The Timeline of the Earth is the most important events within the timeline of the planet.

Pre-Downfall of Numeron

Date Event (s)
  • Martian Arrival on Earth : The Martian Empire sends its first probes to the planet.
  • Old Ones arrive on Earth : Following the Old Ones destruction of the Martian Empire the Old Ones arrive on Earth the seemingly zoo world of the Martian Empire.
  • Reformation of South America :  The Old Ones redisign the lands of South America thorugh massive scultping from space creating the small conection between Nord and South America as well as breaking Africanas from the continent.
  • Founding of Lustria : The Lizardmen are placed on South America where they found the Empire of Lustria within the teeming forests of the first completed continent on the Earth
  • Nord America Completion : Nord America is finally completed following the breaking of the land bridge between Europe, and Nord America shattering the connection and forming Ulthuan.
  • Departure of the Old Ones : With their reconstruction of the planet completed the Old Ones leave Earth in the hands of the Titans leaving no trace of their existence outside of Tek who would hide himself on the Earth.
  • Rise of the Woses Empire : The Woses rise in the forests of Croatia brought on by their Titan Master (find Titan) becoming one of the first to do this to his creation.
  • Rise of the Murloc Confederacy : The Murlocs found their kingdom in the lands now called France and from there they expand throughtout the Earth becoming far more expanasiont then the previous dominent power in the Woses of whom create a major alliance between the two leaving the planet quite peaceful.
  • Rise of the Elves : Slanaash creates the Elves on the island of Ulthuan which he creates himself with the assistence of many other Titans, and they come to dominate the island of Ulthuan forming the early foundations of the Atmer Empire.
  • Tzeenech is Corupted by Tek : Tek removes the shield that protects Tzeneech from being able to be corupted, and from this Tzeneech is able to corupt nearly half the Titans and giving rise to Chaos.
  • Dwarven Civil War : The Dwarven Civil War that had raged for hundreds of years finally ends with the near complete destruction of the moral fabric of their lands in Finland.
  • Dwarven Exodus from Finland : Fleeing destroyed Finland the vast majority of the Dwarven race flee Finland going southward into the lands of Europe proper.
  • Founding of Karak Ankor : The Dwarven Exodus of Finland leads to the foundation of the new Dwarven Homeland in the World Edge Mountains where they found the empire of Karak Ankor.
  • First Dwarven Migration : With the rise of Karak Ankor the Dwarves of the World Edge Mountains begin expanding with the first Migration going west, east, and south founding many Dwarven Holds throughout Europe.
  • Rise of the Trolloc Empire
  • First Ankor-Finland War : The expanding Dwarven Empire of Karak Ankor attempts to restablish ties with their Finland brethren fails but sparks a massive conflict which eventually leads to the divide of the Dwarven Finland Empire into two factions and the retreat of Karak Ankor from Finland.
  • Deaths :
    • Snorri Starbreaker
  • Births :
    • Fingon Feanor
  • Birth of Flemeth : Flemeth is born in the Pre-Empire of Nehekhara lands where she marries and has a child before travelling to Croatia in hopes of a better life with her family.
  • Deaths :
    • Jupiter
  • Eternity War : Corupted by the words of Khorne the Trolloc turn to the side of Chaos and begin a massive war across the glove joined in this by several other fallen mortal races including the Charr, and initially the Asuran.
  • Titan Civil War : Following the Eternity War ending the Chaos element of the Titans stop hiding themselves and begin the Titan Civil War killing hundreds of Titans and laying waste to large swathes of the Fade before besieging Olympus.
  • First War with Chaos : Following the defeat of the Noble Titans in the Titan Civil War the forces of Chaos spill into the world where they launch a massive invasion across the globe.
  • War of the Skies : The Dovah forces begin the War of the Skies which is the defence of their lands by the forces of the Dovah against the forces of Chaos.
  • Founding of Atmer Empire : With Ulthuan invaded by the forces of Chaos Aenarion Aestarion is crowned the first Phoenix King bringing rise to the Atmer Empire.
  • End of the First War with Chaos : With Chaos nearing its final victory the forces of the High Elves silently assisted by the Lizardmen summon a massive spell at the Island of the Dead of which they are able to finish despite a massive invasion of Ulthuan and Kandor trying to stop the two main parties leading to the reduction of Chaos in the world to the two polar wastes.
  • Deaths :
    • Snorri Starbreaker II.
  • Second Ankor-Finland War : Continued fighting between the Chaos Dwarves in control of the Dwarven Holds in Finland and the rising power of the Earthen nation of Karak Finli led to the Second Ankor-Finland War when the forces of Karak Ankor sent troops to aid Karak Finli sparking the conflict.
  • Battle of Karak Zhertuzh : The forces of Karak Ankor and Karak Finli defeat the chaos forces of the Chaos Dwarves leading to the independance of Karak Finli and the growth in strong relations between the two Dwarven nations, and the retreat of the Chaos Dwarves out of Finland and into the Mountain of Mourne.
  • Deaths : 
    • ​Nurn Starbreaker II.
  • Elven Founding of France : Malekith under the direction of his friend and current Phoenix King Bel Shanaar Melian leads the founding of the Elven colonies in France. During this time there is much intermingling between the male Elven forces and the human Frankish people creating what will become the Numenorians.
  • First Elven Civil War : Malekith murders Bel Shanaar the Pheonix King and tries to install himself as Pheonix King something he does to a certain extent but he is badly injured trying to go through the ceremonial flames, and while he holds power on Ulthuan he is increasingly resisted by the High Elves who begin to see his Chaos following leading to the Civil War.
  • Births :
    • Celebrimbor Mirdrain
  • Sundering of Ulthuan : With the Dark Elves all but defeated their leader Malekith leads his Magi in a great spell to destroy the Island of the Dead and bring Chaos flowing back into the world but he is defeated at the last minute by the assistance of the Lizardmen leading to the destruction of much of northern Ulthuan, and the retreat of the Dark Elves to Nord America. 
  • Births :
    • Teclis Aestarion
    • Tyrion Aestarion
  • Rise of the Etruscans : The Etruscans an Italic tribe come to dominate the region of Italy from their original homeland of Sardinia leading to the rise of the Kingdom of Etrus.
  • Rise of the Skaven : The Titan Fronos angered by what he sees as a betrayal by Zeus leads his Skaven to Chaos, and they migrate what numbers they have left from Eastern Europe to the Italian Alps where they skurry into the mountains forming the beggining of the Under Empire.
  • Births :
    • Yvraine Haleth
  • Second Dwarven Migration : The King of Karak Ankor commands another Migration as the Dwarven numbers have swelled again after years of peace, with a second migration moving mainly westward as the collapse of eastern Dwarves during the First War with Chaos, and the expanding humans of Turkey has led to Central Europe being the main target for expansion.
  • Founding of Karak Izor : During the Second Dwarven Migration the Dwarves of Clan Hallbreaker found the Hold of Karak Izor within the Mountains of Lucerne.
  • Founding of Karak Mulgar : Following the foundation of the Dwarven Hold of Karak Izor the Dwarves of Clan Blackbeard found the Dwarven hold of Karak Mulgar.
  • Numenorian Migration to Atlantis : Following the overruning of several Numenorian towns in France the Elves move the Numenorians from France towards the Atmer island of Atlantis where they are to become the manual labour force for the mining operations on Atlantis. 
  • War of Vengeance : Following a series of Dark Elven ambushes on Dwarven convoys are believed to be the work of the High Elves a series of diplomatic failures by Caledor Elwe II. leads to the Elves and Dwarves fighting a massive conflict for control of Western Europe, and after decades of fighting the two exhaust their armies.
  • Seventh Battle of Tor Alessi : The Elves and Dwarves fight a massive Battle the seventh such battle at Tor Alessi but during this battle the Elves are defeated and Caledor Elwe II. the Phoenix King is killed by the Dwarven King and the Dwarves steal the Phoenix Crown and retreat back to their mountain holdings.
  • Deaths :
    • Caledor Elwe II.
