Sylvanus Windrunner
Kingdom of Lothlorian1
Vital statistics
Title Ranger General of Lothlorian
Alias Sylvia
Magi Ability 1
Magi Addiction None
Status Alive

Sylvanus Windrunner is the Sentinel Commander of Lothlorian and a member of the influencial Sindar Elf family called the Windrunners. Sylvanus has three siblings in the form of Alleria, Legolas, and Vareesa Windrunner of which Alleria is a leading figure in the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, her brother is a steady commander in the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, and her sister Vareesa is a legendary archer in High Forest. Once extremely close to her family members she is now unable to even see them, as they have all grown to hate what Sylvanus has become in her lust for Kael'Jarno. Sylvanus Windrunner has two children with Kael'Jarno in the form of Lirath, and Sylvos Sunstrider of which both have become a part of the Sunstrider Family after making that choice at the age of forty, and Sylvos has become an achanist in the Lothlorian Magisters, while Lirath has become a member of the Farstriders under the command of his own mother.

Sylvanus Windrunner was born on Ulthuan inside the powerful Windrunner Family, and in her early days she was very close to her family. She would also during this time come to love the forest more then anything else in her world She would join her two sisters in joining the Atmer Empire when it defended France during the War of Vengeance against the Dwarves, but her time there would curupt much of what she once was. Sylvanus Windrunner was once a very devout Sindar Elf, but she became overcome with love for the Lothlorian Elf prince Kael'Jarno and this love drove her to abandon her family, and side with the Lothlorian Elves during the Lothlorian civil war. During the conflict she nearly killed her sister Alleria in a fight, and after this any doubt of her loyalty are gone in the eyes of the other Windrunners. Now a devout follower of the Lothlorians she leads the Lothlorian Rangers who are a significant force within the forest that controls the non-Magi wielding women of the kingdom and trains them to gaurd the forest with the skills of an archer. She would join her beloved husband during the Fall of France where the elven forces moved to Marseilles and would hold the line against the endless line of Orcs that attacked the fortress. Following this she returned to Athel Loren and became very close to her son Lirath of whom was now a Farstrider within the Kingdom of Lothlorian, and together they patrolled the forests of Athel Loren and made it safer and safer.


Early History

War of Vengeance

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The Windrunner sisters

Why not have better dear sister. Why not find a place where we don't have to hide who we are. We are the original Elves, and if this island has moved on from us, then let us move past this island.
Alleria Windrunner

It was during the War of Vengeance that the lives of Vareesa, Alleria, Sylvanus, and Legolas Windrunner along with their entire family would change completely. The sisters would decide that they wanted to see the world and truly understand if there was a place for them outside of the shores of Ulthuan. Following this path they went along with Alleria Windrunner when the call of the Pheonix King went out for all Elves to assist the war effort in France against the aggressive and monsterous Dwarves, and in this way they travelled with their brother Legolas to France in the initial stage of the fighting. As the conflict continued the four siblings began to show a split in what they were interested in with Vareesa, Alleria, and Legolas following the teachings of Maflurion Stormrage and looking for a forest that teemed with the life that the world was made of, while the final sibling in Sylvanus would become enamored by Kael'Jarno Sunstrider of whom had travelled to France in secret with his siblings.

Fighting a War

On their Own

Ice Crown Mountain

The reason for their travel their was that Laera Sunstrider only trusted his children with the mission that he required done. Laera wished for them to squire a series of magical items whose power would dramatically increase Laera's power amongst the Sindar Elves. While there they engaged in a conflict with Illidan Stormrage when they discovered Illidan was attempting to find the same items they were after. This conflict took them from item to item as the sunstrider children would capture one only to find Illidan had taken the next one. This continued until they reached Icecrown where they attempted to take a stone which there father said was the ultimate Magi regeneration tool in exsistence. They fought there way up the mountain through the minions of Illidan towards their goal and when they reached the top the three engaged in a duel with Illidan and were able to defeat him, and then escape with the stone.

Returning Home

This divide in which forests they all were visiting would have little importance during the war but when the Elves were forced to return to Ulthuan following the attack by the Dark Elves the three siblings found themselves separated for the first time on how to move forward. Vareesa was direhard in her devotion to the high Druid in Furion Stormrage, and because of this she wished to follow whatever command Furion told them to do. This was different then Sylvanus who had become involved in a minor off shoot of the SIndar Elves led by a prince named Laera Sunstrider and she wished to listen to his teachings about the forest. In the center of this debate were Alleria, and Legolas who simply wanted to be a part of the forest as they had always been.

