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is a Third Generation Titan of whom served as a Minor God of War for a very long time before he was tricked by Malekor into betraying Yen Fang his beloved son leading to Yen Fangs death and Shangdu's corruption into the forces of the Chaos Titans.

Shangdu was created during the Third Generation of the Titans becoming the child of Ares and the Second Generation Titan and Minor God of Music Calliope of whom had always loved Ares. Shangdu would fight in the Titan Civil War where he fought in the army of his Grandfather as his father was at this point uninterested in the the martial skills of Shangdu, and in an act of rebellion to his father he would begin taking on the form of a Han human like his mother instead of the Twi'Lek form of his father. It would be Shangdu that led to the end of Yen Fang as following the departure of Yen Fang briefly from the capital Shangdu would murder his own mother causing Yen Fang to act emotionally returning without his most loyal forces to the capital and returning there he discovered a large trap arrayed against him and was murdered by Shangdu his own father.


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Corruption of Zeus

The Eternity War

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Titan Civil War

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First War with Chaos

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Rise of Yen Fang

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