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The Dark Marshall
The Dark Marshall
or "Laurentine Nadrig" is a Nazgul who was once the lord of the mighty Numeron city of Tal Valia or present day Lorderon.

Even before Talin Vain was a nazgul he was a man who was known for his cruelty to his people, and on two occasions the Emperor of Numeron had come to Tal Valia to reprimand him for his discusting behavior. Of course since the Emperor at the time was The Witch King, its truly hard to believe there was any reprimanding going on, and in fact the forces of the Dark Marshal were the most loyal, and violent of any of the forces of the Witch King during the Downfall of Numeron. The Dark Marshal would reapear once again during the Gondor Civil War when he infiltrated the western lines of Gondor with a small force of raiders. He would commit vile acts against the helpless  villagers of western Gondor, and would force the Gondorians to commit vital resources against him in order to try and stop him. Despite the vastly larger forces he was arrayed against he was never forced into battle, and would slink away during the final days of the conflict and would eventually make his way back into Mordor through Osgiliath.


Early History

It is believed that Talin Vain was born in Atlantis and came to live in Tal Valia during the early stages of the Empire of Numeron. His time in Atlantis was only whispered at, and many speak of the fact that he was one of the disloyal members of the Numenorians who had succumbed to the power of Magi, but through menipulation and cheating he was able to escape with a number of other Numenorians on secret ships and silently reenter the Numenorian society. This silent entry meant that the Numenorians were not afraid at first of any evil from eachother as they thought all the Black Numenorians were destroyed in Atlantis as they had been told by the Pantheon, but instead they had been infiltrated through a number of secret ships.

Lord of Tal Valia

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Laurentine Nadrig used his Magi abilities to grow himself quickly within the city of Tal Valia, and in a very short amount of time he was the leader of the city which was immense in size. As time went by though his personal excesses became more common knowledge as did his Magi abilities, but before he was confronted by anyone with honor he was approached by the Dark Lord of Europe in the form of Sauron.

Fall to Sauron

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Gondor Civil War

The End of the Line

War with Kandor

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As the conflict with Kandor gears up into the main war of the Empire of Mordor, the Nazgul have been brought more and more into this conflict, with the Dark Marshal leading the charge behind the Witch King.

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