  • Second Elven Civil War : The War of Vengeance ends with the start of the Second Elven Civil War which Malekith launches against Ulthuan trying to take the island while the main forces are in France.
  • Empire of Ital : The Dwarves of the Italian Alps found the Empire of Ital becoming one of the first Rof-Dwarves by exiting the Dwarven Empire of Karak Ankor.
  • Birth of Sauron : After years of failed attempts Malekor fathers Sauron with a Romanian human mother in Croatia named Velkan Silivia in the large Romanian town of Palias.
  • Numenorian Rebellion : Following the increasing rise of their population vs the Elven population on Atlantis the Numenorians rebel and conquer the island of Atlantis forming the Empire of Numeron.
  • Deaths :
    • Tethlis Finarfin
  • Skavenblight Explosion : The Skaven of the Under Empire nearly destroy Skavenblight in a failed attempt to power a massive tunneling devise, but the explosion shakes the foundations of Europe itself sending Magi inspired earthquakes throughout Europe but igniting specifically numerous volcanoes in the World Edge Mountains of which cause untold damage to Karak Ankor.
  • Births :
    • Westellion Imrevil
    • Delion Restivion
  • Founding of Gibraltar : The Empire of Numeron moves into the European region by founding the port of Gibraltar in order to control the Mediteranean Sea. The Numenorians take control of the city from the Elves who abandon it rather then instigate another fight with the Numenorians.
  • Fall of Karak Ungor : The Skaven instigate a massive Goblin invasion of the Karak Ungor allowing themselves to overwhelm the Hold itself, leading to the Fall of the first of the major Dwarven Holds in the form of Karak Ungor.
  • Deaths :
    • Gotrek Starbreaker
  • Founding of Carthage : Following their control of Gibraltar the Empire of Numenor conquers the Lahmian region known as Carthage founding the city of Carthage.
  • Fall of Karak Varn :
  • Fall of Karak Drazh :
  • Founding of Umbar : With the Empire of Numeron founded following their rebellion their colonization begins in Europe with Umbar founded as the third Numenorian city in Europe.
  • Founding of Osgiliath : Empire of Numeron moves northward from Umbar founding the city of Osgiliath within the Gondorian Valley. The close friend of the emperor of Numeron in the form of Maretin Ibrillin is named the King of the title state of the Kingdom of Gondor marking its founding.
  • Destruction of Tel Unerith : Menipulated by Flemeth and agents of Malekor it is Velkan (Sauron) that leads a human army against the High Elves of Tel Unerith which after further manipulation from Flemeth and Malekor leads to the entire Elven port being wiped out.
  • Founding of Minus Telif (Minus Morgal)
  • Founding of Minas Tilith : Under Medrion Elessar I. the Numenorian fortress of Minas Tirith would be founded becoming the capital of western Gondor lying under the rule of the Kingdom of Gondor.
  • Births :
    • Dur-Lithon Renlevion
  • Sauron Flees Palias : After years of resisting the violent dreams he was having Velkan (Sauron) confronts the High Priestess of Palias (Flemeth) and after she taunts him into great rage he murders her forcing him to flee to Umbar where he eventually joins a mercenary group there.
  • Battle of Tail Jana : Elros Amendil leads the Empire of Numeron into central Westros where he conquers the lands around Tail Jana, but falls during the final battle of the conquest which becomes known as the Battle of Tail Jana.
  • Deaths :
    • Elros Amendil
  • Founding of Tail Jana : The Numenorian Empire continues to move northward from its base in Gondor founding what will become the largest Numenorian city in the form of Tail Jana.
  • First Atmer Invasion of Nord America : Under the Phoenix King Bel Khordrashis Melian III. the High Elves launch a massive invasion of Nord America of which ends with the death of Bel Khordrashis Melian III. but also the conquering of a large island in the Druchii lands coming to be Arnheim.
  • Founding of Rome : Immigrating Italians and Sabines would settle in the region of Central Italy founding several villages including their most important in the form of the eventual city of Rome.
  • Start of the Sindari Exodus : The Sindari Elves fail to make arrangements for their autonomy in the forests of Ulthuan so under the leadership of Malfurion Stormrage they begin constructing a vast fleet which after years of construction they sail to western France.
  • Lizardmen shift the continents : The shifting of the continents leads to great destruction, of which especially hit are the Dwarves of whom lose entire holds and mines.
  • War of Tears : Following the Lizardmen shifting the continents the Dwarves underground empire is weakened, and in this weakness the forces of the Skaven, and Goblins overrun many of their Holds nearly crushing the powerful Karak Ankor.
  • Founding of Dol Amroth : The Empire of Numeron begins expanding east of Umbar founding the city of Dol Amroth of which over the following years begins to pull away the power of Umbar and starts to look to be the primary Numenorian port.
  • Founding of Armenelos : The Empire of Numeron expands into the region that will eventually become the Kingdom of Taraban founding the port city of Armenelos.
  • Births :
    • Zher-Morghul Astirian
  • Births :
    • Dur-Tehlin Astirian
    • Zher-Gildor Astirian
  • Founding of Ondosto : The Empire of Numeron expands into the region of Nord America founding the port of Ondosto and beggining the Numeron-Troll War over control of the island that Ondosto sits on.
  • Battle of Ondosto : The Empire of Numeron and Trolls of the island fight in the culmitave battle of the war and the victory of the Numenorians devestates the Trolls leading to the deaths of nearly half the trolls on the entire island, and the near end of the Numeron-Troll War.
  • Second Cult of Pleasure Rebellion on Ulthuan : The neglectful Phoenix King Aethis Finarfin's lack of attention to issues outside of his obsession with the Ulthuan navy leads to the reasurgance of the Cult of Pleasure of which leads to his assasination in 2550 by members of the Cult of Pleasure, but the rebellion is brief with the Cult either retreating from Ulthuan or killed by the new Phoenix King Morvael.
  • Second Atmer Invasion of Nord America : The new Phoenix King Morvael Haleth leads an invasion of Nord America but lack of planning leads to their demise during the invasion.
  • Third Elven Civil War : Following the Atmer defeat the forces of the Druchii led by Malekith launch a massive invasion of Ulthuan which leads to the fall of much of northern Ulthuan, until the appointment of Menethus Aestarion led to the several disastrous defeats for the Druchii. So costly was this war that before the final Battle of Anlec the emotionally devestated Phoenix King Morvael Haleth commited suicide believing the High Elves would lose the battle, but despite this they won victory driving the Druchii from Ulthuan.
  • Deaths :
    • Morvael Haleth
  • Founding of Venetia : The Empire of Numeron launches its attempt to conquer the Italian Peninsula with its first move being the founding of the fortress port of Venetia in the north of Italy.
  • First Etrus-Numeron War : After expanding into the region of Veneto, and Verona the Kingdom of Etrus becomes belligerent towards the expansionist Numenorians leading to the First Etrus-Numeron War.
  • End of the First Etrus-Numeron War : After a bloody war for two years the Kingdom of Etrus crushes a large Numenorian army in Tuscany leading to the Numenorians suing for White Peace but remaining in control of Veneto, and Verona alongside their fortress in Venetia.
  • Births :
    • Zoroaster
  • Conversion of Babylon : Following his uplifting by Hasmed the Persian man Zoroaster would use his Magi abilities to convert the entire population of the massive Persian city of Babylon to his side forming the Kingdom of Babylon.
  • Foundation of the Persian Empire : Zoroaster leads his forces into the region of Mede and conquers the land and with the annexation of the Kingdom of Mede they form the Persian Empire.
  • Lun-Persian War : The Lun now controlled by the Chaos Titan Set invade Persia sparking a great conflict between the two forces with several Titans fighting in the conflict.
  • Deaths :
    • Hasmed
  • Deaths :
    • Zoroaster
  • Sauron arrives in Cathay : Sauron spends nearly a hundred years in Cathay training only stopping when Morgoth the Luitenent of Malekor came to Cathay and forced him to return to Europe.
  • Destruction of Palias : Sauron returns to Europe and causes the destruction of the city of Palias his ancient home and leads the now chaos leaning survivors with him northward towards Mordor.
