Sons of Aestarion
House of Aestarion
Spin Offs None
Chronological Order
Preceded By The Twilight
Followed By None
Narration Omniscient Narrator

The Sons of Aestarion is a background story that details the history of the House of Aestarion from their earliest beginnings towards their conflict between Malekith, and Bel Shannar Melian, towards the most recent days where they have risen once again to the power of Pheonix King.

The Sons of Aestarion opens up the history of the Elves prior to the Eternity War for the first time revealing there status during this conflict, and the fact that unlike their own history tells them they were not in fact the Atmer Empire until the First Invasion of Chaos.

Plot Summary

Chapter 1

The first chapter deals with the creation of the Elven Race showing the work of Slanaash, and Artemis in the creation of the earliest Elves. During this time the detailing of the Seventeen Elven Elder Houses is made and how they went about moving them to their spots and then populating their lands with the Elven Great Houses.

Chapter 2

This chapter deals with the rise of the realms of Ulthuan during the Golden Age of the Earth, as the different realms move closer to becoming the Atmer Empire but are unable to form themselves permently under any specific leader leaving them a pathwork of kingdoms on Ulthuan.

Chapter 3

This chapter deals with the Chaos Invasion of the world and the rise of the Atmer Empire during the torments of the Chaos invasion. Rising behind the leadership of Aenarion Aestarion the Elves form the Atmer Empire and defend Ulthuan although this is not the main thrust of the Chaos attack the Magi potential of the Elves does lead to a significant assault on Ulthuan.

Chapter 4

This chapter deals with the aftermath of the Chaos Invasion of Ulthuan and the rising level of power shown by the Cult of Pleasure. This chapter shows the rejection of Malekith as the second Phoenix King of the Atmer Empire and the consequences that this has on the Atmer Empire.

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