The Sindari Exodus

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Founding of Lothlorian

The Founding of the Kingdom of Lothlorian
I had to carve out a new destiny for our people. The Sindar Elves would only find themselves destroyed if they follow Malfurion any further. It was time for a new path.
The Result of the Sindari Exodus from Ulthuan
Grouping Site of Settlement Population
Malfurion's Elves High Forest Upwards of 950,000 Sindari Elves heavily devided between fighters, civilians and children.
Laera Sunstrider's Elves Athel Loren Around 400,000 Sindari Elves heavily divided between fighters, civilians, and children.
I had to carve out a new destiny for our people. The Sindar Elves would only find themselves destroyed if they follow Malfurion any further. It was time for a new path.
Laera Sunstrider

As Malfurion Stormrage started the exodus of the Sindar Elves the second most powerful Sindar Elf in Laera Sunstrider took his followers and went as well. During the crossing he used Magi to make sure that certain ships were delayed quite heavily. In this way the ships of his followers as well as several other Sindar Elves that he wanted did not arrive in France until nearly two months later. As time wore on the Elves on board became horrified that they would never arrive, and that some great evil was delaying them, but each day Laera Sunstrider used his charisma to control more and more of the Elves. By this point Laera Sunstrider spread word to his supporters amongst Malfurion that the ships had crashed into rocks leaving the fleet of Laera dead or lost in the waters. Malfurion with great sadness would leave behind volunteers of whom took the form of Laera supporters to wait for the stragglers but he took the rest of the Sindar Elves with him to High Forest. When the second wave finally did arrive in France and did not find Malfurion waiting for them those who were not among the devout followers of Laera were scared, and open to manipulation. Laera used this moment to rally the second wave of Sindar Elves of which there were many of his personal followers, and brought them to the forest of Lothlorian which was the forest scouted by Sylvanus during the War of Vengeance, and of which she had advised him of.

We had travelled all this way, and yet here I stood on the edge of a lake that was supposed to lead us to everything we would need, and I saw nothing.

When the Elves arrived in Athel Loren they were guided throughout by Sylvanas who had intimate knowledge of the forest. In this way the large group of Sindar Elves was able to dramatically eliminate the local Trolloc without much difficulty. With the forest clear Sylvanus lead Laera to the island that she had seen, and been told by Illidan was a source of great power, but when they arrived there Laera discovered that they had been tricked by Illidan and that there was nothing special about the island. As he prepared to give up on this spot out of the water appeared Illidan Stormrage. Illidan begged to speak to Laera priveatly and when he agreed the two discussed how Illidan had absorbed the Skull of Maethor thanks to the efforts of his children and for this he wished to meand the differences between the two by helping to craft a massive devise which would be able to harnass a massive amount of Magi, and become the culmination of everything that Laera had ever dreamed of. Laera was skeptical at best but told Illidan that he had one year to complete the devise, and if he succeded then all would be forgiven but if he failed then he would hunt him down and kill him. Following this Illidan travelled to the Island of Quel`Dalas as the Elves had come to call it, and begin constructing the Sunwell. While working on this he was watched over by Laera`s trusted daughter Maen`Tryden Sunstrider who was a youthful but still gifted Magi. As the sunwell was being constructed the Elves obviously could not sit idle so they were joined together and begin constructing the city of Silvermoon.

Founding of Silvermoon

COming of High FOrest
Silvermoon was our future. It was everything.
Laera Sunstrider

Silvermoon was constructed over the course of the year that Illidan was constructing the Sunwell, and during this time the Sindar Elves who were heavy in number constructed a city that could home the entire group of them meaning that the well over 400,000 Elves at the time needed to live there. While most of the population of 400,000 begin the construction of small farms and villages almost half the population there would come to live within the city itself and the surrounding estates. The city was constructed out of white stone and living plants in the style of the ancient Ulthuani empire and interwoven with the natural topography of the landscape. The city contained the famous Academies of Silvermoon as a center for the learning of Arcane Magic and Sunstrider Spire, a majestic palace home to the Royal family of the Sindar Elves of Athel Loren. The Convocation of Silvermoon (also known as "The Council of Silvermoon"), the ruling body of the Sindar elves was also based here within the Court of the Sun. Nearly a year after starting the construction and nearing completion the entire society of Athel Loren stopped as Illidan returned to the main island accompanied still by Maen`Tryden.

