Titus Pullo
Titus Pullo Cover
House Pullo of Ravenna
POV Role POV Role
Vital statistics
Born Placeholder
Title Offical Titles
  • Placeholder
Alias None
Race Sicilian
Status Alive
Allegiance Family Loyalties
Father Benigio Pullo
Mother Celia Pullo
Siblings Full Siblings
Internal Family
Spouse None
Children Base Born

Titus Pullo is the son of Benigio, and Celia Pullo making him the true heir of House Pullo, but he surenendered this right to his younger brother. Titus Pullo has three siblings in the form of Angelo, Carmela, and Paulo Pullo of which his brother Angelo is the current heir of House Pullo and has become the governor of the province of Sicily through the power of House Pullo, his sister Carmela was an outcast of House Pullo due to her relationship with a women, and she nearly died before Titus took her in to his care at Ravenna where she continues to live, and his sister Rosa is an influencial member of House Pullo of whom has several children with her husband. Titus Pullo has one child in the form of Yvonne Pullo of whom he fathered while he was stationed in Hispania, and following the death of her mother he has taken her into his household where she serves inside the Fourth Legion. 

Titus Pullo has become the commander of the Roman IIV. Legion which is stationed at Ravenna, and in this position he has become the main communicater between the Kingdom Of Lucerne, and the forces of the Roman Empire.

Titus Pullo was born in the Roman city of Palentia, in souther Italy to the very wealthy House Pullo, where because he was the oldest child he was made the heir of the house, and was constantly placed in situations to improve his skills for this eventual task. In this southern area of Italy he was born to Sicilians who are a disrespected sub group of Italians, and despite how rich his family was whenever they went to Rome he found they were treated as a sort of secondary citizen and that ate away at him. At sixteen he would abandon his birthright as the heir of House Pullo to his younger brother and join the army, where his families connections led him to a command position within the Fourth Legion.Titus Pullo gained a lot of fame for his defence of the city of Marseilles during the War in France. This has allowed him to gain a high ranking position, and is now in charge of the first line of defence for the Italien Peninseila. Since his command in Ravenna his family in House Pullo has constantly attempted to make him place his loyalty back into House Pullo, but he has drifted somewhere between utter loyalty to Rome, and House Pullo since the days of the War in France. Following the sacking of Rome the leadership of the city of Ravenna would come behind Titus Pullo and his daughter Yvonne Pullo when they went about leaving the Roman Empire, and founding the Kingdom of Remos. 


Early History

Rome 1x02 012
"My birth was relatively happy, as I was a part of a rich family I was given certain oppurtunities that I wouldn't have had otherwise. I knew I was fighter though from birth, and thus I quickly joined the army and ignored my birth right as heir to House Pullo."
-Titus Pulo

Titus Pullo was born in the Roman city of Palentia, in souther Italy to the very wealthy House Pullo. In this southern area of Italy he was born to Sicilians who are a disrespected sub group of Italians, and despite how rich his family was whenever they went to Rome he found they were treated as a sort of secondary citizen and that ate away at him. At sixteen he would abandon his birthright as the heir of House Pullo to his younger brother and join the army, where his families connections led him to a command position within the Fourth Legion.

Fall of Africanas

Lucius Vorenus3
Word reached us that the monsters we had long known inhabiting the deserts of the south were upon us. They had burned down towns. Killed entire villages without pause, or diplomacy. It was war on a scale I didn't understand. No quarter asked, and certainly none given.
Lucius Vorenus

The lands of northern Africanas had become the sort of breadbasket of the expanding Roman Empire and in this way they had expanded themselves across much of North Africanas as far east as bordering Lahmia. It was as plans were being moved forward in the Senate to invade Lahmia that the first of the reports begin coming in about Orcish invasions into their holdings in Africanas. The Romans had long known of the Orcs, but they had inhabited the desert regions and as the Romans had no interest in these regions they had never scouted them out truly, and since diplomacy had always failed there was little true thought put into the Orcs, but this didn't change the fact that at this point the Orcs were mobilizing under a true direction and were preparing massive armies to take over Africanas and beyond.