  • Corruption of Ulaire Nelya : Sauron is unable to convinse the King of Mordor to take his ring of power but is able to convinse his son and heir Ulaire of whom is swiftly corupted by the evil of his ring of power.
  • Coup of Mordor : Using his puppet in the form of Ulaire Nelya, Sauron is able to take control of the leadership of Mordor establishing complete dominance over the entire eastern section of Mordor.
  • Fall of Mordor : Sauron having already captured the Empire of Numeron client state in the form of the Kingdom of Mordor pushes forward in forming the start of his dark Empire, and despite calls for assistance these fall on deaf ears with the Numenorians busy conquering in Africanas. Sauron at this point controls all of Mordor as far west as Tol-Durthang.
  • Coruption of the Pantheon : Agents of Malekor using the Woses deliver a devise of unimaginable evil to the Pantheon on Atlantis of which corupts the religious, and moral center of the Empire of Numeron on Atlantis.
  • Downfall of Atlantis : Following the utter moral failure of the vast majority of the Numenorians on Atlantis the land is destroyed by the Pantheon who do not understand that it was them that had corupted the land.
  • Empire of Numeron rises in Europe : The former Numenorian colonies of Europe became the sight of massive immigration of Atlantians and loyalist Numenorians and these numbers form the foundation of the new Empire of Numeron.
  • Deaths :
    • Bel Hathor Melian
  • Births :
    • Ar-Erella Elessar
  • Numeron Invasion of Mordor : Led by the High Elf Fingon Feanor on the urging of the new Phoenix King Finubar Aestarion the Emperor of Numeron launches an invasion into Mordor to dislodge Sauron, but despite large forces they are defeated by Sauron and forced to fortify Tol-Durthang.
  • Founding of Archangelos : Greeks found the small fishing village of Archangelos naming it Chelsis
  • Deaths :
    • Tur-Ilderion Elessar
    • Tar-Teldrion Elessar
  • Births :
    • Er-Renthor-Hur Teronus III.
  • Deaths :
    • Ar-Erella Elessar
  • Numeron Invasion of Allemeni : Under Emperor Tari Braizen Highven II. the Empire of Numeron invades the region of Allemeni where it launches a massive campaign against the Trolloc there joining forces with the native Frankish of the region and following the massive Battle of Lorraine the Trollocs are destroyed as a force and the Empire of Numeron takes control of the region of Allemeni.
  • Births :
    • Romulas Silvia
    • Remas Silvia
  • Founding of Roman Republic : Under the leadership of Romulas, and Remas Silvia the town of Rome expands around the Roman Senate and takes control of the Latin League declaring itself no longer a client of the Kingdom of Etrus.
  • Battle of Pisa: Under the leadership of Romulas, and Remas Silvia expanding Roman Republic defeats the Etruscan King at the Battle of Pisa leaving the Etrus monarchy destroyed after Romulas executes the King and all of his children in the aftermath of the battle. Following this the Roman Republic captures nearly all of northern Italy outside of the Numenorian client in Venice.
  • Founding of Dalaran : Under the leadership of Duke Renthor Teronus III. the city of Dalaran is founded east of modern day Lorderon and the city becomes the site of one of the Elur academies.
  • Deaths :
    • Remas Silvia
  • Deaths :
    • Remas Silvia
  • Deaths :
    • Remas Silvia
  • Deaths :
    • Romulas Silvia
  • Empire of Numeron Colonization of Lucerne : With their expansion northward moving incredibly quickly the Empire of Numeron moves into the Valley of Lucerne from its holdings in Gondor, and Rhunian and constructs several towns, and castles throughout the Valley.
  • Numeron-Lucerne War : The Goblins, and Spiders of the Mountains of Lucerne launch a massive invasion of the Valley of Lucerne wiping out the Numeron, and Atlantian forces in the Valley of Lucerne and leading to their retreat eastward out of the valley and the all but abandonment of the Valley of Lucerne.
  • Fall of Lindelier : The Elven Kingdom of Lendelier is overwhelmed by a rampaging force of Harpy in the form of the Swiftbeak Tribes.
  • Frostfang War : The Numenorian Kingdom of Stor is attacked by the White Walkers and after an immense campaign the White Walkers are pushed back within the Frostfangs. Construction of the Frostfang Walls begins after the White Walkers are unable to be completely destroyed.
  • Collapse of Assyria : Following three failed emperors the Empire of Assyria collapses forming several succesor states.
  • Rise of the Ukrainians : The Ukrainians migrate southward from Rus expanding their influence throughout the region of Ukraine which had been previously dominated by the Visigothic Kingdom of Urk. Urk is defeated leading to the rise of the Kingdom of Ukraine, and the slow migration of the Visigoths out of Ukraine westward.
  • Visigothic Arrival in Croatia : The Visigoths have become a truly dominent population within the region of Eastern Croatia by this time with most of their number having left Ukraine. (Significant population of Germans still remain in Ukraine.
  • Kingdom of Armenia : Under the first King of Armenia the Armenians rise to promince gaining control of much of Turkey.
  • Births :
    • Hadrian Trajan
  • Rise of Hadrian Trajan : Following the death of Tiberius Severus without any male succesors the roman noble family of House Trajan takes control of the Empire and young Hadrian Trajan is named Emperor of the Roman Empire.
  • Roman Invasion of Estalia : Hadrian Trajan launches the Invasion of the region of Estalia in order to extend the Empire into Croatia.
  • Roman Invasion of Tilea : Hadrian Trajan launches the Invasion of the region of Tilea in order to extend the Empire further into Croatia.
  • Founding of Trantio : Hadrian founds the city of Trantio as the central power base for the Tilean province of Rome, and the overall Croatian district.
  • Founding of Constantinople : Hadrian Trajan continues his rapid expansion of the Roman Empire as he leads the Romans to found the city of Constantinople turning it into a fortress over several years.
  • Deaths :
    • Hadrian Trajan
  • Births :
    • Antonidas Vealgrun
    • Renthor-or Teronus III.
    • Welvent Tur-Martizh
    • Tilion Dar-Elen
  • Murder of Emperor Braizen Highven III., along with the subsequent murder of Johan Highven
  • Witch King Rises to power in the Empire of Numeron

Post Downfall of Numeron

Date Event (s)
  • Downfall of Numeron : Destruction of Tail Jana and the creation of the Crater of Westros and the Iron Islands, along with the ending of the Empire of Numeron.
  • Foundation of Lombard : The Kingdom of Lombard is formed following a brief rebellion by the Lombards of the island against their Numenorian garrison, but weakened by the Downfall of Numeron the Atlantian/Numenorian forces are forced to retreat giving Lombard its independance.
  • Foundation of Metrovingia : Following the lead of the Lombards to their north the Metrovingia dynasty rises in Metrovingia and gains their independance forming the Kingdom of Metrovingia.
  • Foundation of Kingdom of Lorraine : The Franks of Lorraine would become organized to the point that they would declare their independance and the physically devestated Numenorians of the region were both unwilling and unable to resist fleeing Lorraine and allowing its independance.
  • Foundation of the Allemeni Empire : The Kingdom of Lorraine invades the Kingdom of Lombard and under the leadership of King Charles Allingion of Lorraine the Lombards surrender and the Allemeni Empire is formed.
  • Foundation of the Kingdom of Alcase : The Burgundians rise to prominence continues following years of fighting in Alcase and the Numenorian/Atlantian remnents in the region are forced to surrender and the Alcasians grant them passage and gain their independance.
  • Allemeni Invasion of Alcase : With dreams of uniting the entire Frankish people Charles Allingion invades the Kingdom of Alcase and defeats them decisively at the Battle of Strasburg, and then uses diplomacy to unite the region incorperating the Kingdom of Alcase into the Allemeni Empire.
  • Roman Invasion of Carthage : Roman forces following the weakeness of the Empire of Numeron after the Downfall of Numeron invade the Numenorian province of Carthage with a great force.
  • Battle of Carthage : Roman forces finally take the city of Carthage losing their emperor in the process but gaining control of the Numenorian fortress of Carthage as well as nearly all of north-central Africanas.
