The Timeline of the Arnor is the most important events within the timeline of the Kingdom of Arnor.

Major Events

Date Event (s)
  • Numenorians Arrive in Arnor : The First colonists of Atlantis arrive in the region of Arnor where they settle the earliest stages of what will become the city of Fornost.
  • Downfall of Atlantis : The Fall of Atlantis leads to the center of the Empire of Numeron becoming Europe and Arnor quickly rises as the economic center with a massively expanding population.
  • First Harad-Numeron War : The Empire of Numeron invades the region of Harad, but are defeated marking the first failure of the Numeron Empire to move further into the lands of the Germans.
  • House Hemsworth : House Hemsworth rises as one of the Triumverate of the Kingdom of Arnor replacing House Darech of whom lost the last male member of their house leaving them extinct.
  • Invasion of Valeria : The Second Empire of Numeron collapses leaving the region that will become Valeria independant for a time, but it is invaded by the Kingdom of Arnor of whom incorperates it within its borders.
  • Kingdom of Ebonheart : The Kingdom of Ebonheart gains its independance and remains indpendant with Arnor unable to attack it due to fighting a Civil War at the time.
  • Kingdom of Goet : The Kingdom of Goet follows the path of Ebonhearts and gains its independance and remains indpendant with Arnor unable to attack it due to contineing fighting in their Civil War at the time.
  • Invasion of Ebonheart : The Kingdom of Goet is attacked by the Kingdom of Arnor of whom is now out of their Civil War but the Kingdom of Goet alongside several Thedas Kingdoms join with Ebonheart in their defence and this combined alliance fights against a weakened Kingdom of Arnor.
  • End of the Invasion : The Kingdom of Arnor sues for peace and a White Peace is signed which expands the Goet lands to the south and pays heavy reperations to the Kingdom of Ebonheart as well as leading to the Independance of the Kingdom of Rosno.
  • Valerian-Arnor-Lorderon War : Following the attempted rape of Natalie Portmane Chris Hemsworth aligns with the forces of Lorderon and a war breaks out with Valeria of which nearly ends with the capture of Valeria by Arnor but they are forced to retreat when The Empire joins the Valerian side.
  • Fall of Arnor : The Empire of Valeria assaults Arnor from the west, and The Empire attacks on the east and the Kingdom of Arnor falls. Horrendous casualties including the entire Lucerne army that went north, and Arthas Menathil smashes his way northward defeating anyone in his path and making his way north to Denmark where he arrives two months later and makes his way into Swedan.

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