We go to defend these people. We are their saviors, and we will be remembered as victorious heroes when we return my brother.
Titus Pullo

The Romans unwilling to see their lands lost in Africanas send massive forces to Africanas including the 13th Legion where Lucius Vorenus gets on a boat meant to go to Africanas and on the boat ride he befriends another Legionare named TItus Pullo. During the travel the two also come to befriend two other legionaries in the form of Gnaes Bataitius, and Sextus Irentius of whom are also members of the same unit within the legion. The Roman army stops on the waters just northeast of Carthage where they plan to land south of Carthage and meet the Orcs on the battlefield, although as Lucius watches the commanders are very indifferent to the threat the Orcs pose and take little scouting plans before landing. Together the two land south of Carthage and take part in a massacre of a large force of Orcs led by the Roman Generals the army does not consolidate their holdings but instead they decide to stop and celebrate where in they bring dozens of girls from a nearby Africanas village and Lucius watches on guard as the generals and leadership of the Roman Army engages in a night of orgies, and gives no commands to scout the area something Lucius comments to Titus is going to get them all killed.

Its easy to say looking back that it wouldn't have mattered how well prepared we were then for their attack, because at the time it felt like it was our leaders failing us. Partying. Drinking. Orgies. They just failed us.
Lucius Vorenus

In the morning as the celebrations continue the Roman army is set upon by a larger force of Orcs and Lucius and TItus Pullo are inside the Villa that constitutes the central command of the army as the Orcs overwhelm the camp of the army and Lucius and Titus are able to get the Legatus of the Army onto a horse escaping with a few dozen other legionaries in the villa moving northward towards Carthage. The general is extremely young and named Pompeius Magnus II. a senator sent south by his father in order to prove himself and horrified at the failure he promotes Lucius, and Titus Pullo along with Gnaes Bataiatius, and Sextus Irentius of whom were among the survivors of the Roman Army. During this retreat northward they are met on the road by the Roman General Tullius Agentius of whom leads them into Carthage and tells them the Roman Army has been brutally defeated in the west as well and there scouts are reporting the Orcs are coming on mass towards Carthage itself.

Battle of Carthage

With the Roman Legions losing all across the Carthage province it was quickly clear that as they retreated they all moved towards Carthage where the Orcs followed them leaving only Tunisia to the southeast also holding out against the Orcs.

Fall of Hispania

Main Article : Fall of Hispania

War in France

Main Article : War in France

Titus Pullo was with his the fourth roman legion in its deployment at the north end of the Andorra mountain range. Their position was meant to protect the fortress of Andorra from being ambushed or trapped from behind. While in this position he was one of the first to discover how large the invading Orcish armies truly were. The soilders had been told that hundreds of thousands were the total of the entire Orcish armies, but it became clear very early on that millions were attacking.

With those kinds of numbers no amount of planning or skill was going to allow a small force like the fourth Legion to delay a force of hundreds of thousands, so the forces begin a slowing menouver.

Fourth Battle of Marseilles

Main Article : Fourth Battle of Marseilles

Command of Ravenna

The city was chosen by Titus Pullo as his general headquarters during the negotiations with the senate which possibly lead to work being done on the port for military purposes. The port of Classe originated and underwent extensive improvement under the most recent Augustus who wanted a praetorian garrison fleet of 250 vessels to provide better defence of the Adriatic Sea and the waters of the near eastern Mediterranean, thus it became main fleet base for the central Mediterranean. From that moment on the life of Ravenna revolved around the port and the fleet whose commander was the most prestigious man of the city. Trade flourished (export of asparagus, fish and timber coming from northern Italy) and industry (shipyards). The port was built about 4 km southeast of the city and its enormous harbour was dug out in the area containing the latest belt of sand dunes which had been gradually moving away from the older coastline. Titus Pullo wanted the great military port to be joined to the southern branch of the River Po by a wide canal. This canal, known as the 'Fossa Augusta', perhaps split into two branches before reaching Ravenna. One branch would have followed the line of the city walls thus reinforcing the defences of the city while the other ran right through the residential area and facilitated trade.