  • Deaths :
    • Nerva Flavian IV.
  • Roman Invasion of Tunisia : Roman forces following the weakeness of the Empire of Numeron after the Downfall of Numeron invade the Numenorian province of Tunisia with a great force and unlike the resistence they faced in their invasion of Carthage the weakened Numenorians surrender outright retreating to the islands of Tunisia.
  • Roman Invasion of Lahmia : Roman forces following their victories at Carthage, and Tunisia bring their forces to bear against a weakened Kingdom of Lahmia and take control of the Kingdom of Lahmia making it a protectorate of sorts.
  • Births :
    • Yen Fang
  • First Mordor Invasion of Taraban : Mordor invades Taraban attempting to take control of the Kingdom of Taraban away from Gondor. The Mordor forces are devestated during the Battle of Armenelos and forced to retreat out of Taraban.
  • Battle of Beijing : Yen Fang with the strength of much of modern Cathay behind him leads his massive forces north to the Siege of Beijing where he defeats the Charr army there killing there leader and causing them to retreat out of northern Cathay.
  • Olympian Council of 961 : Believing that the plans of the Old Ones were being destroyed by the intervention of the Noble Titans in Cathay Zeus would call for the Council and during this he forbid all Noble Titans from involvment in Cathay to the disgust of most of the Noble Titans.
  • Death of Yen Fang : Believed to have ascended into heaven due to his perfection in actuality he would be murdered by agents of Chaos.
  • Start of Middenland-Trolloc War : Bharne and Kharne are sent by Khorne into the lands of Middenland and spark revolution among the Trolloc of the area in an effort to recapture their mother Khairne and kill Ulric for holding her.
  • Battle of Middenland : The Trolloc armies of Bharne, and Kharne attack the capital of Ulric's empire in the form of Middenland and manage to release their mother Khairne but Kharne is killed during the fighting but so is Ulric but the forces of the Trollocs retreat to the fortress of The Argent Burrow.
  • Deaths :
    • Kharne
    • Ulric Todbringer
  • End of First Middenland-Trolloc War : Ulric's brother Taal leads a massive army from his empire of Slovakia into Middenland and at the Battle of the Argent Burrow kills Bharne and recaptures Khairne before she can withdraw into the Fade, and following this the Trolloc are shattered retreating into the Drakwald Forest.
  • Deaths : 
    • Bharne
  • Roman-Mycenaean War : Quintus Ennius III. the emperor of the Roman Empire is murdered by agents of the Mycenaean Empire while on a diplomatic foray into southern Mycenaean and this leads to the start of the Roman-Mycenaean War.
  • Deaths :
    • Quintus Ennius III.
  • Battle of Athens : Roman Emperor Marcus Ennius II. leads the Roman legions to a devastating victory against the Mycenaean Empire capturing the Mycenaean capital and executing the royal family of the Mycenaean Empire, and gaining the capitulation of most of the Mycenaean Empire.


  • Births :
    • Nagash


  • Kingdom of Parthia : Kingdom of Parthia is founded from the remains of the fallen Empire of Archaemenid and comes to dominate Persia.
  • Roman Coup of Gaius Decius : The bastard brother of Flavius Constantine turns on his brother forming House Decius and becoming the Emperor of the Roman Emperor holding power through his influencial mother.
  • Births :
    • Velevia Silivia
  • Rebellion of Byzantine : After Emperor Gaius Decius launches a series of reforms which dramatically expand the taxation of the provinces, and colonies of the Roman Empire the prosperous Byzantine region declares its indepance and forms the Byzantine Empire. This event is seen as the start of the Great Roman Civil War.
  • Rebellion of Tilea : Following the rebellion of the Byzantine province from the Roman Empire the region of Tilea also rebels planning to join with Byzantine, but differences during a meeting between the two lead to Tilea forming their own kingdom.
  • Rebellion of Estalia : Following the rebellion of the Byzantine, and Tilean provinces of the Roman Empire the Estalian province also declares its independance forming the High Dutchy of Estalia.
  • Rebellion of Hispania : The province of Hispania declares independance following the spreading eastern Roman Rebellions and is led by the House Trajan cadet branch in the form of House Hadrian.
  • Rebellion of Carthage : Following the rebellions spreading in the east the Roman province of Carthage declares its independance led by Romulas Trajan a descendant of the great Hadrian Trajan.
  • Rebellion of Mycenean : The Greek city states urged on by Byzantine intervention rise to prominence attempting to regain control of the Mycenean Empire and also declare independance from the Roman Empire.
  • Rebellion of Sicily : As the rebellion further spreads the Sicilians rebel against the Roman Empire with House Pullo leading the province in rebellion throwing out the Italian leadership on the island and invading the southern Italian fortress of Reggio.
  • Roman Coup of Nerva Gordian : Enraged by the rebellions all over the Roman Empire Nerva Gordian becomes the leader of the anti-Gaius Decius movement in Italy and supported by the Senate and nearly all Italian legions he murders Gaius Decius becoming Emperor.
  • Invasion of Sicily : Nerva Gordian leads his now unfied forces against the rebels in Sicily crushing the siege of Reggio and moving on to Sicily itself of whom surrenders rejoining the Roman Empire.
  • Battle of Carthage : Nerva Gordian launches an invasion of the rebels in Carthage but is tricked by Romulas Trajan into fighting a duel to the death and is killed leading to Romulas Trajan rising as the Emperor and bringing Carthage back into the Roman Empire.
  • Battle of Constantinople : Fresh from his victory over Nerva Gordian Romulas Trajan launches an invasion of the Byzantine Empire attempting to bring them back into the fold but finds Constantinople far too fortified and his forces are beaten back without any gains.
  • Battle of Valencia : Romulas Trajan leads the Roman Empire into Hispania where he besieges the rebels in their capital of Valencia but learning that he is fighting his relative in Romulas Hadrian the two meet together becoming duel emperors and bringing Hispania back into the fold of the Roman Empire.
  • Battle of Rome : Romulas Trajan, and Romulas Hadrian are resisted in their co-empership by Aurelius Domitius of whom captures Rome leading the cousins to cancel their invasion of Constantinople and attack Rome. The two Romulas cousins fail in their siege and are executed by Aurelius Domitius of whom becomes the Emperor of Rome.
  • Second Battle of Constantinople : Aurelius Domitius launches another invasion of the Byzantine Empire but weakened by nearly a decade of infighting and rebellion his forces are defeated leading to a white peace which all but ends the Roman Civil War, with the Byzantines, Tileans, and Estalians having gained their independance alongside nearly the entire eastern side of the Mediteraniean.


  • Births :
    • Jesus


  • Angelica Neferata becomes a Vampire : Nagash after years of coruption the nobility of Lahmia is finally able to change Angelica Neferata into a Vampire, of which gives rise to the Vampire race.
  • Failing of Lahmia : After turning the Lahmian royalty into Vampires they fail morally and from this the Empire of Nehekhara begins fighting against them.
  • Death of Jesus : During a supposed peaceful meeting Jesus is ambushed and killed by a massive skeletal force led by Nagash.
  • Fall of Lahmia : The Empire of Nehekhara sacks and destroys the Kingdom of Lahmia sending the Vampire nobility to the wind and killing most of them.
  • Battle of Archangelos : Lahmian Vampires led by Hercuso turn on the Mycenaean Empire at Archangelos and massacre many within the town and beginning the Mycenaean-Vampire War.
  • Births :
    • Sigmar
  • Second Battle of Archangelos: Lahmian Vampires are besieged at Archangelos following their defeat at Athens and many are killed while the remainder including most of the upper echolon of the Lahmian Vampires flee northward.
  • Deaths :
    • ​Viktor Dammak
  • Deaths :
    • ​Sonja Dammak
  • The Empire : Sigmar conquers his last province inside of the land and names Nuln his capital, while fashioning the first semblance of the Elector Counts.
  • Death of Sigmar : Sigmar travels out of the Empire to stop the escape of Chaos servents east of the land and seals them further but is killed in the fighting.
