home.

Chapter 17 

Ron Weezly is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in Morimont where he takes control of the fortress as the Count of Morimont but is completely disgusted that his family abandoned him to this fate. Meeting in the holdfast of Morimont he meets with those under his control in the form of his Chancellor in the form of Onalisus, his Master at arms Caurus Beddow, and his steward Antedrigus of whom he discusses with about the current state of the castle and wanting to make something of this place he listens to the advise of Onalisus who gives him suggestions at how to improve the lands. Travelling with Caurus to the village of Near Morimont he meets with the lord of the village in the form of Cattabus Beddow the brother of his master of arms and there first meeting goes well with Ronald liking the brothers. Ronald stays in Near Morimont for several weeks as they rebuild the nearby mine but is forced to return to Morimont to greet the arrival of Lavander Dumbledore of whom has arrived to fulfill their betrothal. Lavander arrives looking quite changed with her hair straight instead of the usual mess above her head, but she is also changed for being accompanied by several Magi of whom Ronald recegnizes Melia Chow from there time together at Hogwarts but is introduced to her brother Masuda Chow, and his wife Yashida Chow but Ronald gets a bad feeling from the Chows having previously heard rumors they were supportive of the Deatheaters. Ron Weezly marries her fufilling thier betrothal, but cannot get Hermione out of his mind and thinks that he is only doing this in a desperate search for something resembling the love he felt for Hermione, and their ceremony is held at Morimont where he does not invite any of his family nor does he invite Harry. Following his marriage to Lavander he grows to hate her as she is affectionate to him, but is not Hermione making him grow abusive towards her which only increases until the arrival of one of his new vassals in the form of Lord Albert Granet, and his young twin daughters Rebecca and Justine Granet of whom he immediately takes a liking to.

Chapter 18 

Draco Malfoy is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter the fortress of Westbridge is attacked by Lcerne, and he deals with the events of this massive assault. 

Chapter 19 

Neville Longbottom is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 20 

Harry Potter is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter he is forced to deal with the growing fighting between the close ally of Hogwarts in Dale and the hostile Kingdom of Welegund.

Chapter 21 

Ron Weezly is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 22 

Draco Malfoy is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter he arrives in Tevinter with his uncle of whom plans to take control fo the massive Empire, and Draco feels increasingly depressed of which is only controlled through his love of Astaria.

Chapter 23 

Neville Longbottom is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 24 

Harry Potter is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 25 

Ron Weezly is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 26 

Draco Malfoy is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter 

Chapter 27 

Neville Longbottom is the POV Character during this chapter and during this chapter