The Betrayal

Illidan Stormrage Cover Founding
I held up my end of the bargain Sunstrider. Its your turn to hold up your end of our deal.
Illidan Stormrage

Illidan would come shore with Maen`Tryden still at his side but she was now clearly quite pregnant, and this caused great anger from Laera Sunstrider of whom had planned her marriage to nobles loyal to him and this put a serious wrinkle in his plans. From this anger he would reject the deal he had with Illidan Stormage and after a great argument broke out Illidan would be taken into chains while Maen`Tryden would also be taken to the palace and kept locked away. Illidan would be kept under guard by Maeiv Shadowsong of whom would be placed in charge of the new Lothlorian Barrow Dens which would serve as a large prison for Athel Loren. While Illidan and Maen`Tryden remained locked away the upper echolon of the forces of Laera Sunstrider would travel to the now created Sunwell and upon arrival basked in its power with several passing out from the effects of the Sunwell. Large forces were brought to the island where they would construct the fortress of Quel'Dalas and completely cover the Sunwell within. While this was happening communication begin to open fully between High Forest where the main force of the Sindar Elves had landed, and the now growing lands of Laera Sunstrider of which Laera attempted to slow as he wanted to keep complete control. After years of construction Laera would stand over the top leadership and proclaim the creation of the Kingdom of Lothlorian, and in his first act he ordered the execution of his sister, and Illidan for treason.

Give me my brother. He needs to pay for his crimes, but not this way. Laera listen to reason.
Malfurion Stormrage

It was while the city of Silvermoon was under construction and in the years that followed that Alleria Windrunner would leave behind her children and husband while she and Sylvanus attempted to find out what had happened to their sister Valeria who had travelled with Malfurion. As the preperations were being made for the two's execution Alleria Sunstrider would sectrely send word to Malfurion Stormrage in High Forest of what was happening, and after the initial shock that the Sindari Elves had survived in the second group Malfurion would go to Athel Loren in large force. Captain Vur'talos Darkshadow would arrive before the main High Forest army with some four hundred sentinels and would relay the coming of Malfurion Stormrage to the Lothlorian commanders of whom led by Laera planned to resist and tried to kill Illidan but found his, and Maen'Tyrden's cell's were locked through Magi and they couldn't get in. Moving in from the west another force of some two thousand Sindari Elves from High Forest arrived under the command of Hammon Winterdew and would block the western approach into Silvermoon awaiting the arrival of the main force led by Malfurion. Arriving at Silvermoon with nearly one hundred and fifty thousand SIndari Elves at his back Malfurion would demand the return of his brother to stand for trial, and at first Laera would refuse, but as the High Forest siege of Silvermoon continued many Sindari in his own ranks whispered of the right of Malfurions claims and thus he was forced to relent and returned Illidan to Malfurion, but the relationship between High Forest, and Athel Loren was broken. While Malfurion was willing to fight over the return of his brother he was less willing to fight over Maen Sunstrider of which Illidan once he was returned to the High Forest lines would take as a betrayal and not even the words of Tyrande could stop him from abandoning his brother who had just saved him. 


The most dramatic moment, and the moment that would forever shape the person Sylvanus Windrunner was going to be was the moment she met Kael'Jarno. At the time Sylvanus was walking through Silvermoon city in her montly adress to the King of Lothlorian when she saw Kael'Jarno in a courtyard training in his Magi. She was mesmerized by his raw ability, and she found herself watching him for hours. After hours had passed and she hadn't arrived the young King Kael'Thalas left the palace to find her, and found her staring at his younger brother Kael'Jarno.

Sylvanus Windrunner talked with Kael'Thalas for great length about the feelings she was having, and at the end of their conversation the young King pushed her into confronting Kael'Jarno with her feelings.

Sylvanas Fallen by TheFirstAngel

Lothlorian Civil War

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Sylvanus Windrunner was so involved in her love affair with Kael'Jarno that she became out of touch with her family, and even though Alleria Windrunner, and Legolas attempted to tell her of what was happening and what was coming close to happening, she was too obsessed with Kael'Jarno to care.

As the opening moves to the Civil War opened up she was patrolling the western outskirts of Athel Loren and dreaming of being back with Kael'Jarno. It was on this patrol that her sister Alleria, and brother Legolas confronted her and begged for her to bring her sentinels to their cause, and assist in taking back the Kingdom. In this moment she was horrified that they were threatening to harm her lover Kael'Jarno, and although she openly agreed with them and promiced to bring her forces to assist in the uprising she was instead planning on telling Kael'Jarno in the belief that she was saving his life.


The War in France

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The Netherstorm

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