  • War of Dagestan : The Empire of Dagestan falls to the Empire of Nehekhara in a massive war which ravages the Causus region leaving behind the Kingdom of Georgia, and Realm of Dagestan in its wake.
  • Coruption of the Andals : Flemeth is able to infiltrate the court of the Andals leading to the Andals turning to the worship of Chaos Undivided.
  • Coruption of Ivana Rurik : Flemeth infiltrates the Muscovy court and converts Ivana Rurik of whom converts to the worship of Malekor, and she begins to form Chaos Cults across Rus.
  • Coup of Muskova : Following the death of Anton it would Ivana Rurik that lost herself completely and commited suicide giving herself completely as a daughter of Flemeth and following this she would instigate and then lead the Coup of Muskova wiping out her family and becoming the Tsaritsa of Rus.
  • Peak of the Great Migration : Chaos Expansion in Norway, Swedan, Finland, and eastern Europe leads to the massive exodus of the German people into mainland Europe.
  • Invasion of the Iceback Islands : The Bronze Dovah arrives in the Iceback Islands alongside a large force of Germans from Norway and invade the Bloody Hands Chaos Cults land after they discover the Bloody Hands have massacred the Bronze Dovah that had established themselves on the Iceback Islands.
  • Defeat of the Bloody Hands : The Bloody Hands Chaos Cultists are defated by the Bronze Dovah and their leader Vorn Terabis is killed leading to the establishment of the Germanic/Dovah Kingdom of Iceback and the elimination of the forces of Chaos from the Iceback Islands.
  • Deaths :
    • Vorn Terabis
  • Coup of Harad : Following years of coruption of the Sueve leadership of Harad by the forces of Sauron the land erupts into a Sauron and Mordor domination during the events of the Coup of Harad where the first Sueve ringholder takes control of the Kingdom of Harad.
  • Deaths :
    • ​Er-Tilion Darelen
  • Deaths :
    • Mandred Gausser
  • Rise of the Brann : Led by the Brannish Warlord Harren Hoare the Vandal offshoot known as the Brann invade Denmark several times causing the Empire to sue for peace with them to avoid further bloodshed leading to the Brann migrating southward eventually making there way to the Riverlands.
  • Kingdom of the Riverlands : Followinng the victory of the Brann against the Kingdom of Tiras, and Lorderon they form the Kingdom of the Riverlands led by their absolute monarchy in House Hoare.
  • Coruption of Saruman : Emotionally devestated by the Numenorian defeat by the Brann Saruman gave up on his fading belief in rebuilding the old world, and instead attempted to communicate with Sauron but would instead be corupted by the Dark Lord
  • Rebellion of Orthanac : The now Sauron aligned Saruman leads the forces of Orthanac in open rebellion against Gondor and does this without any real resistance due to the involvement of a large amount of troops from Mordor.
  • Second Mordor Invasion of Taraban : Alongside the recently conquered forces of Orthanac the Empire of Mordor invades Taraban again attacking from three sides including through Conarch, and puts nearly every city under siege.
  • Fall of Eregion : The Kingdom of Orthanac attacks and destroys the High Elven city of Eregion wiping them out and forcing the Elves of the region to retreat completely.
  • Fall of Armenelos : The forces of Mordor capture the city of Armenelos ending the indenependance of Taraban and causing the exile of House Theirin from Taraban into Gondor where they settle in Pelagir.
  • Empire of Valeria : The Kingdom of Munchen conquers the Kingdom of Goet, and the Kingdom of Ebonheart leading to the founding of the Empire of Valeria.
  • Roman-Lahmian War of 3205 : The Roman Empire under the reign of Tiberius Trajan IIV. invades the economically weakened Kingdom of Lahmia and sacking several northern towns they gain control of the Kingdom.
  • Lahmian Revolution : The region of Lahmia erupts in Civil Strife as unhappy about the occupation by the Romans they are assisted by the Slavers Bay region they are unable to fully gain back their independence but dramatically improve the lot of Lahmians in the government of the Lahmian Protectorate.
  • Second Lahmian Revolution : The Lahmians declare once again their independence fighting a second war against the Roman occupiers and are able to gain victory after a mistaken attack on the Nehekhara protectorate of the Free Cities brings Nehekhara into the fight which leads to a Roman surrender of most of Lahmia.
  • Founding of the Kingdom of Bretonia : Under the direction of the Dwarves of Matron the Kingdom of Bretonia is formed destroying the Trolloc domination of France. After decades of fighting the Kingdom of Bretonia controls northern France outside of Matron all the way south to near mid-way France.
  • Third Taraban Rebellion : Rurzh-Lohthan Theirin leads the forces of Taraban in rebellion against Mordor and assisted by Gondor they rejoin the Kingdom of Gondor becoming a province following their victory.
  • Hunt for Flemeth : Methinsio and Inrillia Morgrave alongside their son are tipped off to the location of Flemeth by Odin and make there way to the Korcani Wilds in an attempt to kill the Dark Lady Flemeth.
  • Flemeth Ambush : Flemeth completes her ambush of the Morgrave family finding them and killing the parents while the work of Lisiana Eisenburg leads to the survival of Khadgar Morgrave.
  • Deaths :
    • Methinsio Morgrave
    • Inrillia Morgrave
  • Deaths :
    • Charlamagne Eisenburg
  • Start of the Umbar-Dol Amroth War : Following generations of declining importance the port of Umbar attacks the Dol Amroth capital of Belfalas instigating a massive naval battle which ends in a stalemate.
  • End of the Umbar-Dol Amroth War : After years of stalemate in the war the government in Gondor forces an embarrassing truce between the two forces which punishes Umbar far more then Dol Amroth and gives away precious non-swamp land from the port of Umbar.
  • Christian Conversion of Rome
  • Births :
    • Faw-Liazh Theirin
  • Christian Conversion of Bretonia
  • Births :
    • Bur-Larra Toran
  • Christian Conversion of Matron : 
  • Births :
    • Rurzh-Loghair Theirin
  • Births :
    • Sarah Mason
  • First Mraegen-Blackwood War : House Blackwood and House Mraegen would come to battle in the events of the First Mraegen-Blackwood War and during this conflict the forces of House Blackwood took control of much of the Kingdom of Mraegen and founded Castle Blackwood to control their northern border.
  • Rebellion of Umbar 
  • Rebellion of Dol Amroth
  • Births :
    • Fuh-Anora Theirin
  • Births :
    • Far-Ailine Curressel
  • Gondor Civil War : Spurred by the turning of most of its provinces to the control of Mordor the Dark Lord launches a three pronged invasion of Gondor of which devastates the land and comes close to victory before it is defeated at the Battle of Narvine and turned away.
  • Deaths :
    • Ol-Selise Theirin
  • Coup of Taraban : Rurzh-Loghair Theirin leads a Mordor allied force against the province of Taraban and succeds in gaining independance against the weakened Gondorian forces bringing Taraban into the Mordor Empire as the Kingdom of Taraban.
  • First Umbar-Venice War : Attempting to gain more control of the trade routes of the region Umbar invades Venice but is defeated after Venice agrees to become a client state of the Roman Empire leading to Venice joining the Roman Empire.
  • Births :
    • Piz-Hrekza Mzerhlia
  • Births :
    • William Lovie
    • John Swan
    • Aerys Targaryan I.
    • Trevadir Florestell
  • Births :
    • Martin Lovie
    • Aeneth Florestell
  • Birth of Therese Lovie
  • Births :
    • Hurdin Mordenbeard
  • Driving Tide : Goblins invasion of the Dwarven lands finally reaches a point involving the humans and a human-dwarven alliance wipes out the Goblin army.
  • Dwarves of Karak Izor begin construction of Lucerne
  • Construction of Lucerne completed and the Kingdom of Lucerne makes it the capital of the new kingdom instead of Forks.
  • Tree Hill : The City is founded by House Targaryan on the order of House Lovie as to expand their influence with House Swan in command of Forks.
  • Births :
    • William Lovie II.
