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Tar-Drellen Valhare is the son of Tar-Yehelezh, and Ar-Lonia Valhare making him a member of House Valhare and the current heir to the house.

Tar-Drellen Valhare would join his father, uncle, and brother during the Gondor Civil War where they would flee Umbar with a significant portion of their forces after the murder Tar-Ellesia Valia, and they would form basically the last significant force from Umbar into Gondor before Castamir was able to close the emmigration of Gondor loyalits. During the Gondor Civil War Tar-Drellen and his family would fight at Ethring where there forces provided a significant element of the defences of the southern fortress. As the Civil War declined into its final days Drellen would move north with a portion of his families forces alongside his brother where the two brothers would fight in the final battle of Narvine where they managed to survive and witness the victory of Gondor, however hollow it was.


Early History

Rise of Castamir Bedroog

Gondor Civil War

The End of the Line

Family Members


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