With his defences in good shape, Titus Pulo turned to his next internal directive which was to fortify the region. In this practise he began the construction of watchtowers and small forts throughout the western borders of the Roman Empire, and as well he began construction of what is now known as the city of Ravenia. Ravenia was constructed with the purpose of becoming the hub of all trade going north. This was a needed settlement as Ravenna shouldn't be allowing so many outsiders into it, and the paths into the Italian Peninsela were heavily controlled by Trolloc making the routes difficult to pass.

Andrew Lovie

News begin to filter into Ravenna that the mad King Bill Lovie had been deposed by his son Andrew Lovie, and in this process the new King was attempting to expand the trade of Lucerne. Hoping to have finally found a competant partner in Lucerne, Titus Pulo ordered diplomats to meet with the Lucernians to craft plans for increased trade.

These talks went exceptionally well, and trade began flowing between Lucerne and Ravenia.

Founding of Remos

Yvonne Pullo Cover Amazing2
I can from this moment forward see no reason except for blind faith that we should follow these corupt politicians in Rome. They do not care about anything but power anymore. I say to you who gave them the right? Who gives them the authority if not us. And if we may not command them, then I saw we command ourselves.
Yvonne Pullo

Ravenna had become the centerpiece of the northern defence of the Italian Peninsula, and yet despite this their calls to be given more clout at the Senate of Rome. These calls were led by the Lady Yvonne Pullo of whom was the bastard born daughter of Titus Pullo but of whom had been raised to noble born by the Emperor himself on the words of Lucius Vorenus, and despite all of this she was treated with extreme disrespect over her bastard birth, and also for being from Ravenna of which was treated as a far flung colony by the Senators in Rome. Yvonna would go to her father's friend Lucius of whom had been the main reason for her rise from a bastard, and she found he was severely curtailed by the Senators of whom hated him for his resistence to their words. Realizing that without Lucius she would have no chance of seeing the Emperor she attempted to go to an actual Senate Meeting but was rejected from entering due to her Sicilian birth, and the other Ravennian's with her were extremely discusted to the point that it nearly came to violence, but Yvonna would pull them back and stopped it. Yvonne would leave with the Ravenna delegation and return to the fortress where she reported alongside the others about their mistreatment by the Roman Senators, and not long after this they learned of the Sack of Rome. 

It was coruption that sacked Rome, not the Ratmen.
Titus Pullo

Following the sacking of Rome the leadership of the city of Ravenna would come together in order to meet on this issue, and as this meeting was being prepared Yvonna, would gather together some of her main supporters and would deliver a speach to them of which watched on by her father would convinse them to leave the Roman Empire and found their own Kingdom where they would all have a voice. As the meeting went forward Yvonne backed by her supporters and with her father standing behind her she was able to convinse the remaining nobles that she had what it took to lead them out of the problems of the Roman Empire and into a better future as an independant kingdom. 

Alliance with Lucerne

Following the foundation of the Kingdom of Remos they would invite the Lucernians to Ravenna where they two sides would meet, and during this many marriages were created between the two as well as many other arrangements made that pushed the two kingdoms closer together and more specifically pushing Ravenna further away from Rome.

Family Members


Lucius Vorenus

See Also : Lucius Vorenus

Rome 1x02 012
He was a noble man despite all of his less then noble qualities. When the dark men of the world came at you he was the one person who you knew without a doubt would not falter, and that is what he will always be.
Lucius Vorenus

Lucius Vorenus for much of his military was very rarely without his right hand man, Titus Pullo. The two became best friends after being two of only 156 survivors of the massive 200,000 strong Roman army that took part in the disasterous Battle of Carthage. Retreating together out of Africanas they would stay a part of the same Legion for many years after and together they both went to Hispania where they were stationed during the Fall of HIspania. Titus Pullo and Vorenus would finally part after the birth of TItus Pullo's bastard daughter and he went to Ravenna where he was promoted to a Legionary Commander and Vorenus was promoted as well to the most powerful Legionarry in Rome.

Yvonne Pullo

See Also : Yvonne Pullo

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