  • Births :
    • John Lovie
  • Births :
    • Rendrian Westcellia III.
    • Katerine Westcellia 
    • Thellian Ortrevelia
  • War in Arnor
  • First Frogral Civil War : Led by Rendrian Westcellia the Kingdom of Frogral sparks into rebellion against the Empire of Mordor, and after a short fight Frogral Rebels are besieged in their capital and then the leadership is executed in a move to save the kingdom from being comletely destroyed.
  • Births :
    • James Lovie
    • Teleron Dunesterian
  • Deaths :
    • Rendrian Westcellia
  • Bloody Supper
  • Births :
    • Aryes Targaryan II.
  • Births :
    • James Lovie
    • Ailmar Dunesterian II.
  • Births :
    • Adelhad Habsburg
  • Births :
    • Aryes Targaryan III.
  • Births :
    • Luitpold Franz
    • Emeric Geza I.
  • Births :
    • Fermund Habsburg
  • Births :
    • Bill Lovie 
    • Hanna Bobik
    • Ameria Deleron
  • Births :
    • Titus Pullo
    • Lucius Vorenus
  • Births :
    • Martin Arryn
    • Britney Hemsworth
  • Fall of House Targaryan
  • Creating Pale Tree : Following returning to the Forest he loved so much to find it destroyed by the Humans of Bali, Ventari returns to the Fade where he in secret begins creating the sapling that will become Pale Tree.
  • Births
    • Baldwin Bisset
  • House Targaryan takes Dragonstone
  • Births :
    • Alberich Anderssen
  • Deaths :
    • James Lovie
  • Births :
    • Rhaegar Targaryan
  • Deaths :
    • Hanna Bobik
  • Deaths :
    • Maergary Ordos
  • Births :
    • Dran Arryn
  • Emblam Fifth Waaagh : The Orcs launch the Fifth and Final Waaagh against Africanas crushing the Roman Empire's holdings in northern Africanas and gaining them control of the entry to Europe.
  • Births :
    • Karl Franz
    • Maron Greyjoy
  • Deaths :
    • Adelhad Habsburg
Modern Day
Date Event (s)
  • Births :
    • Kristanna Greyjoy
    • Emma Stone
  • Births :
    • Lucas Scott
    • Diane Portmane
    • Fermund Habsburg II.
    • Pepin Parolingion III.
    • Kristen Trachtenberg
    • Draco Malfoy
  • Planting of Pale Tree : The Pale Tree is created by the Titan Ventari of whom guards the tree for two years while it grows strong enough to create the first of the race he will call the Sylvari.
  • Gribralter Bridge : Orcs finish completion of the Gribralter Bridge allowing them to overwhelm the small roman garrison there without alerting defenders and allowing them to bring millions across the bridge into southern Hispania.
  • Births :
    • Hermione Granger
    • William Lovie III.
    • Jasper Hale
    • Edward Cullen
    • Harry Potter
    • Loras Tyrell
    • Ron Weezly
    • Yvonne Pullo
    • Derek Arryn
    • Jessie Eisenburg
    • Lindsay Eisenburg
  • Deaths :
    • Tristen Anderssen III.
  • Sylvari Firstborn : The Firstborn of the Sylvari come to creation through the Pale Tree and silently fortify the region around Pale Tree and begin forming the basis of what will become the nation of Pale Tree, and the Sylvari society.
  • Fall of Hispania : The Orcs invade Hispania by crossing a bridge they created and overwhelm the Roman defences despite massive reinforcements arriving from Bretonia and the Roman Empire.
  • Births :
    • Emmett McCarty
    • Nathan Scott
    • Johanas Hawkes
    • Hilary Swift
    • Isabella Harnia
    • Daniela Bragenza
    • Astoria Malfoy
    • Orllon Geza
  • Deaths :
    • Mattheus Franz
  • Births :
    • Bella Swan
    • Emmett McCarty
    • Michelle Trachtenberg
    • Faedra Lerman
    • Paul Arryn
    • Abigail Stone
  • Invasion of France : The Orcs invasion of France begins with a massive assault all across the line eventually culminating in the defeat of Andorra and the release of the Orcs into mainland France.
  • Battle of Andorra : The Orcish Invasion of France smashes into the fortress of Andorra but using tactics the human defenders did not think the Orcs capable of they surround the major fortress overruning the inner castles and breaking the Andorra line.
    • Siege of Castle Ameria : Castle Ameria within the fortress wall of Andora holds out for several months before it is finally overwhelmed and nearly its entire garrison is wiped out but some including Teleron Dunesterian escape the castle.
  • Sylvari Secondborn : The second generation of Sylvari is born nearly three times the amount of the First Born as Pale Tree continues to grow in size.
  • Births :
    • Sean Lovie
    • Kevin Zegers
    • Arturas Zegg
    • Kate Denali
    • Brooke Scott
    • Alice Lovie
    • Leliana Orsinio 
    • Natashia Cole
    • Dylan Steinmare
    • Nella Constantine
  • Lisa Lovie restricted to the top level of the Cloud Tower
  • Bill Lovie travels to France with the Kingdom of Lucerne behind him
  • Battle of Viche : The Bretonian city of Viche is surrounded and despite attempts to relieve the city the king refuses to retreat and most of the monarchy alongside the entire city is destroyed by the Orcish forces.
  • Births :
    • Natalie Portmane
    • Domeric Bolten
    • Logan Lerman
    • Lucie Kone
    • Sansa Arryn
    • Antonio Constantine IV.
    • Ormand Franz
    • Ludgera Tinglestad
  • Deaths :
    • Tanlian Eisenberg
    • Garlan Tovendown
    • Renelon Dunesterian
  • Battle of Lyons : The massive human alliance ambushes the Orcs at Lyons, but failure in the Roman army leads to the destruction of the human army and the collapse of the human alliance, leading to the fall of France.
    • Jakob Teague
    • Ramsay Bolten
    • Arianne Whitewood
    • Ashley Lerman
    • Theodora Constantine
    • Phillipicus Constantine III.
    • Lisette Eisenburg
    • Evin Scorpian
  • Tournament of Gulltown
  • Start of the Blue-Green Lowlands Civil War : Following the birth of Sophia Tovendown the Green Rebels of the Lowlands Battle against the Blue loyalists of the Lowlands.
  • Deaths :
    • Sarden Tovendown
  • Births :
    • Jamie Portmane
    • Ella Urnet
    • Sophia Tovendown
  • The Plague : Bill Lovie learns of the rebellion growing and launches a massive culling of the rebel houses along with House Scorpian killing thousands alongside House Jestife in the north.
  • End of the Blue-Green Lowlands Civil War : The forces of Leweyn of Marriangburgh destroy the rebels besieging the capital effectively ending the civil war.
  • Second Median-Parthian War : 
  • Births :
    • Lucie Lerman
    • Jared Von Orsinio
  • Dolish War : The Dolish leadership is finally confronted by Harrenhall, and the two fight a devestating conflict which crushes the Dolish people and leaves Harrenhall the undisputed leader of the region.
  • Capture of Jeanne Orsinio : Trollocs ambush an Alcasian party moving in southern Alcase killing Hechtor Von Orsinio and capturing Jeanne Orsinio of whom is brought back to their strongholds in the forests of Western Alcase.
  • Deaths :
    • Hechtor Von Orsinio
  • Births :
    • Selena Munitz
  • Births :
    • Franky Munitz
    • Nicolus Rotaru
  • Deaths :
    • Jeanne Orsinio
  • Births :
    • Eolsath
    • Werner Anderssen
  • Births :
    • Anya Orlov
    • Konrad Aldrech
  • Ironborn Reaving of the White Knife : Victarion Greyjoy leads the Iron Fleet against the White Knife region where they 
  • Births :
    • Lena Lechner
    • Peeta Melark
  • Births :
    • Arlissa Girion
    • Katniss Everdeen
  • Tournament of Tree Hill
  • Births :
    • Lucie Lovie
  • Births :
    • Lucie Lovie
    • Termin Jest
    • Alahis Gausian
  • Tournament of Nortburg 
  • Duel on the Steps : William Lovie III. badly injures Sean Lovie in a duel of which ends the quiet silence about Sean's madness and forces him into a coma and then bedridden for months.
  • Edward Cullen returns from Hogwarts
  • Fall of Alice Lovie : Bill Lovie creates a spell that removes Alice Lovie from the memory of anyone who knew her, and then ships her away to Forks with no memory of anything she was or people who knew her.
  • Births :
    • Thomas Lovie
  • European Magi Cup : Hogwarts hosts the European Magi cup between many of the different Magi locations throughout Europe and North Africa.
  • Gondor-Lucerne War : Under the orders of Bill Lovie the forces of Stormwind and other Lucernian houses launch an assault on Gondors western province.
  • Nortburg Tournament of 5122 
  • First Battle of Tree Hill : Late in 5122 Bill Lovie's Orcish Horde attacks and nearly destroys the city of Tree Hill leaving only the inner keep alive where the nobles and some civilians are able to escape too.
  • Dolburger Conflict : Sparked by resentment from Edward Shephard towards the direction the Kingdom was going under Bill Lovie he forms a banditry group known as the Truth Brigade and takes control of a vast swathe of land. Eventually the Truth Brigade are defeated by a force sent from Lucerne and its leaders in Edward Shephard, and Emma Shephard are imprisoned.
  • Goblet of Fire : Hogwarts hosts the Goblet of Fire tournament of which basically starts the Hogwarts Civil War. Edward Cullen departs Hogwarts with Hilary Swift back to Lucerne.
  • Ezio Ederiz in Lucerne : Commanded by the High Mentor under payment from Bill Lovie it is Ezio Ederiz that arrives in Lucerne to act as a secret guardian for William Lovie III.
  • Deaths :
    • Luitpold Franz
  • Badger Rebellion : Under the orders of Bill Lovie members of the Circle of Magi spark a rebellion that becomes known as the Badger Rebellion. The rebellion ends in their defeat but destroys much land in the area.
  • Battle of Hogwarts : The Hogwarts Civil War ends with the Battle of Hogwarts where the Death Eaters are defeated by the noble forces of Hogwarts forcing the retreat of House Malfoy of whom consolidates their holdings north of Westbridge.
  • The Seven Bandits Rebellion : A group of seven men initially aligned with the Circle of Magi spark a rebellion in the region of Central Lucerne, and Eastern Lucerne, and gain control of several villages and towns before a large force from Lucerne, Fogtown, and Lole arrives in the area and defeat them.
  • Tree Hill Battle of 5123 : The Orcs launch a major assault against Tree Hill after the Orcish leadership briefly loses control of ther army and the city of Tree Hill suffers immense losses among the survivors.
  • Malfoy Capture of Westbridge : The Deatheaters in the guise of House Malfoy infiltrate Westbridge and conquer the city using vast Magi abilities executing the previous lords and ruling with an iron fist that is very unpopular.
  • The Journey : William Lovie III. leaves Lucerne to travel the land. The centerpiece of the first book is the Journey he undertakes.
  • Third Battle of Minus Ithil : The Lucernian-High Forest-Gondor alliance smashes the Orcish siege of Minus Ithil completely destroying the Mordor army and clearing eastern Gondor for the moment allowing Minus Ithil to be heavily fortified and the Gondor-High Forest-Lucernian army moves west to Tree Hill.
  • Second Battle of Tree Hill : William Lovie III. leads the allied armies of Lucerne, Gondor, and High Forest against the Orcish horde that still sieges Tree Hill, and crushes their army finally liberating Tree Hill from its siege.
  • Crowning of William Lovie III. : William returns to Lucerne where loyalists to him open the gates and he forces Bill and Sean Lovie to retreat from the capital. He is crowned by Jacob Vorn of whom is named the Hand of the King.
  • Valerian-Arnor-Lorderon War : Following the attempted rape of Natalie Portmane Chris Hemsworth aligns with the forces of Lorderon and a war breaks out with Valeria of which nearly ends with the capture of Valeria by Arnor but they are forced to retreat when The Empire joins the Valerian side.
  • Karstark-Johanston Conflict : House Karstark, and House Johanston nearly fight a war but diplomacy from the Boltens leads to the end of the conflict but also a reversal in the power in central Bolten as Domeric loses influence.
  • Turkish Night of Tears : The Sons of Constantine instigate a murderous campaign against the Turks of Constantinople killing thousands in the city, and leading to the Byzantine Revolt of 5125 when the sickly emperor Justinian Constantine III. is unable to bring his son to justice.
  • Births :
    • Riley Scott
    • Ophellia Jest
    • Tollena Starke 
  • Deaths :
    • Wieceslaw Skrocki
  • Tournament of Nortburg 
  • Lucerne Civil War : After retreating to Berne Sean Lovie organizes the True Sons of Lucerne and rebels against the rule of William Lovie III. There is basically no support for this movement outside of those he governs with a iron fist in Berne and those who hate William due to his moral changes.
  • Byzantine Revolt of 5125 : The Turkish element within the Empire of Byzantine revolt following the Turkish Night of Tears. The Byzantine army reacts with extreme predjustice led by Antonio Constantine IV. of whom crushes the rebellion, forcing thousands of Turks to flee Byzantine.
  • Empire Invasion of Hogwarts : Following heavy influence from many factions the forces of Austria invade Hogwarts. Culminating in the Battle of Hogwarts where the Austrian Army is wiped out by the Hogwarts defenders and then the city of Greenshop in Austria is destroyed by Magi leading to Austria surrendering.
  • Princess Natalie Portmane : Natalie Portmane, and Chris Hemsworth are married bringing Natalie Portmane to rise as the princess of Arnor and she also gives birth to Tyse Hemsworth the same year.
  • Founding of Anthor : The State of Anthor is founded by the Kingdom of Lucerne insitgating a massive build up in the Anthor region, but also during this the Freys arrive and misunderstandings lead to arguments and the start of the problems between the Frey and the Lucernians.
  • Polish Inquisition : The rise of the Polish Arch-Bishop Jozef Kowalczyk leads to the religious fanatisism of polish King Fabek Teague of whom arrests hundreds executing similar numbers and changing the laws of the land but also creating a conspiracy against him.
  • Deaths :
    • Katelyn Orsinio 
    • Brandon Orsinio
  • Births :
    • Brandon Orsinio
    • William Lovie IV.
    • Tyse Hemsworth
  • Southern Trolloc War : The Kingdom of Alcase fights off the "Invasion" of a large force of Trollocs led by Eosath, and then a large force of Orcs defeating both forces in short order.
  • Destruction of House Jestife : House Jestife infiltrates Lucerne and attacks the Cloud Tower, and Kings Keep where they are defeated quite badly losing many family members. In Brill House Swift raised to Arch Lord rounds up as many Jestife members, or loyalists as it can and executes them.
  • Invasion of Radin : The Frey Empire worried about the eventual expansion of the Lucernians into the Riverlands attack the Kingdom of Radin where they are utterly defeated causing a huge backlash among their population, and many of the client kingdoms.
  • Fourth Green Crusade : Goblin forces lured by the menipulation of the Skaven attack the Polish towns of Lodz, and Poznan but when the Polish First Army moves to intervene they are ambushed and the King is killed leading to the Goblin withdrawel and the changing of the Polish leadership.
  • Births :
    • Sigmund Scott
  • Deaths :
    • Fabek Teague
  • Battle of Berne : William Lovie III. is given access to Berne by Ezio Ederiz of which allows the forces of Lucerne to bypass the defences and take the city.
  • Southern Alcase Trolloc War : Trollocs mass throughout southwestern Alcase under the leadership of a Myrmidrill named Eolsath of whom uses this as a chance to gain trust from his relative in Leliana Orsinio and the Trolloc War ends with the arrival of a massive Orc invasion force in Western Alcase.
  • Battle of Iron Peak : The Orcish Horde that attack the Alcasian city of Obernie are pushed away from the city itself by a massive attack of the Trolloc forces of Eolsath, and following this they are massacred at the Battle of Iron Peak by a combined Alcase-Carolingion force.
  • Blind Eye Betrayal : During a peaceful negotiation between the leadership of the Kingdom of Lombard and the Kingdom of Lorraine the negotiations become the site of a massacre as the Lorraine forces kill the entire party sent from Lombard of which included the King, Queen, and heir of the Kingdom.
  • 5127 Great Council of Cahoka : The Empire of Lethan finally is able to gather the alliance they have been working towards in the form of the Iriqious Empire, and the Holy Cree Empire of whom they diplomacticlly convinse to join them in launching a massive invasion of the Druchii Empire.
  • Dolish Incursion of 5127 : The Realm of Dolentia of southern Dole instigates a Dolish invasion of northern Harrenhall which is defeated at the Battle of Resington by forces who are advised heavily by Renley Strong
  • Deaths :
    • Allison Arryn
    • Amber Heard II.
    • Sean Lovie
    • Valhen Gausian
    • Prellia Gausian
  • Lucerne takes control of the Riverlands : William Lovie III. is able to through intimidation, diplomacy and alliances take control of the Riverlands. Fighting spreads in the land but there is little overall resistence to the annexation.
  • Lucerne takes control of Kul Tiras
  • Breaking of the Triumverate : Hermione leaves Hogwarts in search of the Deathly Hollows. Ron Weezly and Harry Potter are basically forced to never be in the same room or lest violence happen eventually leading to Ron departing Hogwarts for a lordship in the north of Hogwarts.
  • Births :
    • Ashley Lovie 
    • Lana Scott
  • Lorderon Annexxed by Lucerne : Following the death of Arthas Menathil`s father he accepts he is mad, and arranged for Lorderon to become a province of Lucerne so that when he loses his mind someone will be there to save Lorderon.
  • Alcase Civil War : John Orsinio leads a force of Chaos in a massive rebellion in the Kingdom of Alcase where he ravages western Alcase before being defeated by an army led by his niece Leliana Orsinio.
  • Invasion of Harrenhall : The Forces of the Ironborn invade the city of Harrenhall instigating the Siege of Harrenhall alongside traitors within the walls led by House Seaworth and the conflict spreads with the involvement of the Dolish as well.
  • Invasion of Westbridge : The Kingdom of Lucerne launches the massive Invasion of Westbridge of which ends with Lucerne conquering all of Westros on the west side of the Rhine.
  • Rhunian Civil War : Using the departure of much of the Lucernian forces from Stormwind, and Castamere Joffrey Lannister invades the Rhunian massacring much of House Beyne but is unable to kill Liana Beyne following the arrival of reinforcements and is forced to retreat.
  • Battle of Castle Stragnarax : A massive force of Orcs travels through the Gap of Lucerne and attacks Castle Stragnarax but is defeated by the defenders and a relief force from throughout the region.
  • Deaths :
    • Genn Greymane 
    • Harbert Darkmore
  • Assault on Orleans : Sophia Lovie leads a Violet Dragon assault on the Circle of Magi held city of Orleans and using rebels in the area is able to defeat them and kill Bill Lovie
  • Crisis in Darkhaven : Following the "Death" of Harbert Darkmore House Darkmore would be ready to pass leadership to Amantha Darkmore the Lady of the house but this was resisted by Ephraim Black of whom instigated the succession crisis. The arrival of House Greymane led to a decision where Amantha Darkmore was made the Lady of House Darkmore, and Ephraim Black was banished from the entire Grand State for his actions.
  • Pain and Love : Emmett McCarty begins affair with Blake Cullen of whom turns him against Rosalie Hale and eventually this leads to the death of Michael Faraday and the divorce of Rosalie, and Emmett.
  • Siege of House Egerton : Jamie Portmane alongside a force of Lucernians infiltrates Pontus and puts siege to the estate of House Egerton eventually murderin Hervin Egerton and rescueing Tamsin Egerton, but forcing them to escape eastward into the Realm of Dunetaria.
  • Dragonstone-Lucerne Meeting : Deneyres Targaryan arrives in Westbridge where she meets with the King of Lucerne in order to arrange a meeting between the Kingdom of Lucerne and Dragonstone.
  • Deaths :
    • Michael Faraday
    • Brooke Scott
  • Hanna Arryn Marriage
  • Rome Sacked : Rome is attacked by Skaven and much of the city is put to the torch before the Romans are able to defeat the Skaven, but the cost is heavy with Ravenna declaring independance and the Emperor dead.
  • Second Lorraine-Lombard War : Convinsed of the weakeness of the Kingdom of Lorraine the Kingdom of Lombard assaults southern Lorraine and is badly outnumbered but succeeds in taking several towns and castles in southern Lorraine.
  • Byzantine-Nehekhara War : Following his capture of nearly all of Greece, and the entire Mediterranean it would be the Byzantine Empire that would attack the overstretched Nehekhara Empire at its western border using a fake series of Armenian attacks against Georgia as an instigation. Unable to fight on two fronts the Byzantine Empire sues for a white peace giving up a large stretch of land in central Turkey in exchange for fifteen years of a truce.
  • Births :
    • Emmett McCarty II.
  • Lorderon Civil War begins : The chaos forces of Arthas begin their infiltration but are resisted by Edward Cullen, and Medivh and defeated initially, and then completely after Arthas retreats. 
  • Fall of White Harbor : The Kingdom of Bolten under Domeric Bolten launch an invasion of White Knife which they defeat the navy of White Harbor and are able to take the capital and add the land to the Kingdom of Bolten.
  • Meeting with the Dragons : William goes into the mountains and meets with the White Dragons of Lucerne. The meeting goes somewhat well with Lornax now believing in his cause, and this spirits devision between the Dovah.
  • Roman Civil War of 5136 : Following the rebellion of Ravenna the regions of Marseilles, Tuscany, Sardinia and several other northern Italian regions rise against Rome causing a significant amount of fighting in the north.
  • Lucernian Invasion of Tristfall : Lucerne launches its invasion of the region it calls Tristfall alongside the Quel'Thalasian Elves and conquers the region driving the Orcs from the region and forming the Grand State of Tristfall.
  • Dresdan Market Massacre : The Forsaken under Francis Munitz stage a massacre at the Dresdan Market which kills hundreds of high ranking nobles and sets the city into a state of chaos as the three main elements of the city in the form of Chaos, Dragonoph, and Temple of Sigmar declare bascially open war.
  • Council of Heathfall : The forces of Southern Thedes align alongside the Kingdom of Lucerne with many outright joining the Kingdom while some simply become major allies of the Kingdom of Lucerne in the increasingly hostile relationship between the Lucernians and the ruling Deatheater elite of Tevinter.
  • End of Second Lorraine-Lombard War : Outnumbered by immense numbers the Lombards fall back from Lorraine and are put under siege on its own soil eventually leading to King Alahis Gausian negotiating a White Peace.
  • German Blot of 5133 : Emperor Karl Franz leads a Blot of the Imperium of Germania in an attempt to move the armies of the Imperial Empire against the Chaos forces surrounding them but an alliance of Ulric and Austria leads to his efforts failing to gain any real ground.
  • End of Lorderon Civil War : Edward Cullen with assistance form many others are able to defeat the Chaos cultists but are unable to save the Lucerne army sent into the north from being ambushed by the forces of Arthas Menathil now fully chaos driven.
  • Fall of Arnor : The Empire of Valeria assaults Arnor from the west, and The Empire attacks on the east and the Kingdom of Arnor falls. Horrendous casualties including the entire Lucerne army that went north, and Arthas Menathil smashes his way northward defeating anyone in his path and making his way north to Denmark where he arrives two months later and makes his way into Swedan.
  • Solland Civil War : Spurred on by the Imperial State of Austria a Civil War begins in Solland of which leads to the Coup of Ahlbeck where the previous Elector family is all but wiped out.
  • Coup of Tevinter : The forces of the Death Eaters move against the Archon and ruling elite of the Tevinter Empire and take control of the Tevinter Empire in a very bloody coup which brings them immense power in the region.
  • Births :
    • Teleron Dunesterian II.

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